The Home Of The Richest Man In Africa – Aliko Dangote

aliko Dangote

Believe me, EntMirror toured round the home of the richest entrepreneur in Nigeria and Africa, Aliko Dangote. His mansion is worth $30 million as of 2015. This great entrepreneur has played prominent roles in the economy of Nigeria. Through him, thousands of jobs have been created to employ stranded youths in our country.

I’m not going to bore you with text today. Instead, I’m going to feed your eyes with mouth-watering visuals that will make you crave for success.



sitting room of aliko Dangote

sitting room of aliko Dangote

You’ll be surprised to know that Dangote is a fan when it comes to entertainment. He doesn’t joke with his favorite TV channels like Bloomberg. I just hope he’s a fan of Game of Thrones. Maybe not.


discussion roomAccording to Dangote, this is where all the business and political discussions are held. He’s a great man, so having business and political associates as visitors wouldn’t be alien. The room looks classy. Don’t worry, I will upload my home soon. It’s better than this.😊


Dangote kichen I think this kitchen space is enough to contain a whole village. It’s very spacious and beautiful. Like me, Dangote doesn’t joke with food. Not a bit. According to Dangote, the kitchen is the heart of the home and I agree.


Dangote's home office Every entrepreneur deserves to have a home office. I have mine and that is the more reason why you should too. Even if it’s converting a dirty store-room into an office, just go ahead. Dangote have host great entrepreneurs like Bill Gate, including an ex Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Incredible!


Dangote's bedroom Look at how serene and calm the bedroom look. Despite being the richest man in Africa, this bedroom is the most humble looking bedroom out there. Unlike most celebrities who haven’t even made up to 10% of his wealth and yet, furnish everywhere with gold.


Dangote's bathroom This bedroom is what is usually referred to as the REAL DEAL. Take it or leave it, this bathroom have the ability to take away your worries. The first day I used a bathtub was the time I knew that one can sleep in another dimension. It was relaxing. It’s also a good place to think. Just allow the water wash down and think about business. It’s an awesome feeling.


Dangote's private jetDangote bought himself a bombardier aircraft on his birthday which cost over $45 million. He’s a big boy, so he can afford it. According to him, he needs it to travel round the world for business purposes. I hope to acquire this one day. I believe I will.. Don’t know about you.

Will your mansion be bigger and better?

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