I Have A Message To Copy And Paste Bloggers

I Have A Message To Copy And Paste Bloggers

In this journey as a blogger, I don’t hesitate whenever there’s a chance to help a fellow blogger in anyway possible, without asking for a dime. I can spend hours on whatsapp and facebook, chatting and telling them how to be unique and how to impact positively on their readers.

This was the case yesterday on facebook. I was trying to guide a blogger who was having issues with Adsense. I asked for his blog address, to see what he’s doing wrong but unfortunately, I saw something heart breaking. I thought I had mistakenly stumble on my blog the moment I clicked his blog URL, except that the blog design was different.

Every post, word to word, paragraph by paragraph. Every content was mine. I was momentarily stunned as my mouth was open in bewilderment. What is this? I could feel the anger boil inside of me, but I had to apply emotional intelligence, I have to act mature and I was glad I did.

You’ll not grow as a blogger if what you do is lift a post from another blog and paste on yours without a credit. You’ll not succeed as a blogger if you’re not ready to sit your ass down and write. Writing is not easy, nothing is easy as long as we’re still on this planet. The opening paragraph of most of my article gives me headache. Coining words together, words that resonate with my readers isn’t always roses. But using seconds to lift a post that cost sleepless night to write isn’t fun. It’s wickedness!

Yesterday opened my eye and I had to run a search on Google, behold, many bloggers have copied most of my contents, without credit. I’m not going to sue anyone. I won’t. But DMCA and Google will be the judge the moment I file a complaint. Google will blacklist your blog if indeed you were found guilty of plagiarism. I don’t need to tell you the consequences of your blog getting blacklisted.

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If you have copied any of my post without credit, kindly bring it down.

Wishing you success in blogging.
Thank You.

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18 Replies to “I Have A Message To Copy And Paste Bloggers”

  1. Moss9ja

    So sorry. I felt same way the moment I opened this link:

    And revisited my website to make sure I wasn’t dreaming:

    Even older and bigger blogs are becoming lazy these days, looking out for original contents on smaller infamous blogs. I really understand how you feel and, it’s good you applied emotional intelligence.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      I have read that post on your blog before.. This is too bad. Have you contacted the owner of that blog? Get to him and make sure he bring it down or better yet, credit your blog.

      If he refuse, report him to DMCA.. That will serve him good.

      Why start a blog when you can’t cook your own content? Very bad.

  2. DmCA

    Just be careful Son, you think you the first blogger to get copy from, report my website you will regret creating this website. Better face your front, the internet is open, I have never in my life asked people to take down my post, focus on your site.

    All you post are copied you hypocrite.

    I am waiting for you to report me to DMCA, and Entmirror.com will be gone forever including any other website you every open

    You wanna be the internet freedom fighter start reporting Google first, all search words they now offer answers making Google search a website and not search engine this

    • Henry Ibeleme

      I don’t know the blog you’re representing, but every blog that copied my post have been reported to DMCA. So Mr, you’re free to go and do your worst.

      You said my contents are copied, I would appreciate if you give me sources where I copied from.

      Plagiarism is a criminal act, you allowed other bloggers to copy your post doesn’t in any way justify your act. The truth remains, you’ve never sit down to write a content before.

      Keep copying and pasting. Pray that Google won’t blacklist your blog when I’m done with you copy and paste bloggers. You think I’m a newbie? My blog is new doesn’t mean I’m new in this business. So, stop acting like I’m a novice cause I’m a guru. You need to learn from me.

      • NairaThreads

        Well, I think that guy is a shit, I knew I was encouraged by u Henry, u only talk about me on your post, but I took to my ground, I got to write content myself.

        And now I don’t even have the gods to copy n paste, being original is the best, you can defend it anytime and anywhere … I was invited to a foundation program to teach mature youth of a community on some the business idea and how to start a Business on my blog, If I had stink to copy and paste, I wouldnt had had any Idea to defend myself…and today, then call on me for advice…keep it up Henry

        • Henry Ibeleme

          Hello sir.. Seriously, originality pays. If I had started this blog as a Copy and paste blogger, I don’t think I would have achieved the stage I’m now.

          Nothing good comes easy.. It’s through hardwork and perseverance.

          Wishing you the best in this journey sir.

    • Mosswriter

      holy internet god.. you get mind o. hailing from the other side. Entmirror will be gone forever. What do you even know about Google? the internet? Ur lucky u didn’t put a URL to ur website.. Its baffling how criminals hit their chests and boast of authenticity… commenting like say u resemble small god.

      • Henry Ibeleme

        Hahahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂

        Maybe he’s the new CEO of Google. Capable of bringing my site down in a jiffy.

        People will copy a post and still threaten the original author of the content. I won’t waste time with them again. All I will be doing is reporting them to Google DCMA.

  3. benzems

    Guy you are not the only one they are coping.
    I poster a video on youtube titled NYSC dancing go viral.
    I google this video one day only to discovered that is has been duplicated more that 30 times within the so called “Nigerian Blogger”

    • Henry Ibeleme

      It’s very heartbreaking I must say. Because of these copy and paste bloggers, I had to make my post uncopyable. Although I’m sure some will also get a way to copy it. Whenever I get them, I will report to DMCA immediately.

      If they want to copy, they should at least leave a credit. Not copying a write up and posing as the original author. If they do it right, I won’t be complaining.

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