How To Get The Capital For Your Business


How to get the capital for your business is something many prospective entrepreneurs are battling with. Having a million dollar business idea is not enough to make you a millionaire. Knowing all the tricks isn’t enough too. If you don’t have the initial capital to start-up; that dream will die off before you even know it. This very challenge is what has stopped millions of people from starting their dream businesses. Maybe that’s what is stopping you too. If so, you’re not alone.

Getting that finance won’t require breaking the bank or saving millions of money. You don’t even need huge capital before that dream can take shape. All you need is start small and grow slowly into a mega business. How then can you start? Where will the finance come from?

Before I start my perfume business, I think I saw depression himself. The money to finance the business was lacking and I felt handicapped. I had no other business neither do I know of anyone wiling to offer support. That business later became a reality because I went out of my comfort zone. If I can start my first business, even as a student, then you can.

Today, let me make known how you too can get the finance to start that business.



You might have gulped down hard seeing personal savings on this list. You might even feel more hopeless if you don’t even have a dime in your personal account now. Don’t worry at all. You can start today. A thousand miles begins with a step. If possible, get a separate bank account cause it will help you to save, without intruding.

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There are numerous petty jobs you can do that will generate the money. Discover one and engage immediately. Start saving for your dream!


If you have families or friends who are supportive of your dream, there’s no harm asking for financial aid. Sometimes we find this hard to do, probably because of ego or the attitude they might exhibit. Does that matter? Swallow your pride and seek for help.

Most families or friends will be more than glad to help, especially if they see how serious and determine you are. Some individuals will even go an extra mile if they learnt that you already have a little money saved up for the business. This will show how serious you are. There are times when you can’t do it alone, in such a situation, you have to seek for help than die in silence.


Take a loan from any source available and kick-start that business. Great entrepreneurs started their business with debt. In fact, I’m an advocate when it comes to using OPM (Other People’s Money) to start a business. When you take a loan from the bank, especially to start-up a lucrative business like real estate, you’re offered tremendous benefits. One good reason about debt is that, you don’t have to pay tax. All you do is start that business and pay back before the deadline. Bank of Industry (BOI) should be considered cause their interest rate is 5%.

To start that business; to make it huge as a business person, you’ll need to harness the power of good debt.

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There are many organizations that offers money to prospective entrepreneurs with big dreams. The requirements vary depending on the organization or foundation. Here are a few you should consider applying for.

• TONY ELUMELU FOUNDATION: This foundation was launched in 2015 and have a dream of creating a million job in Africa with $100 million. Visit Tony Elumelu foundation website HERE to get started.

• SHELL LiveWIRE: This is an investment program by Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited. Their objective is to help Nigerian entrepreneurs who have no finance to start up their business.

There are numerous other organizations out there that offers support to entrepreneurs. Dig them out and apply. You never can tell what lies ahead.


The easiest way to start that business is to partner with someone who’s financial buoyant. There are many individuals in our society who have the money but lack business ideas. What you do is write a perfect business proposal, including a good business plan that will really interest him into partnering with you. All he will do is handle the finance aspect of the business while you take care of the day-to-day operation.

It’s best if you contribute a certain percentage through your savings, this way, you stay on equal ground. When considering a partnership business, make sure all the paper work have been taken care of. Get a good lawyer to handle the agreements before you delve into that business. This is done to avoid any future crisis that might arise as a result of greedy or misunderstanding.

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It’s better you partner with another individual and make that dream a reality, than to allow that dream to die.

There are many ways you can get the money to finance your business idea. You have no excuse at all. Wake up and start working on your dream. Take note, it’s a gradual process, but a step will take you to the pinnacle if you’re determined.

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        • Henry Ibeleme

          There are numerous organizations that are out there to help entrepreneurs start their dream businesses. However, the financial support is limited to a certain amount, that’s If you are lucky cause they get thousands of applicants everyday.

          As for World Bank, I doubt if they have such a program.

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