Five Online Jobs You Can Comfortably Do At Home

five online jobs
Working from home can be the best decision you’ll ever make in life. There are lots of online jobs that you can do while at home. In fact, while on your bed. You won’t be restricted by time, nor will you ever feel bored. These jobs will give you all the flexibility and doesn’t in any way restrain you from having fun with loved ones and friends.

To my surprise, I discovered recently that more and more people are craving to be an entrepreneur. Not just an entrepreneur, a ‘Work At Home’ entrepreneur. An entrepreneur that sits at home with his computer or smartphone and make more money than office workers. It’s a mouth-watering dream that can become reality if you really kick off in action.

One of the hindrance prospective entrepreneurs face is always the issue of capital. The finance required to start that business and journey into the land of financial freedom. However, that hindrance is not big enough to stop a dream. If you’re passionate enough.. If you really want to be useful in life and affect the lives around you, then you’ll do everything possible to start. Even if it means borrowing, or engaging in any menial job around. Utilize every legitimate money-making sources. Your dream is bigger than that blockade. Martin Luther King once said, ‘if you haven’t discovered a dream you can die for, you’re not fit to live.’



blog at home I think this should grace the first list. No mater the kind of work or business you want to run online, you’ll need a blog. A blog is just like a basket, where you direct all the gold to. If you’re a web designer or developer, you need a blog to showcase your portfolio. If you’re a freelance writer, an online marketer etc. Having a blog is one thing you shouldn’t overlook. No matter the kind of business you do online, blogging is what makes you more reputable and helps build a brand.

Not only does it gives your potential customers free access to connect to you, it also provide another stream of income. Most individuals are surviving today through blogging alone. Most people actually think that blogging is about writing codes and swapping around protons and neutrons. Not at all. If you can chat on facebook, if you can post an update, then you can blog.


make money as a freelancer from Home There are freelancers who earn mouth gulping amount daily just by providing one service or the other right from their bedroom. Freelance is simply helping someone solve a problem. In return, they pay for the service.

There are people online who needs a writer, a web designer, a graphic artist, an editor etc.. Whatever skills you have can be monetized in an amazing way.

Sites like fiverr, freelancer and many of them are platforms you can start from and start earning as a freelancer. Going to forums and to the appropriate section to advertise your skills works very well. Seventy percent of my freelance job offers comes from forums. This will require being actively online.


make money from YouTube at home This is another goldmine. One thing with this is that, it’s not yet saturated like the blogosphere. Not everyone can start a YouTube channel due to its requirements. Not everyone can afford a HD video camera. Not everyone can speak good and fluent English. It’s not everyone that can get a cool beautiful room for his video shoot. My dear, it’s not everyone that can edit a video. Those who started quit after two weeks.

Now, this shows how wide the chance of making money is. There’s no competition. All you need is get enough knowledge and finance. Buy the necessary equipment. Depending on your niche, you’ll have to make the room reflect its purpose.

If you want to start a music tutorial channel, you will need to have equipment like a piano, a beautiful room with awesome stickers that will indeed inspire music to your viewers. When you’ve start building a community, you first step to earning  will be applying for Google Adsense.


self-publishing Kindle work from homeYears ago, you will have to toil your hands with inks, run around through different press departments before you can have your book published. Gone are those days. This time around, you can write your own book and publish on Amazon free of charge. As people buy your book, you earn in return.

Lots of people are making thousands of dollars through this and not all will be able to expose how lucrative this business is. The funny part is, you don’t even need to write the e-book yourself. You can contact a freelance writer who will do that at a cheap rate. Your realization will be more than you bargain for.

One of the tips to help earn big is having a beautiful, simple and attractive e-book cover, a good title and description. You don’t need to be an authority, you don’t need to have fans or network with the big fishes who call themselves gurus or pros. You can earn as a newbie. This article won’t be able to cover it all.. Make your research and kick off immediately.

5. APPS –

create an app and make money from home This is another opportunity that will soon take over our cyber space. Right now, people think that creating an app will require you being a bad ass programmer. Everyday, you use your apps to run some functionalities in your phone. It’s a sure tool that has made the use of our mobile phone more easier. Imagine a phone without an app. That’s surely not fun. What if you create one?

You don’t need to be a programmer.. Just brainstorm an app that you are sure will solve lots of needs. Contact an app developer who will do just that with a little fee. Once set up, you get it live in Google Play Store. One of the ways to earn from this is through adverts. Have you once open an app and an Ad popped up? That is it. That’s how they earn.

There are lots of junks app on Play Store. If your app can be different and useful, it will surely attract positive reviews and rating.

These are five sure ways to earn lots of money just by sitting at home all day. All you need to start any of the above  business is just a computer system and an internet connection and you’re good to go. That’s how I earn mine and many people envy me for it. Discover that which sound more interesting, dig up more about it.. Read as many materials as possible and you’re ready to go.

If you’ve any question, use the comment box below.

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    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Michael.

      There's no magic to getting traffic. After publishing that awesome article, share it around like you don't care. Please don't spam. Share on all your social handles, forums and always keep SEO in mind. With time, you'll start seeing tremendous improvement.

      The more traffic you can pull, the more Adsense earning will increase. Also make sure that your ad unit is strategically placed for more exposure.

      One important factor that last is to always dish out helpful articles that will make your readers coming back for more.

      Thanks for your comment.

  1. Olayinka

    I do agree with most of your points. Plus I'd like to add that no field is too saturated if you can do something differently or creatively.
    Thanks for this..

    • Henry Ibeleme

      I think I quite agree with you Olayinka. Survival is about doing something differently, in a way that has never been done before. I love your blog. Very unique.

      Keep it up. Hoping to see you around again.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      This is usually the struggle of every new blogger. EntMirror is not exempted. I'm facing the same issue here. But with hardwork and consistency, we'll pull through. Keep blogging and sharing your post.

      Most importantly, write post that can positively impact on your readers.. It pays off..

      Hoping to see you more often.

  2. Tombari

    Nice post. You can add to that list mini importation. That can be so easily automated especially with services like fulfilled by konga(FBK) and Jumia first.

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