How to Start T-shirt Business From Anywhere

how to start T-shirt business in Nigeria
T-shirt have been around for ages and there’s no limit to who can wear them or the type of occasion It can fit in. You can wear them to any social gathering, even to classes or work without leaving an awkward impression. It doesn’t have restriction on gender either. According to fact, 7 people out of 8 have more than one T-shirt in their wardrobe. This is not just fact, it discloses the lucrativeness of T-shirt business to prospective entrepreneurs, especially here in Nigeria.

You don’t need an office complex to start this venture, neither would you need an intensive capital. This article is going to meet two categories of people, the one with little capital, and the one with enough capital. So, you can start this business and make reasonable income irrespective of how buoyant or thin your finance is. Let’s begin!

First category: Little finance

I don’t think anyone have an excuse to remain poor or be broke in life. Our greatest problem have always been taking the first step. Taking action! Even with little or nothing, you can start a business and make it huge with time. This section will treat on how to start a T-shirt business with little capital. As little as N10,000.

What you need to start.

1. Small capital – You need about N10,000 to start this business.

2. A graphic Artist – This could be anyone, maybe your friend or family member. Perhaps you can go for free templates online. If none of the option apply, then go for a professional graphic designer who can charge low and at the same time, offer quality.

3. T-shirt printing press – You will need to make sure that a press company is around. That is where you’ll be doing your T-shirt customization after they have been designed by the graphic artist.

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Starting up!

Step 1: So now, you have N10,000, a graphic artist who will do the designs and a press company that has a heat press and can do a neat job. Then the next step is getting a vendor who can sale cheap quality T-shirts. Buying in bulks will certainly cut down the price. Currently, T-shirt is about N300 in Aba, Abia State.

Step 2: The next step will be promotion. At this stage, no one knows about your business. It’s time to get yourself out and look for potential customers. This business is really a huge opportunity especially to students in higher institutions. There’s high potentiality that students will always buy cool T-shirts. And if you give them an opportunity to design whatever they want, you’ll be counting your thousands before the end of the day. You can also go for newspaper classified advert. It’s as cheap as N5,000, or lower.

Step 3: When you’ve gotten your first client, make sure you have done all the market survey before giving out prices. You don’t want a situation whereby your undercharged a customer. Requesting for more payment isn’t only a turn off, it’s a bad repute as long as your business is concerned. Remember, the graphic artist and the press company have to be paid. Once that’s done, the remaining cash becomes yours.

For example, if you had charge the client N2,500, you might have to pay the graphic artist and press company N1000 for their service. After deducting the T-shirt cost which is N300, your gain will then be N1,200. Now multiple that by 30 clients. That will be N36,000 gain. Pretty huge huh? Imagine how much you can make with proper promotion. There’s no limit to how far you can go.

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How to start a Printing Press in Nigeria with only N8,000

Beautiful customized T-shirt

Second category: Huge finance

If you have huge finance, then T-shirt customization business is the real deal for you. With proper promotion, you’ll be making millions in a month. Let’s get you started.

Step 1:

The first step will be conducting a market survey to know the cost of materials needed to start the business.

The materials you need.
1. Printers: This is a must have in any press business. One printer can do just fine and can run a lot of things. Some companies have more though. Like the inkjet, laser, sublimation, and solvent printers. Solvent printers are the best, but they are more pricey. If your budget can afford them, go ahead.

2. Computers – You’ll need a personal computer or Mac. Whichever one you go for is just fine cause it’s going to run multiple task. Not just for designing.. You can use the PC to order online, manage sales account and numerous other things. The primary purpose is for designing, so make sure you have all the graphic programs installed already; like Coreldraw and Photoshop.

3. Transfer papers: You will need these papers to transfer images or design from printers to other materials with the aid of a heat press machine.

4. Heat press: This machine can’t be done without. You’ll need 16×20 heat press to transfer images of design unto T-shirts.

5. Cutter – As the name implies, it cuts off edges of design on the cutter program. It’s equally used to make stencils for screen print.

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Step 2:

The next step will be employing some creative and experience individuals. The graphic artists and printing workers. The graphic designer(s) must be one who’s very experienced and creative. You don’t need to get one that will make amature designs, not impressing your customers speaks bad about the business.

Suggestion: Judging by the power of social media, getting an e-commerce website can be an amazing step. This way, your business will be 24/7/365 online thereby leading to more sales and gaining exposure as a brand.

Step 3:

Lots and lots of promotion and advertisement. You can advert on a radio FM, the newspaper, or even on TV channels. More promotion brings more clients and cash. Imagine getting a contract to create over 10,000 T-shirts for a political campaign. Imagine getting a funeral contract in which you must supply customized T-shirt. The possibilities are endless. You will be making millions within few months of start Up.

Cost of starting up.

You’ll need over N500,000 to N5million to start this business on a large scale here in Nigeria.

T-shirt business is very lucrative, and you can be rich overnight by investing your money in this goldmine. People will always buy a T-shirt, get in and supply them. If you’ve any question about this business, use the comment box and I will respond immediately.

10 Replies to “How to Start T-shirt Business From Anywhere”

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Thanks Chimezie chymz for seeing that post as insightful. That's really the purpose of this site, to give valuable information that gears people into entrepreneurship. Keep visiting cause you'll be getting more of these post daily.

  1. Christopher

    The two selling point in this business is the attractiveness of your print designs and shirt quality.

    This business is a gold mine waiting to be explored. Thanks for the insight.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Thanks Christoper for the comment.

      Yes you're right. One of the things that ensures success in this business is when you have attractive designes, coupled with the quality of the shirt.

      Getting a T-shirt that inks out its colour when washing is very bad for business.

  2. Olasunlanmi

    Thanks, this is very insightful.
    I guess the shirts are readily available from the factory for purchase, or manufacturing is included in the business.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Yes Ola,

      Some people in this business sometimes order them online, from China down here to Nigeria. There are also manufacturers where one can get them here in Nigeria. Its a lucrative business that anyone can start.

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