How To Order Goods From China

How To order goods from china
My earlier post on ‘Make money importing cheap and quality goods from china’ triggered lots of positive responses. But the hurdle most of my readers faced was the process of ‘how to order goods from China.’ They were wondering, where do I order from? Which website is the best out there? When people hear about importing from China, they envision a computer geek with his system. No.. Ordering from china doesn’t require you being a tech savvy. If you can update your facebook wall, then you can order goods from china.

In this article, I’m going to simplify the process of ordering; even a dummy will be able to comprehend. Let’s begin!



Before you start placing an order, how demanding is that product? Are people in need of it? Have you made a feasible study? Is there something that begs for satisfaction within your environment? If you discover that kids clothing, technological gadgets etc are in high demand and has the potentiality of making tons of profit, then go for it. Order for a product that is needed. You won’t like to make an order that can’t be sold.


In our previous article about importing from China, Inix asked,

‘Was expecting to see websites or company names that one could buy from. Any ideas? Shipping free companies?’

Yes.. There are several large web directories of Chinese companies and their products.. That is definitely the next phase after discovering what you want to order. Below are few genuine websites you can order from.

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4. (I recommend this, especially for Nigerians)

These websites are the biggest and best recommended, to at least start your window shopping. These websites are what links you to your supplier.


Irrespective of which website you want to order from, the processes are the same. There will be a horizontal search box at the top, other website might have it at the right side or left. There may be a category to choose from. As long as you can read, you’ll do just fine. Type in what you’re looking for.. For example, kids clothing.

This will pull up numerous results to choose from. Take note, each product has its supplier. Their prices are also listed. So, scroll down and keep scrolling until you find what you’re looking for. Once found, click on CONTACT SUPPLIER.


When you have clicked on that CONTACT SUPPLIER button, you’ll be taken to a page where you will describe the quality, price or colour of the product you want. To send this message to the supplier, the website will mandate you sign-up immediately. Just got ahead and do that. As a Nigerian, ordering through will be best. But you’ve to be careful. Before contacting a supplier, make sure you run a background check like;

• How long has he been in the business.?
• How many goods has he supplied?
• Are the feedbacks positive or negative?

NOTE: Don’t go for a supplier whose rating is below 98%

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When sending an email to the supplier, avoid going into much details. Let it be something like this;


I am seeking a supplier of quality HD laptops. Do you sell this? If yes, can you send specifications and pricing?

Thank you very much,
Henry Ibeleme
Phone: +2348167970969

He will reply as soon as he get the mail. Alibaba have an inbuilt mail system. It will be wise to use this feature for faster response. Most suppliers hardly check their mails, due to overwhelming mails cluttered in their inbus.


Remember, your supplier isn’t from your country. You have to use simple English during discussion. Try as much as you can to avoid abbreviations or slangs..

This is the time you negotiate about the price of the product, your preferences.. Even the mode of shipping


Not all China suppliers will agree to this. This is something you’ve to discuss during the communication process. If you succeed in getting the product shipped for free, that’s an added profit for you. But if the goods are huge, free shipping might be impossible, you can always negotiate about shipping fee. Another way of getting a free ship is through DHL. Take note, free shipping might take up to 2 weeks to arrive.


No matter what, never pay your supplier directly. Use a channel like escrow. This way, you’re secured even after payment. The supplier gets paid once the goods have arrived and are in good shape. If the product didn’t arrive or was at a bad shape, you’ll easily get a refund.

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Ordering from China is easy, just as facebook. During your first order, it might somehow be complicated, but as time goes. It gets easier. Remember, order for a small quantity during your first order. It will boost your confidence to order for another.

If you’ve any question, feel free to ask. Don’t forget to subscribe!

27 Replies to “How To Order Goods From China”

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Dinah,

      You don't need a website in other to order goods from China. All you need is a working email address and you're good to go. If you've any question. I'm here to guide you through.

  1. Max

    I am in Adamawa state. Won't it be more harder 4 me to get my goods? Also, can I start with 10,000. Or ways d least amount I can start wit? Thanks.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Max..

      Getting the good to your location isnt really hard. You can give a specific address, a place where you will be able to go and receive them. I was In same situation, all I did was to give the Home address of my friend who lives in an estate.. That way, it got easier.

      You can order with N10k.. The vision here is to start small and end big. In fact, I usually recommend ordering for small quantity for starters.

      If you've further question, i'm always here.

