How To Publish Your E-book On Amazon Kindle


How To publish on Amazon Kindle

Publishing your e-book on Amazon Kindle in the easiest thing to do online; as long as your book is ready to tour the world. My last article on ‘self-publishing’ triggered lots of responses. Most of our readers already have an e-book but don’t know how to go ahead and push the publish button. In this article, i’m going to make the process simple and easy. You’ll be able to grasp without even contacting me for guidance.

Making money as a writer isn’t a hard nut to crack in this digital age. Apart from fiverr, publishing on Amazon is like making a lifetime investment. Any book published on Amazon has the potentiality of making you money till you die, or perhaps, till Amazon cease to exist which is very unlikely. If you have missed the recent article on how to make money selling e-books, read it HERE .

Now, let’s get down to the business of the day.



This is the first step.. If your e-book have been well written and have passed through strict editing and proofreading. If your e-book cover is professionally designed already, then go ahead and create an account on Amazon. Follow the steps below.

  1. The first step will be going to and sign up if you don’t have an account.
  2. Click on the ‘bookshelf’ and add new title.
  3. Make sure all the important spaces are filled in the form. Like title, description and keywords. Be serious with the keywords cause that’s what people will use to find your book.
  4. Upload your e-book cover.. It should be on JPEG format.
  5. Upload the book file
  6. You can preview the e-book and make sure everything is in place.
  7. Choose ‘Worldwide Right’
  8. Go for 70% royalty rate.
  9. Select your price. Go between the price of $3.99 – $99.9
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When you have successfully summit your e-book, you’ll have to wait for a day or two before you get a response from Amazon. You might even get a response immediately.

How To Publish Your E-book On Amazon Kindle


I will advice you begin promotion after a week of submitting your book. This is because the review feature will not be live within few days. Review is like a life wire, it is what you need to gain reputation. Believe me, you need as many as possible.

When the review feature is live, start promotion immediately. Submitting your book on Amazon is not enough to make you money, it has to be coupled with heavy promotion, maybe light depending on your strength.



The first people you will need – to at least drop a positive review should be your relatives and friends. Urge them to do that. They owe you that, maybe not but their review will go a long way.


Your facebook or twitter handle is not only meant to give your likes on your pictures. You can leverage the power of social media and make money. Give a shout to your friends out and notify them of your new book. They will be happy to check It out. Remember, don’t forget to ask for a review. There’s no harm in asking.


Having a blog where you promote your e-book, even sell directly to your potential readers is optional. But it will make a lot of difference if you set it up. I keep saying this, having a blog is like having a home over your head online. This is the place where millions of potential readers will come and chill, with you as their favorite author. Not having a blog is like being a furtive who is always on the run, nowhere to be found.

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This simple act can make a difference. You never can tell. During conversations, arguments etc.. Always chip in about the book you’ve written. Not only does it depict your authority and worth, it indirectly expose your book thereby leading to more sales and more reviews.

Promotion leads to more sales and because of that, you shouldn’t overlook it. You can run paid advertisements on newspapers, magazines, even on popular websites and blogs.

Lots of people have made a living through Amazon alone and that is prove that you too can partake of the cake. With Amazon, you don’t need a blog or website, although they can come in handy, but it doesn’t detect your success. Amazon have you covered.

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