How To Prepare For Life After Graduation As A Student

How To Prepare For Life After Graduation As A Nigerian Student

“When I think of life after school, my heart skips a bit. I feel my future is bleak and scary” – Nuel, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture.Click To Tweet
“I want to become a lawyer after graduation, but I still can’t help but feel uncertain and depressed, like I’m going to meet my worst nightmare” – Chidinma, UNNClick To Tweet

To any student in the university, life after school is scary and sometimes, they wish the future can be extended. It’s a funny feeling, to feel excited and terrified at the same time about the future.

Life after school means life of independency and responsibilities; and only few students are ready for that harsh reality. For those from poor homes, the fear is even more intense, leading to more suicide triggered by depression and anxiety.

Dear reader, I’m not going to write about how you can escape that fear inside of you, I’m going to help you face it right in the eye cause only then can you experience ultimate peace. In the future, whatever happens, just know that you’ll be okay.

As an undergraduate, how can you prepare for life after school? Many will advise reading harder in other to graduate with good grades, but is that the way? Nigeria is in a state of discombobulating, a country where survival of the fittest is at its peak. Everyone is struggling to survive even when it means stepping on toes and drawing blood.

Those who promise to have got your back end up stabbing you the moment you look away. What a country of irony! In this victimized country, how can you survive after school? How can you start preparing for the hideous monster up ahead? My dear friend, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you the way. In the end, it all lies on you and the decisions you make.



Irrespective of your course of study, go and acquire a lucrative skill that helps in your self-development and financial status. I’m inside the school system and I can’t help but feel sad for those who dedicate one hundred percent of their time in the library and classroom. That is a sure way of meeting with oblivion after school.

Jack Ma, the richest man in China told his son;

“You don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person [a middle of the road student] has enough free time to learn other skills.”

Plan your time, make a schedule. Use that free period to acquire a skill that adds to your value. Learn some skills that can make you some money even as a student.

In this era of internet, you can make money just with your smartphone or laptop. Learn about affiliate marketing, freelance writing, and whiteboard animation, graphic designing, programming etc. these are skills that entail making money right from your hostel as a student.


School is not all about cramming facts and figures that will never be used in the real world. One of the major reason I hate school so much. I remember my grandma telling me years ago,

“Henry, know the family you’re from, make friends from those from similar background”

She thought she was giving an awesome advice, not knowing that it was a destructive one. Well, I knew better and I never wasted time trying to argue.

Making connections should be part of your aim in school. Your network is your net worth. Make poor connections and you’ll remain poor for the rest of your life. Have you ever wonder why the friends of a rich man are rich? Whenever they fall, there’s someone ready to lend a hand and raise you back up. With when your connections are useless, you’ll forever remain in that rut of poverty and suffering.

While in school, join politics. Join social clubs that warrants meeting new people and making connections. Be ready always, to grasp opportunities whenever they surface. Don’t give me excuses about being an introvert. It’s time you crawl out of your shell…


How can you expose yourself? How does it impact on the future? Exposure in this context means getting enlightened about the make-up of the world we live in; and you do that through reading, researching and seeking for information on subjects that spark you up.

What this does is make you stand out from the crowd. When others are filling themselves up with garbage, fill yours with resourceful information that makes you glow. This has been my major tool used to attract and influence friends.

“A great man is not known by his attire, he’s known by the make-up of his mind” – Henry IbelemeClick To Tweet

It’s true you must not know everything, but strive to know little of everything. In multitude, that what stands you out; makes you great and attract greatness to you.


You were not expecting to see this here? Sorry to burst your bubble. Students these days don’t love saving. Any money at hand is either used to buy the latest gadget, cloths, shoes and jewelries just to fit in and gain acceptance. My dear, despise society acceptance and save for your future. Here’s what Blessing, a graduate of ABSU has to say about saving.

“While in school, I started saving N1000 every week. I don’t know how the idea came, but I found N500,000 in my safe after graduation. That money financed my boutique business which has been a life saver in the mist of unemployment.” - BLESSING, GRADUATE OF ABSUClick To Tweet

Saving is not easy. I can attest to that fact. That is why you need discipline if you must soar through.


Have you heard about the law of reaping and sowing? If you had, then you know how powerful your mind is. Expect good. Expect something great to happen after graduation. Dwelling on the negative adds nothing to your life, it actually stick you deeper into the ugly rut of depression.

Acquire a skill, make good connection, maintain a good grade and pay attention to self-discovery and exposure. With that, you really have nothing to fear about the future. Like I said, whatever happens, you’ll be fine.


Have you ever feel so scared about the future?

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