Law of Reaping And Sowing – Universal Secret II

the law of reaping and sowing Weeks ago, I began a journey that will forever change your life. I took a step, into teaching you a universal secret that many have paid millions of dollars to acquire. At first, I thought to myself; should I create it in form of an e-book and sell? should i send this secret only to my subscribers? Honestly, this is not something that is usually made open. It’s hidden and should indeed remain hidden.

However, something tugged me. Well, not everyone will take this write up serious. Not everyone will even have the time to read this article. A white man once said, “if you want to hide something from an African, write it in a book” After much ponder, I decided to share it here, open to everyone despite knowing that not everyone will grasp the truth that will be revealed.

Like I said in the flash article, i’m going to teach you how to become a good gardener. Yes! Your mind is a garden but it’s unfortunate that we end up planting negativities and doubts. We want success, but we keep visualizing failure. We want to succeed, yet we end up dwelling on negativities. We focus on what we don’t want and what we don’t want end up manifesting. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. What you focus on expands. I’m going to teach you the law of reaping and sowing and how to program your mind to success.

This is core science and it has been proven beyond doubt by quantum physicists, mystics and great entrepreneurs. If you’ve read this business book, “Think And Grow Rich” You’ll be convinced that success and failure in life is tied to your mind. Your mind holds great power but it’s saddening cause we have programmed it to focus on what we don’t want. Inadvertently, we end up attracting what we don’t want. This is going to be practical.. It’s very easy to comprehend.. So easy that you might be turned off by it.

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Before we go ahead, let’s make some things clear. You’re a gardener, what do you need to be a successful gardener?

1. A Garden – A gardener is nothing without a garden. This means you’re nothing without your mind. What a good gardener does is to till the soil and plant good seeds. Now tell me, what seeds are you planting in your mind? What idea are you planting? Are you planting success, health, fulfillment or are you planting the direct opposite?

You can’t plant an apple tree and expect to reap an orange tree.

2. SUNLIGHT – After planting your seed, what it needs to germinates and grow is sunlight. In the law of reaping and sowing, your feelings are sunlight to the ideas or seeds in your mind. Whatever you plant in your mind, you have to feel as if it’s already yours. You have to see it and savor it.

You want to be successful in that business, feel as if you’re already successful. Hold onto that feeling until you can’t distinguish reality anymore.

3. WATER – Water is very essential to a gardener. In this universal law of reaping and sowing, your actions are water to the seeds planted in your mind. When you plant a seed, and feel that it has already grown, and steadily work towards it, it has no choice but to manifest. It’s a law, It has no choice but to manifest.

4. CULTIVATION – One unique attribute of a good gardener is the ability to cultivate the land once in a while. Weeds are bound to spring up, it’s your duty as a gardener to uproot them. The same goes to your mind. Sometimes, you involuntary pick up negative vibes. Don’t be scared and worried.. That doesn’t mean the whole farm is gone.. All you have to do is weed them off. Yes.. Surround yourself with positivity and reaffirm that your dreams will become a reality.

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What do you want in life? Who do you want to become? Now is time to write them down. Get a diary and a pen. Write down everything you need right now, even as you’re reading this article. If possible, write it in a big carbon-paper and paste in your room. That way, you’ll be able to see the life you want whenever you’re about to sleep and each time you wake up every morning. Be specific on what you want. This secret totally transformed my life.

Get a big carbon-paper, write your heart desires boldly and paste it in your room. A place where your eyes will always go.


Like I already said, your feeling is your sunlight. You need to get lost to your desires. You need to see it in your inner eye.. Fee that it’s already yours. For example, if you want a house, go and get lots of pictures of the house you want. Look at that picture, allow it to stir your feelings.. Hold on to that mental image.. Keep holding unto it until you can’t tell between reality and imagination. This is very easy to do.. You can do this in form of a meditation. Whatever works for you, make sure you have a mental picture of what you want..

I would advice you get lots of pictures, paste it in your room. Every day, you wake up to that picture and believe me, that’s enough sun light.

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When you’re obsessed about making something a reality, you’ll go through hell even if that’s the price to pay. What seed have you planted in your mind? In the law of reaping and sowing, seeds will die without sufficient water. In this context, the water is your action. How can that dream become real? Time to start working for it… It’s time to start watering the seed. Planting is not enough. Sunlight is certainly not enough. Seed, sunlight and water has to come to play for there to be a result.

If your dream is to become a successful business man, then you need to take an action, by starting a business. This is usually the part where people get it all wrong. If water is missing, your dream will remain just a dream.

What is it that you can do? What gift, what talent do you have? Through our gifts, our dreams become possible to accomplish.


The law of reaping and sowing is very simple that most adults will be turned off by its simplicity. Great men and women of our time knew the tremendous power that lies in the mind and they have used that knowledge to enrich themselves. . A poor mind will always attract poor things, the same where a rich mind will attract everything rich. Plant it, give it sunlight, water it and it has no choice but to grow.

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