10 Internet Betting Business Ideas to Make Money Online

10 Internet Betting Business Ideas to Make Money Online

Many people are trying to find sources of additional income and even build a business on betting. Any player can ask himself: how to start my own online business? Earning on sports betting is real. Starting capital, knowledge in sports, persistence, and ability to adopt informed decisions will help you to launch one of the most profitable online businesses. This article presents 10 Internet business ideas on betting

10 Internet Betting Business Ideas to Make Money Online

1. Online Sports Betting

Sports can become a source of earnings for you. It is enough to register on the bookmaker website and start making sports predictions. You may use one or several betting platforms. The main task is to guess the outcome of a certain match or event. For that, you need a reliable access to the Internet, free time, cold mind, initial capital, and good knowledge of sports.

Most often, beginners bet on the most popular sports like football, basketball or hockey. You may first try, for instance, football betting in Nigeria. However, in terms of professional players, tennis is the most profitable sport for betting. The beginning bettor can earn about 10% of his start-up capital monthly. Undoubtedly, it is quite possible to earn much more using high-risk strategies, but you can lose money because outcomes in sports are often unpredictable.

2. Placing Bets on Virtual Sports

This is a gambling business idea also found in the mainstream of sports betting. Betting on virtual sports is growing in popularity. Expert gamers, who compete with each other at the world level, can earn about 10 thousand dollars and more monthly, as well as receiving fees from advertisement in sports.

Virtual sports have an advantage of being always available. There is no match-fixing controversy and events are never canceled because of the bad weather. Many customers transfer their knowledge of the real-world sports into the virtual environment. All you need is a good knowledge of virtual sports, a reliable bookmaker, and a little luck.

3. Boosters in Game Betting

A dozen years ago, games became a billion dollar industry. MMORPG, MOBA, and strategy games are very popular to play for money. There are situations when some players are reluctant to waste time in a game but they are still interested in the final result. For a certain fee, a booster can make their accounts bigger. Boosters are found in almost all games, from Counter-Strike to StarCraft2. Booster’s fee directly depends on the complexity of the task, from the high development of the account to a little game adjustment. The income from boosting is not regular but if you spend in games all days, why not to do it with some financial profit?

4. Tipster Betting

This business is similar to usual betting on sports, but here you don’t make decisions about betting. Some other guy called tipster advises you what to bet on. Expert tipsters cost thousands of dollars per month. With a tipster, you don’t have to follow all matches and the research is done by your tipster for you. You just have to rely on his experienced opinion. There are some good websites and blogs where you can see all the statistics from tipsters. When you become expert in sports betting, you can get money as a tipster as well.

5. Service of Paid Tipster

One of the most popular ways to make money on sports betting is a paid tipster service. It means that you give out tips or any other information about betting for money. You have an income from subscribers without placing bets by yourself. For this kind of service, you need to have a very good background and perfect tipping results in betting, otherwise, people will not pay you tips. Subscribers will only pay you if they win thanks to you.

6. Matched Betting

Matched betting is used by players to get profit from the free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered a risk-free business as it is based on mathematics rather than the luck. It means that you only use bonuses from betting company to make money. That is, you can earn only a small margin of bets. It is quite easy to learn this technique, but it is not very profitable and fastest way to earn money.

7. Arbitrage Betting

This is a betting option when you take advantage of the variation in odds offered by bookies in order to make a profit regardless of the event outcome. It is a bit similar to matched betting, but here you don’t involve bonuses. You have to always search out sure bets. With arbitrage betting, the main bad issue is that bookmakers don’t like arbitrage gamblers, so they effectively limit them. As it is a sure winning technique, the profit margins are also very small here.

8. Betting Dealer

Dealers form a special caste of bettors who help ordinary players in financial transactions. Most often, the developers of games have a standard set of withdrawal options. Dealers can offer more profitable opportunities for translations. They have dozens accounts in different countries and they work with all popular payment systems. In addition, many dealers lend money, especially if they know the player. Of course, a dealer works for an interest, which varies depending on the payment method you choose. Most dealers are worrying about their reputation, and even some game portals can vouch for official dealers.

9. Betting Fund

This is a specific and hard category of betting business. The model is simple. Ordinary players give you money to make bets and you take a fee from your winnings without risking your own money. You can earn really big with the help of some good investors. You only have to prove that you take care of people money. There are many legal issues in this business but the common funds for sports betting became very popular now.

10. Betting Company Foundation

You may become an agent of the existing bookmaker or launch your own betting website. Foundation of your own bookie is a complicated and expensive matter. First, you will need to purchase a software platform or hire computer developers to create a new one. Then, you will need a source of investment, a team of qualified employees, reliable payment system, promotion policy, and a constant hard work.

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