  2. maima

    Please, how does one determine the goods/products that can sell fast… i know some people hear that a product is fast moving, they go to import and its stuck in the store for years before depletion, its doesnt move

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Maima,

      It's true. One of the mistake people make is to delve into importation without making any feasible study about the product they want to import.

      Ask yourself..

      • Is this product in high demand?

      • Can my target market afford it?

      These questions will lead you into ordering the right product from china.

      I want to ask, have you ordered before?

  3. Chikezie Okonkwo

    God Bless you Mr Henry. Entmirror is the reason i subscribe my phone. To my questns:1. How do i use the escrow? 2. I have tried ordering and they asked me to scan the ffg: a valid ID, ATM card & bank statement. Can i use a temp. Voter’s card and why do they require my bank statement?. 3. How can i track my goods?. Thanks as i anticipate your reply.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Chikezie,

      I want to ask? Which website are you ordering from? I always advice Nigerians to use Aliexpress. It's very easy to navigate, specially for newbies. All you need is a working MasterCard for payment.

      With aliexpress, you don't need escrow cause aliexpress do take an extra measure to protect your transactions by making sure you get a refund if the goods didn't arrive safely or was in a bad shape.

      How to track your products.. Some importers usually use DHL, but you can use aliexpress website. visit AliExpress website and sign in to your account using your login and password. Go to the section «My Orders», choose your order that you want to track and press the link « View Detail », and there in the table you'll be able to find « Tracking Number» which then you can put in the field. So easy!

      This is why I recommend aliexpress because of its friendliness.

  4. Chikezie Okonkwo

    God Bless you Mr Henry. Entmirror is the reason i subscribe my phone. To my questns:1. How do i use the escrow? 2. I have tried ordering and they asked me to scan the ffg: a valid ID, ATM card & bank statement. Can i use a temp. Voter's card and why do they require my bank statement?. 3. How can i track my goods?. Thanks as i anticipate your reply.

  5. Nikky

    Thanks Henry for this post. It has helped me to make my first order. About to sell it off to some people that have showed interest. I ordered for jeweries.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Adejoh,

      You can pay using Visa, MasterCard/Maestro, T/T (Bank Transfer), Western Union, QIWI, WebMoney and Boleto. Just discover the pay process that's suitable for you. I usually prefer using my MasterCard.

      Thanks for the comment and compliment. Keep visiting Entmirror.

  6. Chioma

    “Another way of getting a free ship is through DHL. Take note, free shipping might take up to 2 weeks to arrive.”
    How can you ship for free with DHL?

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Chioma.. This depends solely on negotiation with your supplier.

      • Ask the supplier if he or she do free DHL shipping to Nigeria.

      • Most of them ship for free base on some conditions. Like the quality you ordered. Ask for free shipping requirements. That’s, what you must do to qualify.

      • Before sealing the deal, make sure both of you have agreed to the terms, try and fulfill yours and the goods will be shipped for free.

      Thanks for being here. See you more often.

  7. Tombari

    Nice post. You have tried Mr Henry.
    Asides how long they have been in the business, try to ensure that you check their rating. Minimum rating should be 95%. I also encourage you to check the feedback for INDIVIDUAL ITEMS asides the general feedback rating.

    This is because a seller with a plethora of assortments can also have a few bad products.

    Phcpromo is geared towards helping mini importers specifically. There are lots of articles to be released soon. keep a date with us.

  8. Emmanuel E.A Adedeji

    Thanks for this wonderful piece above, could you be more elaborate on escrow service and how to use it, if possible display screen shots.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Emmanuel,

      Escrow is just a website that helps two individuals make transactions without any party being cheated. It’s not just for importing goods from china. If you have a good that you want to sell to me, but don’t quite trust me.. You can choose to use escrow. This way, the other party gets paid once you have received the product and it’s in good condition..

      It is only when you have confirmed that it’s good that escrow will then pay the other party.

      In my next article, I will try as much as I can to include screenshot.

      Keep coming around.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Victor, no one is going to scam you as long as you follow the procedure. You only make full payment when the goods have arrived and are in good shape. N100k is enough money to make huge returns. Yes, you’ll make profit.

  9. Windway

    Nice and great job you’re doing.
    Please, does it really matter if I’m using PC or tablet?
    And please, talk briefly about exchange rate. Are we going by bank’s dollar rate?

    • Henry Ibeleme

      You can use your tablet and order.. That’s not a problem.

      Yes, we’re going by dollar exchange. The exchange rate was one of the reason why I had to stop ordering.. However, the exchange rate is crashing everyday, let’s pray it keeps going down.

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