How Great Men Create Their Fortune Through Their Mind

You have probably heard that energy goes where attention is focused. Well, that assertion is true depending on the angle you come from. The mind is a powerful tool, used to create worlds and realities. But many will definitely laugh at me if I go further in this discourse. There’s more to what our physical senses can perceive or feel. The world will live in is a deep rabbit hole.

Many years ago, I found myself in a wit end. I had no money, a lot of dreams were lying unfulfilled and truth be told, depression was my closest friend. But the moment I understood the meaning of the law of reaping and sowing, my perception about life changed forever.

My world began to change the moment my view about life changed. Many of us ask questions like, ‘will my marriage ever survive? Will I be able to graduate from college? Can I ever get that job?

In the mist of all these  questions, we find ourselves dwelling on the negative, sending forth negative vibrations to the universe and getting it three times in return. That is the power of threes; a mystery only the few in our society has hold of.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how you can change your world by simply changing your mind. It’s going to be practical and simple. So simple that you might even call it trash and walk away. Men always overlook that which is so easy, without knowing that simplicity is where secrets to success lie.


The human mind is a mystery, known to be able to hold limitless data. There are speculations that we don’t use more than 10% of our brain capacity. What then is the 90% for? How can you use more of your brain power and actualize your dreams in life? No wonder I love Buddhist a lot. They have learned to control the mind. Once the mind can be controlled, the body has no choice but to subject to the will of the mind.

These unique individuals can bend the very core of life. They can slow the body metabolism at will and sometimes, go for days without eating or drinking. They have so much wield the power of the mind that sometimes, they can bend even the very law of gravity. You want to call that an illusion? My dear, you know nothing about what’s real.

I’m not going to teach you how to fly or slow your body metabolism; I’m here to teach you how you can harness the power of the mind into achieving success in any area of your endeavor. Let’s go!


Training the human mind, to always focus on the positivity of life isn’t easy.  It is a feat that should constantly be attained every day. Normally, the human mind enjoys playing the worst scenarios. Have you ever wonder why what you fear the most always happen? Whenever you dwell on the negative, you’re sending forth negative waves to the universe. When such is sent, the universe has no choice but to send back what you wish for. Whatever you sent forth, you shall receive in three folds. Garbage in, garbage out!

But when you dwell on the positive, positivity comes to you. The study of quantum physics explains more about energy, vibrations and the universe much more than we know. In the study of quantum physics, even Albert Einstein took a bow.

You must constantly feel positive, optimistic, expecting something good to happen.


How clear is your dream? Can you feel it? To attract that which you crave for, you must feel strongly to that which you want to manifest. Is like planting in a garden, whatever you plant, you’ll definitely reap.

Get a book and write down all your goals in life. Paste it on your wall, a place where you always see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Go and get a picture of your dream house, car, business, family. Get it all in a hard copy and paste on your wall also. Every day, you’ll look upon them and feel this divine feeling words can’t describe.

By constantly feeling your dream, you’re helping shape your reality. Life has no choice but to give them all to you. Whatever you plant, you reap. Plant nightmares and you’ll be the one to suffer it and when it does, blame no witches in your village. You’re the witch!


A good gardener is always with his tools, nurturing his plants and weeding off unwanted plants. To make all your dream come true, be ready to work your butt off. But having known the laws, walking through life becomes so easy. You won’t struggle like others dwelling in ignorance of the makeup of our world.

What do you want to become? What do you wish to accomplish in life? Go ahead and make it happen. Don’t be scared. When doubts creep in slowly like a thief in the night, remind yourself that you create your reality. You determine what happens and what doesn’t through how you feel and how you work.

Watch this video below, it will change everything! Literally everything…!


You never wanted this article to end right? Deep down into your being, do you feel like I was saying the truth? Tell me by using the comment box below.

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