Top 5 Traits of Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Traits of Successful Female Entrepreneurs
In recent times, a lot of women have set up their businesses even at a more rapid rate than men. According to a Research conducted by the Centre for Women’s Business, more than 20% of the total successful businesses based in America either belong to a woman or is being maintained by a woman. Here in Nigeria, the rate is even higher. This shows that women also have super abilities and opportunities to start-up businesses and be successful in them.

Maybe you are an intending female entrepreneur, and you are interested in knowing the traits successful female entrepreneurs possess. It is good that you are here. Here, you will read about some of the traits that must be inculcated.

Successful female entrepreneurs have many traits, but there are five distinctive traits that sets them aside. And these traits have helped them become an icon in their chosen fields and endeavors. Sit back and enjoy this terrific eye opener.


Below Are The Five Key Traits Of Every Successful Female Entrepreneur:


Success in businesses does not happen by fluke. If your determination to succeed, failure cannot overwhelm you. It may look as if it is apparent, but getting things done, like setting up your own business requires a lot of determination and constant focus. And after starting the business, if you do not remain focused and determined, you cannot be successful.

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of challenges like issues with your business license, financial crisis, economic downturn etc. But in situations like this, what keeps a successful female entrepreneur going is focus and determination. They do not give up at any point; they press forward.

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Like it is said, “the price of success is hard work.” There is virtually no one that got to the top without hard work. Hard work they say, is a necessary ingredient to success. Maybe you are highly connected, and you are brilliant, you will eventually lose if you are not out of your comfort zone. When you are developing your business, investing extra hours and efforts is expected of you.

Nonetheless, you should also take note of the fact that your physical strength can be exhausted. When you are successful in your business, a lot of people will come seeking your advice and help. Different groups of individuals and organizations will come with tangible proposals. Sometimes, it’s hard to turn down some requests, but you have to be smart about it. Successful female entrepreneurs are smart about their professional priorities. They know the deals they should agree to and the deals they have to reject.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to have a conversation with one or two successful business women, I’m sure you will point out that confidence played a significant role in their success. Self-confidence is one of the essential qualities every female entrepreneur should have.

Being confident does not only give you the drive to persevere despite disapproval and setbacks, but it’s also a quality that wins respect and trust from people. Don’t just enter a room nonchalantly, walk in with your head raised, put on a real smile, have a firm handshake and don’t avoid eye contact with other people. Being confident is being brave even when you are standing alone.

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Do you want to build your confidence? If you are someone who hates networking, attend events every week and make sure you don’t leave until you have met at least five different persons. The more successful you are at overcoming your fears, the more you’ll recognize how strong you are already.


Very successful female entrepreneurs tend to generate businesses around the activities they relish. An example is Anita Roddick who began The Body Shop. She had desires for environmental issues, and this made her found the first firm to ban the practice of using products that are tried on animals.

Spend your time on things that you enjoy, by doing this, you can find your passion, and you can pursue it. Whatever desire you have decided to follow, commit yourself to it. If a dream dies, dream another. It’s very risky to engage in nothing.


Don’t think low of yourself, have high goals, aim for the top because before you succeed, you have to want to succeed.

You can set a series of secondary goals which will function as milestones in the course of your journey. Achieving these smaller goals will ensure you remain on the right track. Don’t make little of your achievements, celebrate them no matter how small they are. Remember to plan because you can’t hit the mark you’re not seeing.

We are not born with most of these traits, and this means it’s a muscle and we can build it. Work on acquiring those traits and you will inevitably acquire success.

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Ojobaro Mopelola Adekemi is a successful Entrepreneur and focused investor. She finds joy in enlightening youths on how to be self-sufficient. A business writer with proven track record. Hoping you will be more enlightened when you visit her blog.

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