This Agriculturist Is Set To Change Agriculture Through Blogging

Eno Johnson

Whenever I’m unmotivated and down, one of the ways I use to elate my spirit is through an interview.. Through such medium, I get to know that success isn’t by accident. It’s as a result of hard work and smartness . No body is more favoured than the other.. It’s as a result of working tirelessly to have our dreams fulfilled.

Eno Johnson is an agriculturist who’s into agribusiness and blogging and my curiosity to know how she combines both flawlessly marvels me. She’s the owner of and honestly, she never cease to widen my horizon when it comes to agriculture. I decided to conduct an interview and our session was splendid. Be inspired!

1. You’re among these rare bloggers in Nigeria who have decided to do something differently, what inspired you into agricultural niche?

Yeah! A lot of things inspired me into Agricultural niche but the one that stands out most is giving agriculture another boost in my own way. Recently, there has been a huge cry by the Government, individuals, organizations that people should go back to farming but how can we raise successful agropreneurs without enough viable agricultural information laying bare in the public domain?

Things are changing so fast, new and better ways of doing things are evolving every day ranging from the type of seeds to plant, how to plant, packaging, processing, exporting and the rest of them and the people concerned has to know. It is on this note that I decided to be one of those persons that will keep our people in the knowing. Also I always see myself giving advice to people both in business and in farming which has worked, so I needed a platform to get across to a large number of audience that may need such information.

2. When you started, what challenges did you passed through and how were you able to tackle them?

Hmmm! Talking about challenges I must say it wasn’t easy when I started. I am not the type that goes to bed late but all of a sudden, I started retiring to bed between 12 and 1am, spending 4-5 hrs of sleep because I needed to research. That wasn’t funny, it affected me seriously. I couldn’t create time for other things as I used to, my time with family and friends suffered too. Television and radio was a no no and yet it was as if the day should be extended for additional hours.

Besides, because I was new into blogging, I wasn’t conversant with the computer system. It kind of slowed down my activities. Another challenge was glueing myself to computer even when my eyes were hurting. It’s hell and I’m beginning to adapt. My business also slowed down because I couldn’t put in much time as before.

3. Apart from blogging, do you have any other job?

Yes. I am into agribusiness both online and offline.

5. What are you plans as a blogger?

Taking blogging to another level with style, making it a worthwhile venture to behold. Giving out quality information to the masses that will be beneficial to them.

6. What advice do you have for other upcoming bloggers, especially here in Nigeria?

I will advice them to look out for quality information that will satisfy the people, of course blogging is about the ‘people’. They should add value to blogging and be very passionate about it. It shouldn’t be money at first sight. Also they should start from the known to the unknown, that way, the urge to do more or continue will set in.

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