You Deserve It If You End Up Poor In This Generation

You Deserve It If You End Up Poor In This Generation

Last weekend, I decided to take a tour around town with my younger brother. At least, to escape the stress and inhale fresh green air. It turned out being an awesome experience cause I saw the world on a different vintage point. My little brother, who is yet to grasp what life is all about got his perception altered. I love doing that a lot.. I love to unveil the blindness, into helping everyone around see the real world – the world of money. A world between masters and slaves.

Main town was as busy as usual. I decided to go to the bank, to withdraw some money and teach an important lesson to my brother.. At the entrance was a gate-man whose cap have seen better days as he struggled with sweat.. Despite his attempt to wear a smile and welcome us to the complex as demands, he couldn’t hide the frustration and stress.

My younger brother, a boy who recently celebrated his 14 years old birthday was very excited to show off his Jean and Polo which were fashionable with a Gucci label. I think i saw his shoulders higher than usual. I know that feeling.. It comes involuntarily sometimes. I drew him closer..

“You see that gate-man? Isn’t he hardworking?”

He was puzzled for a while. Only God knows what big bro is going to say this time, he might have said.

“Yes brother. Why do you ask?” He expression was now that of excitement cause he knows I was about to strike a chord.

“In life, is not always about how hard you work under the rain or sun. It’s all about having the knowledge that makes you distinct from others. When you forsake education, you end up being in the lowest class of slavery in our society. One thing with knowledge is that it compels you to seek for more.. It helps you to aim higher. When you’re empty, you can settle for anything, just like that man over there.

There are classes of slavery, unfortunately he’s on the lowest class. This class of slavery is literally hell on earth”.

He nodded his head as he affix his eyes on the direction of the gate-man. Although the comprehension wasn’t complete judging from his expression, but I knew he will understand with time.. He’s very young and definitely at the right age to learn about financial education. The earlier he know this, the better and easier life becomes.

We got into the bank and like always, was filled. The heat that eminent made me to question if there are air-conditions in the hall.. We saw different faces, faces that has different stories to tell. I wasn’t in a hurry so I sat down and my little brother did the same. The young bankers were working on their toes cause the queue was enormous and customers weren’t making it easy.. They keep shouting and for a moment, I felt pity for these bankers.

“Listen to me KayCee, in life, you’re either the master or the slave. You’re either black or white. There’s no neutrality. Do you see these bankers over there?

He nodded his head as I continue..

“They are graduates, from different institutions here in Nigeria. You’ll be surprised if I tell you that they never read banking as a course.”

“You mean they were forced to do this work?” He spurted out immediately and I was glad. At least he’s following.

“Ohhh yes! They were forced. In a country where there’s no job. In a country where there’s nothing but overwhelming responsibilities, what do you expect? These youngsters you see behind the counter where the so-called A students. Those who made the school library their home only to come to the real world and discover that life was much more than cramming theories, facts and figures. I commend them anyway, at least they are doing a noble service. That however doesn’t discard the fact that they are the modern slaves we talk about.”

I smiled at him, although he was indifferent. I pat him in the shoulder and said;

“The university has inflicted us with this stale entitlement mentality. A mentality that the government owes us a job. A mentality that we deserve retirement benefits. A mentality that at old age, we should enjoy all the medicare and goodies that government has in store for old people. This entitlement mentality is what has made over 85% of the youths dependent. This mentality has kept them in the rat race, a race that never ends.

They will wake up In the morning, knot their tie and hurried off to work only to come back late at night. At the end of the month. They are paid peanuts for working almost 15 hours everyday. That is the true definition is of slavery.”

“You want them to be their own boss? Who then will help run the bank if everyone becomes their own boss?” He asked while maintaining eye contact.

“The truth is, there will always be the poor in our mist, but if you end up poor, you deserve it cause you’re the architecture of your life. No matter how hard we preach about financial education, there are still people who will despise it.. It’s very normal cause balance must be maintained.

After withdrawing from the POS device, we headed to Orugba main market where I have planned to unveil the real world. There was a upstair at the entrance of this big market, we decided to climb to the top, but not without buying some soft drinks and hamburgers.. From this tall building, we were able to see the entire market. It was like a God looking down to the mortals he created. From this high platform, nothing was concealed from our sight . My little brother was slowly sipping his drink as he look down and watch people preoccupied with their activities.

“What do you see?” my deep voice startled him and I saw it.. Watching people go about their activities caused him to get lost in thought.

“Brother, all I see is people struggling to survive, to be able to feed another day” He said as he resume his drink. He wasn’t in a cheerful mood, enlightenment of the real world has set in and it was evident. He’s little mind might be having a hard time processing the make up of the real world. The man who unveiled the real world to me wasn’t kind. He was blunt and to the point. I was being merciful.

“You’re not far from the truth. When I look down, I look down to slaves. People who have chosen to work for money and not the other way around. They end up working for the rest of their life with nothing to show for it. This is what my role model calls the rat race.

The golden law states that there will always be the poor, however, whatever you turn out to be is by your own actions.

We really had fun.. We laughed, we joked, but the session of unveiling the real world was the best gift I gave to him. He might be young, but he acts like a reincarnated old man cause he was able to key into my perception easily. My next lesson will be how to start making money doing absolutely nothing.. I’m sure he will love it.. The tour was fulfilling

2 Replies to “You Deserve It If You End Up Poor In This Generation”

  1. Wisdom

    Captivating writeup..we think alike

    Try hard no to conclude on life or society like to know all.( “You’re not far from the truth. When I look down, I look down to slaves. People who have chosen to work for money and not the other way around.)

    Remember life is dynamic and after all a puzzle.

    Lastly in Nigeria everything is upside down so Entrepreneurs are not making it while university lecturers build 3 houses.

    Kudos in all.



    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Wisdom, you’re indeed wise.. Although I don’t agree with you about entrepreneurs not doing well. There’s a different between a self employed and an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, we usually mix them up.

      I value those people who get up everyday to work.. I really do, however, using the term SLAVES was to paint a picture of how the real world works. I don’t despise them cause doing so means I’m against balance.

      Thanks so much for your input.. Thanks for being here..



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