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I’m now accepting guest post and I think it’s a nice thing to do. I have met amazing writers and readers recently and I think everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute to this blog. It will also be an avenue to give a DOFOLLOW link if you have a blog.

Please, Adhere To The Following Submission Guidelines;

• The article must be related to the content of this blog. i.e. Business, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture etc..

• Your post must be original, in other words, the same has never been published on any other site/blog, including your own.

• You can link to your favourite social  accounts like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, your blog/website etc.

• Proofread your article for grammatical errors and spellings. This will save me the stress of having to reconstruct your article due to overwhelming errors or mistakes.

• The article should have at least, a minimum of 800 words. Also try and make it scanable to improve user experience.

• Basic knowledge of SEO will be appreciated

All articles should be sent to

You can also call or reach me on whatsapp with  (+234)8167970969

NOTE: You won’t get paid for publishing your post on this blog. 

If you’re a consistent guest, I will make you a full time contributor by creating an account for you on this blog. That way, you contribute without having to pass through the processes of submission..

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