Nigerian Lady Mechanics Are Breaking Stereotypes


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Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined that a lady, out of all the less stressful profession will choose to be a mechanic. Ohhhh.. Yes! I’m talking about the first lady mechanic of Nigeria, Sandra Aguebor, the founder of Lady Mechanic Initiative (LMI). Her story is an interesting one and a challenge to ladies who still believe in the weak vessel theory.

I would have subscribed to the mindset that the world is a man’s world, but seeing the magnitude of weight being pulled by the female gender, I can’t freely make that assertion; not anymore. Ladies are changing the world and truly, it’s no longer a man’s world. This is now a world where the men are feeling threatened. We are now in a world where women are fighting to be at the top of the chain.

Time has passed when the lot of women was in the kitchen or the ‘other room’ as one prominent African president purported. It burns my little heart whenever I see young ladies who loves to be dominated, to be subdued and chained. Ladies with shallow ancient mindset and dreams. In this era of social media, it’s getting to a stage of insanity. Women now see the very essence of their existence as being sex objects. Parading all over the media as slay queens. Taking unclad photoshoot just for cheap fame and likes. What a shame!

Nigerian Lady mechanics

There’s no job you can’t do is a man or as a women. I know numerous young men who are millionaires in the makeup business. Sandra Aguebor is an example of a woman who have made it as a female mechanic here in Nigeria; a profession the female folks frowns at. This is no longer the time to say, ‘No, that job is for men’ or ‘That job is for the women.’ You need to break a record and by doing that, you inadvertently hit the spotlight, not by taking your cloths off.

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The journey of life isn’t roses or rainbows, it’s not candy either. It’s bitter and sometimes unfair. But the epilogue script is in your care. You write how your story ends. Will you allow the hurdles beat you down? Or will you march over them like stepping-stones? Sandra Aguebor had a mother who went against her dream to be a mechanic. Imagine lacking the encouragement and support of your own mother. To some people, that is enough to stop a dream no matter how big. But that was not the case with Sandra.. She fought for her dream.. She fought real hard for it.

This reminds me one of Martin Luther King’s Quote.

“If you’ve not discover a dream you can die for, you’re not fit to live”

Today, Sandra is the talk of the nation. She has through her initiative recruit over 700 females into this profession. Females who have a bitter tint to their own story. The female auto mechanics have bagged lots of awards and recognition here in Nigeria and outside our border. Every media house wants to carry her story and if you check on net, almost every blogger have their own side of the story to tell about Sandra, the first female mechanic.

In one of her interviews, I found virtually every word Inspiring. She will say;

“My Nigeria is the giant of Africa…my Nigeria is the first to produce the first women mechanics in Africa. My Nigeria is where you find lots of women doing male-dominated professions. My Nigeria’s women are strong women,”

If there’s any stereotype still in existence, then it should be broken. It’s not a man’s world nor a woman’s world. IT’S OUR WORLD. We can do anything if only we put our mind to it. I entered a taxi some time ago, I was taken aback to see a woman at the steering. I hesitated before entering. Surprisedly, she drove like a pro that I had to leave the change for her.

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Nigerian Lady Mechanics Are Breaking Stereotypes

Another lady made headlines as a female shoe maker. Being a graduate and yet, in the shoe making business gained her publicity that today, she’s doing marvelously well in her field. All it takes to be successful is doing that which everyone sees as impossible. Donald Trump said and I quote,

“If anyone, tell you that it is not possible, that it can’t be done, that should be the more reason to prove them wrong. Treat the word IMPOSSIBLE nothing more than a motivation”

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it is that anything is possible. If you believe otherwise, you’re merely limiting yourself.

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