How To Make Your First Dollars On Fiverr

How To make money on fiverr

Making money online have never been easy. That’s the hard truth many online information marketers might never spurt out for fear of losing a potential customer. But if you can grasp the tricks and play by the rules, even a little off the rules, you’ll surely quit your offline job and become a full-time online earner.

I was never a fan of fiverr, that was probably because of how woefully I failed in my first attempt 4 years ago. However, the current buzz about fiverr was getting unusual that I had to grab my telescope and run a little survey. This time around, I was more confident and I had to connect with some gurus in this business. Not without paying some money though but at least, they gave me the magic beans. The secret of earning in fiverr.

In this article, i’m going to give you this so-called magic beans for free. Just promise to pay attention and please, don’t miss a line. If possible, read this article over and over again until you gain comprehension. If after reading this article and you still don’t get the gist, then making money online isn’t for you.

What’s fiverr? You might ask. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can sell your services for as low as $5. Service like writing, logo design, video editing, animation, blog design etc.. You can make money from any service you can offer.

NOTE: Whatever service you can offer has to be something you’re an expert in. Unsatisfying your clients brings bad reviews which is very bad for business.



make money on fiverr


Visit Fiverr and sign up. This will require your email address. You can choose to sign up using your Google Plus or facebook account. It all depends on what you prefer. If you’re going to sign-up using your email, make sure you verify your mail address before proceeding.

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This is very crucial cause it’s what attracts buyers into placing an order. When I started fiverr years ago, I made this terrible mistake. I didn’t pay attention to my profile at all. I was after creating my first gig and sadly, the gig end up attracting no order. After signing up, head over to your profile and set it up.


• PROFILE PICTURE – Make sure it’s clear, looks professional and in high quality. If you don’t want to use your real picture, find one that’s not a known face and use. Be smart!

• COUNTRY – Irrespective of the country on your profile, you can still receive order. But to widen your chances, use US or UK as your country. Most clients prefer to order from any profile with US as a country.

• BIO – This is where you create your first impression. Don’t joke with this. Get someone who has a good command of English to help you out if you can’t. You won’t like to write a bio that sounds kiddish.


After you’ve set up your profile, the next step will be creating your first fiverr gig.

• GIG TITLE – If for example you’re a logo designer and you want to offer logo design jobs, your title should be something like – “I will create a professional logo in 24hours for $5″ or “I will create an amazing logo for $5” Make it simple, short and catchy.

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• GIG IMAGE – Your success in fiverr is going to be tied on how professional everything about your profile looks. Your gig image is one of them. Take a look at some logo gig images below.

logo design fiverr gig

Do you love what you see? Create even a more attracting image.

• GIG VIDEO – Get a video that describes the kind of service you offer. It should be creative and professional. You can hire a video editor or even have it done on fiverr. Remember, we’re trying to keep everything in place, and professional. Let’s not leave a stone unturned.

• GIG DESCRIPTION – This is as important as the gig title. Take a look at what other top sellers are doing. How is their description? This should give you an idea on how you should craft your own gig description. Please, don’t copy their description to avoid getting banned.

The above will increase the odds of getting orders and making thousands of dollars on fiverr by 30%. What I’m going to share below is what will determine your success. Pay rapt attention. You’re about to discover the ultimate secret many have paid thousands to acquire. I paid for the Information below, so try and devour it without blinking an eyelid. You must make that money online.


fiverr tagsWhen creating your gig, you will come across a box that will require putting keywords or tags that relates and describe your gig. You have to do this well cause it will affect your ranking. This will determine whether your gig will be at the top or at the bottom of the page.

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For a logo design gig, tags like logo, logo design, professional logo, logo creation etc can be used. Find tags that relates to your gig and make sure you use them.


By now, let’s assume that your main fiverr account have been set up and there’s a current gig running. Create another fiverr account, which is the fake account and buy your gig twice or more. After that, give yourself a nice positive review. If you have a friend who’s on fiverr, you can encourage him to patronise your gig. Although there will be payment but it’s just $1. All you need is the positive review as it will build your reputation.


The more visitors visit your gig, the more the gig impression rises thereby making it more visible to potential clients. So drive traffic to your gig. You can even buy such from fiverr but don’t be obsessed.

Making thousands of dollars from fiverr is not magic, but implementing everything in this article works like magic. Use the share buttons below to share this awesome article. If you’ve any question, use the comment box below.

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    • Henry Ibeleme

      You can use hitleap or jingling to drive fake traffic to ur gig, drive up to 500 traffic to ur gig can have a good impression. Or you can buy fake traffic from fiverr or seoclerks. After you have done this, your gig will rank well on fiverr and you will start receiving order within 24hrs or 48hrs.

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