3 Powerful Toxic Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Business In 2018

3 Powerful Toxic Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Business In 2018

We live in a world where lots of beliefs abounds and sometimes, we allow them to grow claws and haunt our lives and businesses. There are lots of toxic beliefs many entrepreneurs entertain over and over again and it’s no doubt the major reason why businesses fail. None of us were born great, fearless and free (Me Inclusive). But when we walk towards identifying these toxic beliefs that have left our growth stunted, we’ll be able to do something about it.

Ever since I started this path, to help individuals start their own business, I have met lots of amazing people who have the potential to becoming a sensation in the world of business. But because of their lame beliefs, were unable to go an inch close to the pinnacle. I remember getting a call in the cold hours of a Monday morning, from a self acclaimed reader and he said;

“Henry, there are forces that are against my success. I have tried everything to break free but can’t. They made my dad’s business to crumble, now they want to frustrate me too.”

I remember asking; “Who are they?”

There was a long pause from the other end of the phone and as if pinched back to reality, he said.

“My village people”

You’d be amazed at how many people who believe in such stale superstition. That there’s someone using dark magic to frustrate their business and cause them harm. I’m not here to dispute whether those are real or not, I’m here to tell you that you create your own reality. Ohh yes! You create your world and YOU determine how that world is going to be.

In this article, I’m going to make known most of these toxic beliefs that might be unknowingly drowning your business and life into oblivion. If these mindset, these toxic beliefs are tackled, you’ll see a major difference in your business and life as an entrepreneur.



Apart from the call I received from a reader of this blog who claimed he was being haunted by his village people, lots of people strongly believe in these so-called unseen forces. They believe that no matter how hard they work, if those forces aren’t in their favour, they will always fail.

In my study of quantum physics, I not only discover that we live in a strange world, I also understood that we shape our reality. Yes, the meaning or interpretation we give to life is what determines our success in life. If you believe that the universe is against you, that there are forces fighting for your doom, it will materialize and become your own reality. The mind is a powerful tool and trust me, it can be used for good or for your doom.

Ever since I took this path, I don’t bother myself whether the witches in my village are happy with me. I don’t even care whether they truly exist or not. What I care about is what I believe in cause that’s what determines how smooth or rough the road will be.

Please, do yourself a favour by shading out those lame mindsets, those toxic beliefs that’s more destructive than the bomb that was detonated in Hiroshima. If you can do that, I promise you, you’ll see positive changes in your life and business.


When someone confide in me, telling me that he/she is a failure, it means lots of things. It shows that the individual is ignorant of what failure means or lacks a deep believe in SELF.

Years ago, when I was still pursuing purpose. I mean, those years when I was still trying to discover my calling in life, I remember feeling depressed every now and then. Mainly because I felt like a failure who will never discover his purpose in life. Every failure made me more miserable and it got to a point where my self-esteem deteriorated greatly.

Little did I know that these failures were preparing me for what lies ahead. Whoever that sent those failures, those disappointments was making me stronger than I was. If there was anyone who was fighting for my failure in life, that person was unknowingly pushing me to success.

You’re not a failure. Failure is merely an illusion, it doesn’t exist. The moment it exist is the moment you give up and throw in the towel. Failure is just a chance to start all over again, more intelligently. Take time to study great men and women of a our time, they were full time failures. Deal with this particular mindset and success will be assured.


Most religious people believe that once you’re born into the world, that your destiny have been written in the stars and can’t be escaped. Most of the movies we watch has even sealed that belief in our subconscious mind, convincing us that they are indeed real whereas reverse is the case.

You’re a being, with a head and a shoulder. You’re the captain of your ship and you determine where your life will go. You determine where you seal in life. Let me say this, you can be whatever you want to be in life. You’re the only one who can decide where your life will go. All you need to do is fight toward making that dream a reality. That toxic belief that your destiny have been predestined should be done with. Let it go!

Do you hear me? I say let it go. You can become a lawyer if you want to. You can become a successful business owner. You can be whatever you want to be. Don’t allow anyone or anything make you think otherwise.


Trust me, it doesn’t all happen in a day. It’s a battle and it must be fought everyday till success is ours. Whenever I hear those ugly voices in my head, calling me a failure, trying to convince me that I’m on the wrong path, I help myself out by making positive exclamation that I’m on the right path. That I’m the captain of my life and I determine where I want to go.

• Head over to YouTube and motivate myself. My favorite YouTube channel still remain “Fearless Motivation.” Perhaps you can try it out and see how it enliven your life.

• Every morning, wake up with a sense of purpose. Wake up expecting something huge to happen. Every morning should be the time to shade off toxic beliefs and replace with positivity.

• Mind your association, the people you hang around with. If you move with toxic people, they will fill your life with toxic beliefs.

• Whenever you fail, see it as an opportunity to start all over again, this time, more intelligently.

Derive pleasure from solitude. Distance yourself from the world. Meditate. Calm your mind and allow your mind to wander in utter silence. You’ll feel refreshed and positive afterwards.


Toxic beliefs have destroyed more lives than failure ever did. It places a restriction that never exist, thereby hindering us from utilizing our full potential in life. Toxic beliefs makes us to go through life in fear, if we can deal with it, then there will be no limit to what we can achieve, to what YOU can achieve.

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