How Can I Become My Own Boss As A Single Mum?


How Can I Become My Own Boss As A Single Mum?

I got this last night and I decided to share.. Please your advice is needed.

This wonderful site has made me an addict and I really want to thank you for this platform.. I’m a single mum with two lovely kids. I work in a shopping mall here in Lagos and honestly speaking, the pay is so little. I find myself running the rat race as you always say in many of your articles.

I’m ready to be my own boss.. I have a business in mind, but I’m afraid that it might fail. Would I be able to survive if I resign my current job? Although the pay is little, but it has been my only means of survival.

Currently, I have N200,000 at hand, which business do you think I should engage in? A business that is guaranteed to realise my money in three months.. Thanks so much as I await your reply.


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