How To Become A Successful Freelance Photographer

Freelance photographer

Becoming a freelance photographer is one of the numerous path in life that leads to financial freedom and fulfilment, that’s if you have this inordinate passion to capture humans, nature and events in your lens. About five years ago, I took up a photography job in Darlon Digital Company here in Nigeria, mainly to escape boredom at home and have a little fun. That was my first work as an employee and honestly, it was fun capturing terrific moments that will never play again in life.

I wasn’t a professional though, everything was new and my boss was ready to train and guide me. At first, I was so stiff. But as time goes, it starts to become a part of me. During my time in Darlon, I not only discover how fun being a photographer is, I also got to know how lucrative photography business is.

I’m not going to bore you with tales of moonlight, the purpose of this very article is to guide you on how to become a successful freelance photographer anywhere in the world. It’s a profitable venture and if you follow my guide, you’ll not have to work for the rest of your life.. You’ll be able to make money even while you sleep.


Before you become a freelance photographer, you need to first know if this path is indeed for you. I believe that every person have the right to follow passion, when it is lacking, disaster looms around. For me, I love to write, I love taking pictures, I love helping as many people as possible. Starting a blog was the best decision cause it gave me the opportunity to take my blog pictures, create my own unique contents and connect to people who are passionate to making their dream business come true. It’s a passion and in every article, the passion flows.

Don’t become a freelance photographer because it’s lucrative. Don’t become one if your sole purpose is to make money overnight. Passion should be able to guide you. Imagine what happens when passion meets with a business inclined mind, that will definitely be an explode of success.

Photography business



This can prove to be a daunting task, but if you can take your time, you won’t regret it. There are lots of brands out there, different brands competing for their own share of the market. It’s paramount that you know the purpose of the camera in other to know the specs to go for. Make sure the DSLR you’re going for has a compatible telephoto lens. Nikon and Canon have proven to be on the top of the game cause they have plenty of lenses, flashes and other accessories.

Before going for any camera, consider the sensor size, mega pixels, speed and price.


What makes a freelance photographer is when he’s independent and has all the tools and equipment needed to run his photography business. Having these tools makes it possible to create quality photographs that customers and potential customers will be proud of. As a freelance photographer, make sure you have;

  • A laptop – For photo editing
  • A printer – For printing of photographs
  • Generator Set – For power supply

The above is all you need to become a successful freelance photographer anywhere in the world. As you progress, you can decide to buy more camera lenses, flashes etc..


Every freelancer needs a portfolio, including a freelance photographer. Create an online album and upload your best works. Remember, this is what will convince potential customers to either patronize you or move over to the next available photographer. You can decide to open an instagram account where you upload terrific shots. Instagram have been known as a home to photographers and you shouldn’t be left.


There are many ways by which your camera can make you lots of money. Often time, our mindset usually go to and fro to the traditional method which is not only outdated but lame.. When I was still working as a photographer, I use to stand under the hot sun, looking for customers and the competition made it hell.. I found myself struggling each day and believe me, it wasn’t funny.

You don’t need to stand on the road side before you can make money as a freelance photographer. You don’t need to stay under the hot sun.. You definitely don’t need to stress yourself. Irrespective of the overwhelming amount of passion, struggle has a way of diminishing that urge and excitement. When you sweat under a hot sun, only then will you know that passion alone isn’t enough. So, how then can you make money without having to struggle for it? Let me break in down.


The traditional method of photography usually deal with looking for people who wants to take a portrait. Well, you can ditch that method and work as a photography blogger. All you have to do is discover your niche and deal with it. You can make money as a freelance photographer by teaching people how to make money as a freelance photographer. This might sound laughable but hey, I’m serious here. In this age, people are making money by teaching others how to make money.

A blog is a life time investment, when it stands, can see you throughout life. It’s not easy, but it can be done.. You might want to say; “Henry, how can I make money from a photography blog?” Well, my answer is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the ad networks that have proven to reward passion with money. When you’ve Adsense on your blog, you earn each time a user visit or click an ad. The bigger your blog grows, the bigger the earnings.


This has to do with outdoors and individuals. I’m sure there’s always an event going on in your area every week. Events like wedding, birthday party, traditional marriage, church services etc.. As a freelance photographer, grow your connection base by making friends with event planners. In that case, when there’s a new event, they hire you immediately for coverage.

I know lots of photographers who have made millions solely from such events. From such an occasion, they end up building a huge customer base, adding to the already existing customers. This is usually possible if your work is good and applaudable.


There are lots of websites where freelance photographers can sell their pictures for a reasonable price. You can also choose to sell to bloggers, website owners, advertising agencies, publications etc.. In this case, you have to discover a subject people haven’t covered yet and do justice to them.


As a freelance photographer, it’s mandatory that you have some Photoshop skills cause it always come in handy. There are lots of individuals, companies, agencies, publications etc looking for photographers with such a skill. It’s indeed another way to earn some money as a photographer.


Becoming a freelance photographer is a vocational career that have made lots of individuals rich and financially fulfilled. When passion meets with a business inclined mind, success becomes inevitable. Please share this post by using the social buttons below.. If you have any question, use the comment box and I will respond immediately.

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