Sell Your Products On Jumia – Comprehensive Guide

sell your products on jumia Do you know that you can sell your products on Jumia and make money without a need to create an e-commerce website? One of the problems we encounter in business is when we discover that our products aren’t been demanded. There’s a market for it, but we just can’t seem to bring these products close to them. That’s because we are not using the right channel that brings in an amazing result.

Selling online have never been more easy. Because of numerous cases of fraud and other unpleasantness associated with e-commerce, it has made selling a difficult venture. Most people also make the mistake of setting up an e-commerce site even when they have zero online presence.. Such sites end up not seeing the end of the day.

However, if you choose to sell your product on Jumia, you’re not only exposing your business to over three million daily visitors, you’re encouraging patronage by running your business on a trusted brand. You can sell virtually any product on Jumia. i recommend this medium a lot; especially to people who are into mini importation. Jumia is a competitive marketplace no doubt, but with a proper survey, you’ll know what your competitors are doing and how to outsmart them.

Before you proceed to selling your products on Jumia, it’s necessary that you take the following into account.

  • You need a high-end smartphone or computer with an internet connection
  • You need a camera that can produce a high quality image. This is what attracts first.
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With the above in place, then you can easily create an online store and begin to sell your product. When I and my partners were having problem with selling our perfume products, what brought solution to that hurdle was taking a step in selling them online. The result was simply amazing. I know of a Nigerian mini importer that makes over N500,000 monthly selling his goods on Jumia. When I say that online is the biggest marketplace, I wasn’t exaggerating.


  1. Go to Jumia Marketplace Website and fill the registration form by clicking the “START SELLING NOW” button.

  2. If you’re registering as an individual, you’ll be required to upload your ID card. As a company, you’ll be asked to upload the company’s business name registration form.

  3. After a successful form filling, you’ll undergo a short training session. This training is for sellers only.

  4. After you’ve activated your account, you can then start selling by uploading an least, five pictures of your products.

Just as simple as that. As long as you can read, then you’ll be fine. It’s not technical.. All you need is to fill in the right information and follow the procedures; and you’ll be able to sell your products on Jumia.


I’m going to disclose two ways on how you can really sell fast and see gains come in bulks. As you get accustomed to the website, you will know how it works and how to employ some more tips that drive sales.


Before you buy or import a product to sell, first of all go on a product survey to see which product is doing well on jumia. This will guide you on the product to buy. Don’t go into products that comes with a fierce competition. You can sell your products on Jumia if you know the right products to sell.


After you’ve done your product survey, now is the time to embark on a price survey. Jumia wants you to sell your product as cheap as possible and also realise gains at the same time. Find out the prices of the products you want to sell. This will help you to decide on the appropriate price that will make you sell fast and also make you huge returns.


==> QUALITY PHOTOGRAPH – You must not joke with this. The photographs of your products must be very clear and catchy. The wonders of having a great looking product picture can’t be overemphasize.

==> CATCHY DESCRIPTION – A good product description is key to selling fast in any e-commerce website. Just in few words, state the uniqueness of your product. Your product description can be a selling edge. Don’t forget to includes relevant keywords.


Whenever there’s an order. Jumia will receive it on your behalf and then notify you.. It’s now required of you to deliver the goods yourself. Make sure it’s delivered on time to enjoy a good rating. You have no excuse for not selling your product online. You can sell your products on Jumia and make money before you even blind an eye. It might be confusing at first, but as you explore and find out how the website operates, the more you understand that selling your product online is easy.

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