How To Hire The Right Employee In Your Business

How To Hire The Right Employee In Your BusinessThere will come a time as an entrepreneur when you’ll have to hire the right employees, to help expand the business and increase production and output. In fact, that is the time you become a full blown entrepreneur. I once talked about the difference between an entrepreneur and a self employed and one of the distinctive difference is that the former works with a team while the latter doesn’t.

Now, how do we hire the right candidate for the job? Many firms and companies uses many tricks and methods to screen their candidates in other to employ the best. Some even have special department like the human resource management who on the other specialize more on the human mind and behavioral pattern. This helps them to pick out the right person in the mist of millions.

This article will guide you into recruiting or employing the right person. It might not be outrightly easy, but it can be done with adequate preparation.



Interview as many candidates as you can cause it will help you pick the best.. Ask them the same question and see how they each handled it and the confidence they exhibited. Sometimes, CV and other credentials can’t be trusted. For me, I don’t usually pay attention to these qualifications, I rely on the PERSON. I have seen many graduates with excellent result crash down in the real world. When you access these prospective employees, take notes of their skill and its relevance to the position they are applying for. This will help you hire the right employee for the job.


Most employers always make this mistake of wanting to appear bossy and in charge. I’m not saying is not good, all I’m saying is that it deters your prospective employees from performing their best. Don’t appear like the evil witch in Cinderella. Be friendly and curious to know more about the person you’re to interview. Most time, I prefer to conduct an interview in a fast food restaurant. That way, the candidate will feel more free to open up who he is and the skills he possess. In such environment, they can be true to themselves without having to pretend to have confidence when they don’t even have an atom of it.


Before you hire that candidate, find out how committed he or she was in his or her previous job. You don’t need to hire someone who’s fond of switching from one field to another all for the purpose of pay raise. You need to hire the right employee, someone who has the experience and commitment to help bring up the firm. When we talk about working experience, don’t be ridiculous with it. Two or three years experience is enough to get a candidate going. You don’t expect a fresh graduate to have thirty years working experience.. That’s insane!


Many recruiters do this anonymously. All they do is visit the candidate’s page on different social media to know how decent and responsible he is. This is why I usually advice many to be careful on what they upload online. As an employer, go an extra research.. Find out more about the new aspirant by visiting their online page.. I do this a lot and it never fails to tell me who’s right and who’s wrong for a particular position. Hire the right employee, someone who’s decent both online and offline.


I once had a candidate who was so confident that I thought I was the one to be interviewed. The way he handled the questions was enviable and there was no reason why I shouldn’t give him the job. Don’t feel intimidated, you need someone who’s more good than you in your business.. You need the A students cause they will give you the best. The way a candidate relaxes and the boldness he depicts speaks a lot about how good he is. Once a person is scared and visibly shaken, it means he’s afraid and fears failure. Those are not the kind of team you need to make it in business. To hire the right employee, analyze their overall impression. Don’t allow sentiments come to play.. Hire the best.


Hiring the right person in your business might be hard, but it’s worth it. Feel relax and be very observant. Allow them to pass through different stages of screening and then come up with the best.. The point is; you must not do this screening exercise alone. Hire experts who knows what it means to hire the best. The right team is all you need to soar and succeed in business.

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