The Life Of An Entrepreneur [Video]

the life of an entrepreneur Entmirror

People only pay attention to the result of a successful self-made entrepreneur. They will say, ‘He got lucky’  But what they don’t see is the numerous unpleasantness and hell they passed through.

What they don’t see is the time of hustling. What they don’t see is the sleepless nights, spent, working on their dream. All they see is the final result, wealth. That’s when they will attribute it to luck.

One difference between a successful entrepreneur and a failed entrepreneur is that they showed up everyday. They hustled everyday. They work hard everyday. They improve everyday. They did all this even when they feel like quitting everyday. They went through overwhelming depression, but never did they give up. Why should you?

You can succeed as an entrepreneur if you refuse to quit, despite the failures.

Watch this video and be motivated. You’ll be glad you did.

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