Top 10 Nigeria Universities To Study Entrepreneurship As A Course

Top 10 Nigerian Universities To Study Entrepreneurship As A Course

In 2014, the Federal Government Of Nigeria made Entrepreneurial Studies a compulsory programme in all the 129 universities in Nigeria. This means that every student was expected to undergo relevant general and specific programme in entrepreneurship irrespective of the courses of study. The main objective of this incorporation was to help students be able to start up their own business alongside their chosen field or endeavor. It is no longer news that the study of entrepreneurship is the only way by which Nigeria as a country be great again, unfortunately, this path was discovered late.

Every year, students are fighting to gain admission into any reputable Nigerian university, either to study medicine, law, engineering etc which is very good, but with a major flaw. My dad once told me that during the 70s and 80s, that job wasn’t a problem.. Immediately you hang your graduation gown as a graduate, numerous companies are already queued up, waiting to hire you into their fold. That was the time when going to school guarantees you a job. But today, the labour market is a war zone filled with depression. In fact, it’s survival of the fittest.

Why not get it all right from the beginning? Why not study entrepreneurship as a course and pave your way to success? What’s the use of studying engineering only to end up in the bank or as a sole proprietor struggling to survive? I see no reason you should waste years studying a course you’ll never use. I studied entrepreneurship as a course and that is a decision I have never for once regretted. Everything has changed. The Nigeria labour market is not as it was in the 70s and 80s. We’re in the Great Depression where you have to grab the bull by the horn and shape your future as an entrepreneur.

Sorry for the long introduction, I think it’s needed to unveil the age we’re into, to further guide you into seeing reason Entrepreneurial Studies is the path to the future. Today, allow me to make known Top 10 Nigerian Universities To Study Entrepreneurial Studies. If you can begin this path as a young fellow, you will never regret it.

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According to EntMirror’s rank, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, is among the top universities to study entrepreneurship as a Nigerian student. Entrepreneurial Studies Department was introduced in this federal university in the year 2011 and since then, the department has bred forth raw entrepreneurs. Apart from the theories and seminars exposed to students, they also have a huge laboratory where practical are dealt with. Thanks to the Government for building an Entrepreneurial Center where such practices are being carried out. This university is located in Abia State and it’s definitely the number one choice for those in the South East region of Nigeria.


This is another university of agriculture that has entrepreneurial studies department as one of their management courses. This university was established on 1st January 1988 and since then, have maintained its spot as among the best. Their Center Of Entrepreneurship was established on 2011 as directed by the Federal Government and its main purpose was to equip undergraduates with relevant skills, thereby making them employable or a better entrepreneur.


If we’re making a list of the best Nigerian Universities to study entrepreneurship, without including Unizik, then this list will be incomplete. Unizik have proved herself in numerous ways to be the best place for students to study entrepreneurship. According to the school portal;

“Entrepreneurial studies discipline is unique because it provides a focus for convergence of technologies…therefore, infinitely wide. Students are equipped in the Department and are thus encouraged to function, research and engage in collaborative projects in wide professional contexts”


Uniben is yet another university that offers entrepreneurship as part of their programme, with lots of amazing facilities that aids learning. There’s no doubt that this university is considered to be quite reputable; and its international recognition has made it stand out the more.. Studying entrepreneurship in such a university will be a dream come true for some individuals.

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Entrepreneurship Management Technology as it’s official called in this unique university is offered as a programme. Gladly, it’s among our list of Top Nigerian universities to study entrepreneurship in other to become a better entrepreneur. This university is in Ondo state and a good choice of school for anyone who’s looking forward to study entrepreneurship professionally.


This state university is gracing the sixth spot as one of the top universities to study entrepreneurship. Like other universities above, their aim is the same, to sensitize the minds of youngsters into seeing the lucrativeness in entrepreneurship. To study entrepreneurship doesn’t require you being a genius, it requires you being ready to learn. If you’re in Osun state or within its environs, perhaps you should consider this state university.


Bayero University Kano (BUK) is a university situated in Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. It was founded in 1977, when it was renamed from Bayero University College and upgraded from university college to university. It’s also among the top universities to study entrepreneurship, especially to students in the northern side of Nigeria. Kano is already a place of business and entrepreneurship, with entrepreneurship being studied as a course by students, there will surely be an improvement in the Nigeria economy.


This is the first private university to make the list as one of the top study destination to study entrepreneurship here in Nigeria. Apart from being privately owned, it’s nationally recognized and the ideal place to bag a professional degree in entrepreneurship.


Minna is undeniably housing one of the best universities in Nigeria and for the fact that they offers a programme in entrepreneurship makes it even more tantalizing. The course is referred to as “Entrepreneurship and Business Studies” and it’s certainly about business and how to survive. The scenery school environment is enough to inspire and inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in you.

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This university is gracing the 10th spot doesn’t mean that the universities above are better. When it comes to top universities of agriculture in Nigeria, Federal University of Agriculture, Ogun state doesn’t fail to top the list. Among all its programmes is Entrepreneurial Studies that prospective entrepreneurs can take charge of by applying. If you can take a step into studying entrepreneurship as a course, it will definitely make you a better entrepreneur in the future.


The admission requirements are the same in all the universities. Take note of the following;

Five (5) SSCE credit passes in English, Maths, Economics, and one additional subject that you’re very good at. During my time, I used Government cause I was very good at it. If you’re good with C.R.K, then go ahead and register it in your WASSCE.


Economics, Maths and any other subject you’re very good at, like Government, Religion, Civic Education etc.


Two “A” level passes which includes economics, and at least, one of accounts, business management, government, geography or maths.


The above universities are reputable universities where you can study entrepreneurship as a course and at the end, acquire a bachelor degree (BSc) that you’ll be proud of. Apart from this paper recognition, the study of entrepreneurship makes you stand out from other entrepreneurs in the business world who never had the chance for such an education.

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