How To Start A Quail Farming Business In Nigeria

Quail farming business Quail farming business is not really popular like other poultry farm business like chicken; despite the egg being very nutritious and beneficial to healthy. Even at that, it’s a lucrative business that’s booming due to high demand. Quail are reared for either their eggs or meat and these byproducts are very expensive which has made it a goldmine. However, I will advice you delve into the egg production part cause of how lucrative and high the demand is. If you’re able to start a quail farming business here in Nigeria, be rest assured that you’ll start making money nonstop without any hassle.

Most health personnel or practitioners never cease to recommend quail eggs because of its numerous health benefits. According to research, quail eggs helps battle some health challenges like High blood pressure, gastric ulcer, liver problems, asthma etc. A pregnant woman who is having difficulty can also take this rare gem. There have been many accounts of pregnant women who were placed on quail eggs for safe delivery.

The economic and health benefits of quail eggs are countless and might not even contain in this page if I make an attempt to list them here. This article is going to be a detailed business plan on how to start quail farming business here in Nigeria. This business is not capital-intensive nor is it draining. All it requires is a little investment and time.


1. EMPLOYMENT – In a country where over 30 million graduates are with no job, quail farming business will gainfully employ you. Not only will you be employed, you’ll be better off than those who have taken up some banking or government jobs. This business has the potential of making you rich in months if done well.

2. LUCRATIVE – Quail farming business is a lucrative poultry farming that is guaranteed to spill in lots of money into your account. Its products like egg are considered a holy grail which means, it’s very hard to find but high in demand.

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3. EASY TO START – If there’s any business out there that’s very cheap to start, quail farming business is one of them. It doesn’t require any technical know how. It doesn’t need millions either. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to start this business and make money in months.

4. FAST MATURITY – This is another factor that has made quail farming business a lucrative venture. Unlike other poultry birds like chickens, quail attains maturity within 5 to 6 weeks. By then, they have started laying eggs already. If they are well fed, one quail is able to lay one egg per day or 5 eggs a week on the average.

quail business in Nigeria


With, N100,000, you will be able to start this business and grow from there. A mature female quail is about N500 while a male quail is N300. It’s left for you to determine how many to begin with base on your budget or money at hand. However, you can start with as low as N100,000 and then expand when you start reaping the profits.

It’s worth to note that the prices of quails might differ in your location. That’s the more reason why you should conduct a feasibility study before you start.



Just like every business, you need to conduct a feasibility study before you invest your finance. Doing this will give you a detailed overview of what you’re going into. A detailed feasibility study of quail business will expose the rate of demand and the location of your target market.

Because of the fact that quail eggs isn’t popular like chicken, you’ve to be sure that they will be demanded in your area. You won’t like to start this business only to realize in the end that there’s no market for it in your location. That will be disaster.

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Where do you want to stay and run this business? This shouldn’t be a hurdle cause quail farming can be situated anywhere. If possible, at your backyard cause they don’t eminent any foul smell like chicken poultry.

The housing in the other hand should be 2 steps, 4 feet width and 4 feet length. You’re free to build something bigger depending on how big or small you’re starting. When building their structure, make sure that it is built with predators and thieves in mind. Make sure it’s well guided and secured.


Most prospects usually think that quails have their own special food or supplements. Well, that’s far from the truth. They can feed on chicken feeds. Why I usually recommend quail farming business is because they don’t eat heavily at all, unlike their counterparts. Per quail can consume 25grams of feeds per day and be contented while a chicken can feed over 150grams a day and still want more.

With quail farming, you won’t be spending ridiculous amounts of money on feeds cause they are not heavy consumers. Within 5 to 6 weeks, they are ready to make you some money by laying eggs on a daily basis.

quail egg supply


Whether you’re marketing the eggs or the meat, the processes are the same. Just like every other business, promotion is what you need to stay in business and reap the full benefits. Quail eggs might not be popular now, but there are speculations that it will soon overtake chicken eggs due to its tremendous benefits.

By now, it’s believed you’ve done your homework by knowing the available market through your feasibility study. Now is the time to reach out to them. There are other mediums of exposing your business like going online; perhaps through the creation of a website or Facebook page. Don’t underestimate any mode, explore all marketing strategies and you’ll smile in return.

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Let’s assume you began this business with 250 female mature quails and 50 Mature male quails. On an average, per quail should be able to produce at least, 5 eggs in a week. 5 eggs x 250 = 1250 eggs. If you sell each egg at the price of N30, you’ll be making about N37,500 in a week. That’s not too bad If you ask me. The good thing is, you can have more than 250 mature female quails. The purpose of the male quails is for production. When placing them, it’s recommended you use 1:5 ratio. That’s, a male to 5 female quails to facilitate production.


There’s no limit to how high you can grow in quail farming business. You can even employ more hands to help, especially when the business have grown to an impressive height. If you want to enjoy life and live in luxury, being your own boss is the way and quail business will make sure your dreams become a reality. The only challenge this business faces is that of predators and thieves, but with the right measure, they will never be experienced. As I have helped you by writing this article, help someone else by sharing. You never know who you might help. If you’ve any question, drop a comment and I will respond immediately.

7 Replies to “How To Start A Quail Farming Business In Nigeria”

  1. Emmanuel David

    Thanks for this wonderful piece. But please how do I locate a market for this because its not really a popular business at all?

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Emmanuel, Quail is really not that scarce.. All you have to do is ask around or go to any major market around your location, you’ll certainly get quails in any quantity that you want. This is when you’re looking for where to buy.

      Why it’s considered scarce is because there are only few players in the business, that doesn’t mean that if you go to the market, it won’t be able to buy or sell.

      You can also look online or open a thread on a forum.. You’ll see how quail farmers and prospective buyers will flood the thread.

      It’s lucrative.

      Wishing you good luck.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Seriously? Imagine the demand if you succeed in bringing it to the said market. Nevertheless, keep asking around, there will definitely be somewhere it can be gotten. Or better still, search on vconnect or Nairaland. Saw a thread recently about quail.

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