The World Of Business Is A Game Of Power And War

The World Of Business Is A Game Of Power And War

The game of power is very intense in the world of business and if an entrepreneur must survive, he has to be equipped. Either to use power to control people and events, or to fortify himself against the real masters of power.Click To Tweet

Throughout history, men who rose to the pinnacle are those who played the game of power religiously and mastering this game, entails fulfillment of desire. Attaining the peak however isn’t the end of the game like many believe. If there by any lapses, you can be dethroned from the highest point to the ground by the most unlikely being in your life.

I’m not a certified psychologist, but I have mastered the art of deception, manipulation, attraction and influence easily just by learning from the gurus. It is a game anyone can play, but not everyone have been successful. One must lose and the other must win. There are no neutral ground. Neutrality is merely an illusion.

As a business man, how can you start using the game of power to improve your business and beat competition? How can you survive in the world of business where war is constantly at play, between two formidable opponents? This article will no doubt increase your battle skills in business.


In the world of business, you will at some point in your life be seen as a master by self-acclaimed students. They will prostrate flat on the ground in worship, all in an attempt to acquire that knowledge that have made you so great. This is the moment when they tend to your ego, when they feed it with so much junks that getting intoxicated become very possible.

No matter the skill your student pray to gain from you. Don’t ever teach them everything. Teach them that which will help them, but don’t teach that which will make them become a formidable opponent in the future. There have to be some tricks you’ll keep to yourself, to remain at the top and still be seen as the master.

Many masters in history have been dethroned by mere students. Naturally, man becomes deceptive when he hungers for power. He is ready to lick the feet of an enemy, worship him like a god until the power which he crave for have been acquired and in return, use it to doom him.

By not teaching your students everything, you create a sense of dependency. No matter how far they grow in life, they will always come back to give worship to who it is due.


One of the most costly mistakes entrepreneurs make is to employ their friends and family as employees in their business. By doing that, they feel they are making the right decision not knowing that they are heading to oblivion.

According to Robert Greene, you have to be wary of friend – they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from a friend than from an enemy. If you have no enemy, find a way to make them.

It’s absolutely normal to want to employ your friend. The problem is: you don’t know your friend as you imagine. From afar, your friends are the best cause who are they are made hidden. Once close, their true self manifest, bringing doom to whoever is around.

Using an enemy doesn’t mean recruiting someone who have sworn to see you fail, it means getting the right prey and making him a friend. Lincoln said, you destroy an enemy when you make him a friend of him.

This however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your friends in your journey as an entrepreneur. It’s generally not to mixed work with friendship, there are times when a friend can be used to greater effect an enemy.


Knowledge they say is power. Knowledge in this context doesn’t mean reading all manner of books in the bookshop. Far from it. I mean, generally gathering of information that helps you soar higher than your perceived competitors.

During wars in the ancient days, there are professional spies and scouts. Those who disguise themselves to gather information about their enemy before battle strategy is drawn. Not doing a proper scout is like going to war blindfolded, without knowledge about the strength of the enemy.

Through a scout report, you know the strength of an enemy and determine the best line of action, whether to retreat and fortify your fortress, or to forge ahead in war.Click To Tweet

It is the same in the world of business. You need to know the strength of your competitor before you even plan on a way to overtake. If you’re already at the top, then you need to master the art of deception to retain that status.

You need to learn to give false knowledge or information to your opponents. The wrong information is what you need to stay ahead of your game. The right information is what you need to dethrone an enemy. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


Do you know why diamonds are so freaking expensive? Let’s go back in time.

The notion that a ring needs a diamond have been an American culture for as long as I can remember. Is it because Americans like them or because they were told to? The company De Beers comes to mind. In the 1800s. Diamonds were considered rare and expensive until a treasure trove of diamonds was discovered in South Africa.

This new discovery scared De Beers because more diamonds in circulation means less expensive and loss of value. In other to halt this nightmare, De Beers cartel – a group of mining companies that banded together – deciding to only release diamonds in smaller batches.

Diamonds are not worth much, but not being a commodity that can easily be seen made it so precious and expensive.

In business, quantity doesn’t work oftentimes, especially a unique good that you produced, a good a competitor has no control of.

By creating more absence of your products, you make them gain more value and worth. The more common your goods, the more they fall in value. This trick is only possible if you’re the inventor of such, a commodity that can’t be replicated by an enemy.


For you to be successful in business, you need to develop tactics that helps create buzz, consequently attracting potential customers that ensures attaining success. Everything is judge by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Always make sure you stand out no matter how huge the crowd is.

Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself or business the magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious than the bland and timid masses.Click To Tweet

Never you try to be like an opponent or competitor, never you try to be like someone else. The reason Pepsi is still in business is because they maintain uniqueness, they never tried to copy Coca-Cola. Had they trend that path, they would have been kicked out of the marketplace before they could even blink an eye.

Maintain uniqueness and you’ll glow like a light in the mist of darkness. But when you’re like everyone else, you get lost, unnoticed and possibly got trampled upon by someone who knows how to play the game of power in the world of business.


The world of business is a game of power, competition and war. To survive, be ready to know all the rudiments of power. That is the only element that will save you and ensure that you emerge a success. Play like an ordinary men and you become a merely grain. A common man with no uniqueness and power.

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