Your School Degree Is Not Needed In The Real World

Your School Degree Is Not Needed In The Real World

I think I would have dropped out of school years ago; but my dad, who couldn’t even afford to feed me three square meals a day saw school as a savior. My supportive uncle was no different. He is a good man, but he struggled to maintain his middle class. Trying to keep up with responsibilities, being the first son in the family was an extra burden and I pitied him. He is a good man, but his orientation about education is highly flawed. They can’t stop drumming to my ears, ‘Go to school, graduate with good grades, and get a well-paying job’

During my freshman year in the university, I knew vividly that this system isn’t going to give me a satisfying job rather, a paper degree that’s as worthless as the word. Knowing what lies ahead depressed me and always, I was on my toe, fighting for the future. I was fighting for the real world.. For survival in that realm cause it’s for the strong.

Being a choleric melancholy, I made only few friends who saw the future with me. Together, we started a partnership business that helped equip us for what the future holds. If there was a monster up ahead, we were kiting for it. The urge to read my academic books was zero.. I never bothered. Despite being in the department of entrepreneurship, my lecturers knew little to nothing of what the course is all about. They were inadvertently preparing me to be an employee. An employee to money. It doesn’t make sense.

For example, they will say, ‘Acquire a skill, start-up something and be self-reliant.’ And their definition of self reliant is being a sole proprietor. Such a person can’t be called an entrepreneur. He’s into busy-ness not business. You know why? The moment he stops working is the moment the money stops as well. Now tell me, was he working for money? Of course and only an employee does that! However, a true entrepreneur doesn’t work for money. When he stops working, it doesn’t disrupt the inflow of money. He has the ‘A students’ as employees and they manage the business, even in his absence.

Let me say this again, an entrepreneur is not someone who fries donut on the street, a person who makes beads or a shoemaker who relies only on his work without working with a team. Lots of misconceptions are entertained and I won’t blame anyone. What do you expect from employees when it comes to being a capitalist? They are not entrepreneurs and as thus, knows absolutely nothing about it.

As a result of ignorance from the side of my lecturers, I was poorly motivated. I’d rather read books on self-development and books from renowned entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki. I was building myself for the real world and I suffered the impact In school – I did poorly in most of my courses, but today, I’m doing awesomely well in the real world.

After graduation, the real world unfolded, the irrelevance of my paper degree became evident. It didn’t come as a surprise though. But coming to certainty surprised me. Lots of first class graduates where already on the street, hunting for jobs. The few brave ones were carrying placards, hoping to attract a potential employer. After months and years of nothing, they end up with ilegitimate jobs. At the end of the day, they blame the government for lack of job opportunities.

In the real world, what bankers and investors are looking for was not my degree or school report card. They were more interested in my financial statement. My degree is poor, but i was respected more than the first-class students. I will be in the manager’s office, sipping a hot coffee while these A students that spent almost their entire life-time in the library, end up being treated like modern slaves. This usually bring tears to my very eyes. Seeing these A students outside the gate, fighting and bribing the gate man for entry pains beyond words. . It’s an anomaly.

I’m not saying that going to school or acquiring a degree is bad. All I’m saying is that you should know what the future holds. Are you going to be an employee who works for money? Or would you like to be the boss who chills on long vacation as money rolls into your account? The decision is yours to make and action begins now. Financial education is what you need to survive the real world.. If you lack this, then you will end up being at the mercy of ills.

School should not be a place where the sole aim is to acquire a degree, it should be a place where you plan and discover your purpose in life. It should be a place where you make connection and meet awesome people who will help accelerate your dreams to the peak. It should be a place where you work on your emotional and mental intelligence. It’s a place where you start learning about the real world. It shouldn’t be a place for cramming theories, facts and figures that will never be used in the real world. Stale facts you’ll not even remember after the graduation. Life is more and I’m trying to wake you up to that fact.

Don’t wake up in the future stranded!

3 Replies to “Your School Degree Is Not Needed In The Real World”

  1. Moss9ja

    Omg! I won’t wake up in the future stranded. Everything you wrote is what I’m going through, what I’m thinking, and what I’ve observed. It so true. The most brilliant aren’t always the wealthiest.. It’s not all about academic books, and schools and degrees. You nailed my mind.


    • Henry Ibeleme

      Yes Moss,

      This is the bitter truth many are yet to know.. They think that by being successful academically, will also ensure success in real life. However, reverse is usually the case. Within the class room, what is learnt is totally inapplicable in the real world.

      The best thing is to know your purpose of going to school and work toward achieving them.

      Thanks for being here.



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