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law of reaping and sowing If there be a tool that’s the most powerful. If there be a tool that’s powerful enough to make all your dreams come true. If there also be an instrument that can create and destroy, then it’s none but the mind. The law of reaping and sowing is made manifest when you actually come to true enlightenment of what it is. Great men and women in our society use this tool to stay on top of the chain. Like I always say, knowledge is power.

If you’re conversant with business books like “Think And Grow Rich”, you’ll discover that being rich is not about the finance at your disposal. It’s not about your poor background or education rather, your mind. When you delve a little into the science world, quantum physics to be precise, you’ll discover that energy goes where it is attracted. No wonder I was unable to actualize my dreams years ago. I was busy, dwelling on the negative. I was busy, imagining the worst possible scenario and like expected, my nightmares end up crashing on me. Yes! This is the reason why you don’t always get what you want. This is the reason why your business is not growing like it should despite putting in so much in it. Instead of looking at the bright side, you spend time reminiscing about how much you fear failure. You spend time playing videos of the worst in your mind.

The law of reaping and sowing states that whatever you plant, you shall reap. Whatever you conceive in your mind, will be made manifest. If we can think it. If we can imagine it. Then it has no choice but to come to us. This is an established universal law and when you follow the principle, it has no choice but to deliver. Your mind is a garden and it is your responsibility to make sure that you plant everything you want. It’s like planting an apple. The soil has no choice but to breed forth an apple tree. Have you ever plant a cucumber and get an orange in return? If that ever happen, it will be the greatest abomination ever to be recorded. Why is that? Because it’s against universal laws.

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Now, why is it that when we want something so badly, we end up getting the opposite? Why is it that we end up meeting our worst nightmares? The answer is simple, we were focusing our energy on something we don’t want. When you focus your energy on what you don’t want, what you don’t want has no choice but to come to you because they have been attracted. This is a secret great entrepreneurs have used to rise in business. This is knowledge and if you can grasp it, will make a huge difference in your life. You’ll discover that making your desires a reality becomes very easy.

Someone sat me down and without wasting time, spill out those secrets I’m about to share with you. This secret changed my life and I was able to actualize most of my dreams in business. This secret is very simple. So simple that we often overlook them. This is a flash article which means, it’s not the real deal. I’m going to put together a detailed article on how to practice the law of reaping and sowing and make greatness. Mind you, when I started, I had no money. I was so broke that I once thought of committing suicide. However, this simple law completely transformed my life the moment I began to plant everything that I need.

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