Mid Life Crisis: Don’t Give Up Yet!

Mid Life Crisis: Don’t Give Up Yet!

There will come a time in your life when all hope will seem lost. That time when the future looks so bleak and uncertain, allowing fear to slowly creep in. In that very moment, don’t you dare give up because that’s the minute you’re tested, to know if you have the strength to sustain the success that lies ahead.

I know how it feels, to see others doing well for themselves and you feel like,

“When will I do something significant? Will I ever end up successful?

It’s normal to feel sad. It’s normal to feel jealousy. But it’s not normal if you give up on who you are and the dream you’re pursuing.

We all are different, in different time zones and different gifts and capabilities. It will be a torment to constantly mirror your life with the life of others.

Remain who you are. Don’t eliminate your character because you feel the other character is better. There’s no one on this damn planet that can play your role better than you. Break that chain of fakeness and become who you were meant to be.

Years ago, I wanted to give up on my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Starting a business in Nigeria isn’t rosy. Everything seems to be fighting against that dream and my financial status contributed to that plight. I was depressed and for the first time in my life, I felt sad and down-trodden. A once jovial and high-spirited guy suddenly became withdrawn. My parents weren’t financially buoyant, so I was fighting all alone in a world that care not whether you survive or die.

It wasn’t just about my business; my love life wasn’t working out either. It hurts to see someone you love so much walk away, it does hurt. I was broken into pieces, with no direction. I felt like a traveller whose compass has chattered into many different pieces. I can’t remember how I did it, but I could remember standing up, making a resolution not to give up yet.

Life is unfair, but you determine how your story ends. The key to your success in life is in your hands. Bill Gates once said,

“If you’re born poor it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake’

We don’t usually have a choice to where we’re born or the family we’re born into. But we do have a choice to how our end plays through our series of action.

Let me give you tips that helped me tremendously.


When you have friends who dream big, those who want to make a difference, it makes your journey smoother. Even when you fall, your circle of friends will help you rise without asking for anything in return.


What can do you? What are you best at? Make it your everything and you’ll be glad you did. Sometimes, we overlook what we’re good at and focus on something others are doing. Do your thing…only your thing and please, resist every urge to do what someone else is doing.


When pursuing your purpose in life, there’s need to be flexible. Life isn’t rigid. In fact, life is so complex that you have to be dynamic and ready to adapt at any given moment.


Many are yet to grasp the mystery behind positive thinking. when you dwell on the positive, not only do you feel better, you attract positivity into your life. Remember, we attract what we focus on. The law of reaping and sowing still holds even till this day.


Another mystery that only few in our society understands and use to their advantage. When you live in service to humanity, you attract success in life. Do you know that your success lies in the hands of people? Without the customer, a business man is nothing but a fool. Without fans, even the most renowned musician will go hungry. Without people, you’re going nowhere. But when you live in service of them, they lift you up even without knowing. Think of how to serve them.


No matter what happens, don’t ever give up. Giving up is like committing suicide cause your purpose is your life. In the words of Martin Luther King, if you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl but by all means, keep moving!

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