Start And Earn Big From Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

hair attachment business

Today, almost every woman wants to look good and attractive.  It is a universal phenomenon, not just applicable to all nations of the world, including Nigeria. Women will always go extra miles to ensure that they remain beautiful.

Fixing of hair attachments seem to be one of the most appealing ways of women beauty enhancement, hence the much crave for this material by women. Women today do not mind spending as much or as small as is possible to fix hair attachments. These, of course, are changed or upgraded on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the financial status of the woman involved.

Therefore, going into hair attachment business in Nigeria is a wise thing to do and a good source of money if done properly. Interestingly, this business is not hard to start; almost anybody can start it and with a very low capital compared to other kinds of business.

Kinds of Hair Attachments You Can Trade In Nigeria:

There are so many hair attachments varieties in the market today. Some of them include:

  1. Wigs
  2. Peruvian hair
  3. Indian hair
  4. human hair
  5. Expression attachments
  6. European
  7. Brazilian hair
  8. Amigos attachments
  9. Etc.

What You Must Know Before You Start Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

Hair attachments come in different sizes, colors, make and lengths. As such, to do well in this business, it is advised that the would-be hair attachment businessman or businesswoman have a good knowledge of these.

Knowing how to do the fixing also is an added advantage as this is a different business on its own. Because different clients/customers will have different tastes, it is important that you have the different varieties, specifications, and brands of hair attachments at your fingertips and be able to bring this to bear when an occasion demands.

So, to be on top of this business, ensure that you meet the market demand. Know what your audience wants and be ready to provide them.

Basic Requirements For Starting Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

1. Get Trained First

Understand that there are many varieties of hair attachments in the markets. You must know their names, sizes, shapes, dimensions (i.e., length, breadth, span, inches etc.). Also, you must know where they are made (i.e. manufacturers and brands). This will help you guide your client/customers aright, especially the newbies.

You don’t pick these pieces of information from the streets. You must undergo rigorous training for at least six (6) months to gather knowledge of this business. This is essential since you will have diverse clients requesting diverse brands of hair attachments.

It is from this training that you will also learn how to fix hair. With this, you will drive in more sales, trust and sustained patronize.

The training will also expose you to marketing strategies one of which is regular update of your clients/customers of the latest hair attachment brand in the market.

2. Conduct A Proper Feasibility Study

Do your personal research or feasibility study. This includes checking where this business moves better in the town where you choose to operate. It also includes checking where you can buy your product faster, at more affordable rates and also, gain awareness of fake and original products and their differences. Knowing where to position your business and attachments in vogue is of great help to your business success. You get to know all these from your proper feasibility study.

3. Build Up Reasonable Capital

From personal findings, I come to see that hair attachment business in Nigeria for a start requires minimal capital. To run this business successfully, about N300, 000 to N500, 000 is ideal. With this capital, you can even buy some products in bulk and retail. Of course, if you have many products, some retailers can come and buy from you to resale. Once you buy from the manufacturers in bulk, you are most often than not bound to buy at a cheaper rate.

3. Sell Hair Accessories Too

Yes, sell hair accessories too. These include hair attachments accessories such as relaxers, weavon sticks, weavons, weavon oils, needles, a wide range of hair creams, dandruff repellers etc. This will move your business faster such that where you run out of hair attachments, you can resort to selling of hair accessories. In this way there is nothing to lose while awaiting the arrival of your hair attachment products.

4. Keep Your Prices Moderate

Keep your prices moderate for buyers or clients to be able to afford your goods/services. Else, you will be driving your customers away with a high price and of course, you will be the one losing.

Once your customers see where they can buy at a much cheaper rate, they will abandon you. You can give your customers/clients an N100 price slash which will make them happy. Be sure you do not lose out while discounting the price.

5. Rent A space

You can simply rent a shop or warehouse where you will be storing and showcasing your goods.  This office space should be strategically located for easy accessibility.

6. Hire A Staff or Sales Personnel

Along the line, you may consider hiring staff or sales personnel. You may not be able to run this business alone when it gets bigger if you have other things you are doing. You need an assistant to take care of things when you are not around. Hence, your job basically would be to do the checking of sales, quantity bought, what sells faster/most, customers complaints and how ways to increase sales, improve quality and take the business to a higher level.

How to Start Making Money From Hair attachment Business

  1. Use a big capital to run it. You will make more money with big capital because you will be selling so many varieties and accessories.
  2. Look for merchants in Nigeria who can sell you products at low cost so that you can make even triple of your income on each product. Let’s say you buy a N250 hair attachment and end up selling at N1000.
  3. Market your products online. You can do this on top websites or even smaller websites that can promote your business very well.
  4. For crazy price slash, go to China or India for mass purchases.

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