How To Become An Accredited TSTV Dealer In Nigeria

TSTV dealer You can now become an accredited TSTV dealer and make money here in Nigeria. TSTV is new promising pay satellite called TSTV-telcom satellite television that’s set to launch on 1st of October 2017, here in Nigeria. That’s actually the day Nigeria will be celebrating her independence.

Why you need to become a TSTV dealer now is because this is a fresh business opportunity to make money, especially now that millions of Nigerians are anticipating to try out a satellite that have been speculated to be the doom of DSTV. There’s so much hype about this satellite that makes being a TSTV dealer a sure deal.

I snooped a little into TSTV website and I discovered that they are yet to have dealers in some parts of Nigeria whereas, millions of Nigerians all over the country don’t want to miss out of the big opportunity come 1st October. That’s why I’m writing this post, to enlighten you on how you can be a TSTV dealer and make money before the end of October. Yes! It’s possible.


Like i already said, millions of Nigerians can’t wait to get hold of their decoder on 1st of October which is just few days away. I was in a popular forum and the demand for TSTV decoder was overwhelming and yet, no visible dealer in their respective location. As of the time of writing this article, there’s only one dealer in the whole of South East Region of Nigeria. This shows how lucrative being a TSTV dealer will be cause it’s not yet saturated.

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Dealership is divided into three main categories and each has their own specific requirements. Take a look below.


This is the top dealer and his requirements and benefits are very high and mouth-watering.


  • Must be a registered company with CAC having form C7 and C2
  • Good Showroom
  • passport Photos
  • He must also buy a minimum of 3000 decoders at N4000 each.

COMMISSION: A commission of 8% subscription for 18 months.



  • A shop or showroom
  • Passport photos
  • Good knowledge of marketing
  • Must buy a minimum of 1000 decoders at N4400 each.

COMMISSION: 5% commission on subscription for 18 months



  • A passport photos
  • Knowledge of installation
  • Must buy a minimum of 10 decoder at N4600 each.


Application is done online or you can visit their office in Abuja for more clarification.

To apply online, visit TSTV DEALERSHIP. Fill in the forms with the relevant files or photographs attached. The form is very easy to fill and not technical.


A SUPER DEALER is expected to;

• Sells to a sub dealer at N4400

• Sells to a retailer at N4600

• Sells to the final consumer at N5000.

The same applies to a sub dealer and a retailer.


Being a TSTV dealer is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. Analyse your financial strength and then determine which category that will best suit you. Being a dealer isn’t hard. Head over to TSTV website and fill in the application form. If you’ve any question, I will be glad to answer them. Take note, i’m not a TSTV agent, just making known a business opportunity that’s promising enough to fill in your pocket with cash.

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If you’re looking for where to buy TSTV decoders, whether as a dealer or consumer, here are places where they can be gotten.

26 Replies to “How To Become An Accredited TSTV Dealer In Nigeria”

  1. Idongesit David

    Very aptb article? I’m grateful for the enlightenment but i’ve got a question Sir, as a fresh graduate, i do not have a rregistered business entity with the CAC and it’s certificate a requirement to register as a retailer considering the little capital i have to undertake this business venture. Please Sir how do i circumvent this daunting hurdle?

    • Henry Ibeleme

      As a retailer, you don’t need to register the business.. All that’s required is your passport photography and the knowledge of Installment. It’s not a must that you’ll go directly to TSTV though. You can buy the decoder from a super or sub dealer.. They will also teach you how to install.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Bello, there are lots of dealers in Lagos and Abuja that you can buy from. Just make enquires.. Although it’s not yet everywhere in the country, we have to give TSTV time.. The more dealers, the more it will circulate round the country.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Honestly, that’s what I’m yet to know.. Have searched all over the web and my page keep popping up. I will update whenever I get the info.

      ******** MODIFIED **********
      Commission goes on as long as you make purchases.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Samuel, you don’t need to fill a form to become a TSTV decoder retailer.. Just find the nearest dealer and place an order. Although you’ll need to learn how to install the decoder..

      Visit this link to know the nearest dealer around

      Thanks for being here.

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