5 Top lucrative Business To Make Money During Christmas

5 Top lucrative Business To Make Money During Christmas
Have you been wondering the business that will make you money during this upcoming yuletide? There are so many lucrative business that can literally make you rich this coming festive period. Everybody is getting ready for that special event and entrepreneurs are not left behind, not even me. This is the perfect time to start planning on a business that’s prone to go high in demand as the spirit of Christmas leads. If you’re doing a business already, tripple your efforts in preparation.

When I woke up this morning, my mind was unsettled and I keep wondering why. Not until I saw a friend with an Christmas schedule card. I was like, YES! That is it. I can boost my net worth this December if only I can provide a good or service that can be demanded. When I sat down to write this article, I discovered that there are so many lucrative business one can do this Christmas period. It doesn’t matter if you’re a worker, a student or whatever. You can do this seasonal business and make money. If you are already doing a business, there’s no harm with stocking some Christmas goodies.

The reason why this article is coming now is for you to start planning ahead. Christmas is two months away; enough time to discover a business and conduct a feasibility study. In this coming Christmas, don’t be only a consumer, but a supplier and make money.



poultry meat business during Christmas

This spot is well deserved for poultry cause Christmas is nothing without them. Thousands of poultry animals like chickens and turkeys will go through the knife as we celebrate Christmas. When I was thinking about a business to do this seasom, this came to my mind first. I have contacted a carpenter, to help construct their structure. I won’t be going for weeks old chickens cause Christmas isn’t far away.. Chickens needs to stay 4 – 5 months to mature. To beat time, I will be going for two months old chicks.

You can also plan on selling only frozen poultry meat. All you have to do is get a supplier, a shop and a deep freezer. Those who will engage in this poultry business will make lots of money no doubt.


clothing business during Christmas

Christmas is the time where everybody exhibits their fashion sense. I think kids are even more engrossed when it comes to that. You can start now to plan on how to go about this business. Find out who to order from or perhaps, how to order directly from China to here in Nigeria or anywhere you are.

Decide on your niche, it could be children’s cloth, ladies or men’s wears. Truth is, this business will make you lots of money this upcoming festive Christmas period.


Christmas toy business Milions of kids here in Nigeria will love to have their own toy this period. Ranging from toy cars, toy guns, horses etc.. This business has the potentiality to make you a millionaire if you start with a big finance. Children can joke with lots of things, but definitely not a toy.

I’m bringing this lucrative business for you to plan ahead. You need time to plan. Find out where you can order them, find out the required amount and where to sell.. If you start this business, if you take hold of this opportunity, you’ll face the New Year with lots of money in your account.


banger OR fireworks business in Christmas I’m also planning on investing in this business cause I know it’s a millionaire business opportunity. If you have not been able to make money since this year began, you can make it this December. You can start with any amount and still make mind boggling figures. In this business, you can start with N10,000 and make N20,000 the same day. I’m not exaggerating here.. The demand for fireworks usually fly above the chart during Christmas period. Don’t allow this opportunity to slip by.


salad business Christmas To many people, the purpose of Christmas is to eat like you’ve never eaten before. Salads won’t see the end of the day as long as the Christmas season is ongoing. Foods salads like green peas, yellow beans, garbage, carrots etc.. Will be thoroughly dealt with.

No family in the world jokes with salads, especially during festive period. Get a supplier and plan on how to go about this business and make money this Christmas. You don’t need millions of naira to start this business. All you need is to order them and see people buy them off before blinking an eye.


Many might think that Christmas is far away, but it’s not. A month from now, the buzz and smell will get everywhere as Christmas preparation takes effects. Tell yourself, “I won’t only be a consumer”. You can leverage this opportunity and make money. Finance to start isn’t a problem. In fact, you can choose to sell Santa Claus caps, wears and bangle with just N5000 and still make your gain. If it’s N2000 that you have, then go and sell balloons. No matter what, make the upcoming Christmas memorable.

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