Break The Matrix: The True Essence Of School

Break The Matrix: The True Essence Of School

What’s really the essence of school? Is education still a part of that institution? If you’ve been an avid reader of this blog, your perception must have been partially or completely altered in regards to this institution called school. This institution has wasted many dreams and its claws are not blunt yet. I remember when I was a kid, full of dreams and ready to face the world. My mum would not stop drumming to my ears, “Henry, you’ve got to go to school, graduate with good grades and get a well-paying job” As a lad, I wanted to make them all happy so I studied harder. I wanted to wake up in the future with houses and cars of my choice. To me, school was the only way to make that happen.

I’m not trying to say that school is not good nor am I trying to defame our teachers and lectures. Honestly, the best kind of work is one geared toward making positive impact in the world. I appreciate their passionate service to humanity despite non-payment of salaries and strike. However, I’m trying to redefine the purpose of school to our dear students. If you’re in the position of impact, as a teacher or lecturer, then this article will also help you prepare your students for the real world.. The world of money and impact.

When I gained admission into the university, I could sense the future staring back at me brightly. Gaining admission was a struggle and scaling through was a huge milestone. I felt like the biggest blockade in the path of my dream have been rolled away. My dad works for the government, an intelligent man who’s sound both academically and otherwise. However, he still grumble with bills yet to be paid. Despite countless pay raise and promotion, he still was unable to take care of basic needs. Like expected, he got into dept. A bad debt that makes a man poorer than he was. He’s intelligent, but lacked financial education. That is the only thing that school lacks, the subject of money. My mentor once told me; if you’re going to acquire a liability, make sure you acquire an asset that finances the liability. This is not so among the lower and middle class. They keep acquiring liabilities that end up taking money away and weighing them down. Pay raise can’t save them, the only thing that can is true education.

The financial status in my home was a nightmare and I prayed never to find myself in such an ugly rut. That fear instilled in me hunger to discover a solution. Instead of wasting my time cramming theories, facts and figures that will never be used, I spent time reading up success stories of great men and you know what I discovered? All of them had in one time in their life gave school a break to pursue purpose. These great men, instead of living in the matrix, in an illusion, they preferred to face reality and that was when enlightenment came. They realized that school might not be able to get them the future they dream of. They know deep inside that they have to take the bull by the horn and make things happen instead of waiting for the government. They refused the entitlement mentality. A mentality that the government owns you a job. A mentality that the government owns you a free medicare service and retirement benefits. That is a mentality that keeps us stuck in the rat race. A race of mediocrity.

This sort of enlightenment only comes to those who have an insatiable hunger to know. Sadly, about 90% of our dear Nigerian students don’t have that hunger. This is why teachers and lecturers are needed in this pursuit. As a teacher, unveil the world to you students, let them know that school wasn’t made to get them a job, but to bring out the better version of themselves. I watched Suli Break’s YouTube video some time ago where he said;

“If there be a family tree, school should be a distant cousin”

This is because most of our teachers and lecturers knows nothing about financial education. They prefer you cram their textbooks and spill them all out in the exam hall. If you solve a problem with a method different from theirs, you’ll surely get an F. Most of them restrict you from harnessing your brain power. They want you to be a robot, follow the ONE RULE, give back what have been given to you and get a pass. As a student in the department of entrepreneurship, my lecturers are not different either. Will I blame them? How do you expect someone who was never an entrepreneur teach you entrepreneurship? How would you expect someone who relies solely on the government for their paycheck to teach you financial freedom? This is one of the reason I love some teachers and lecturers who have different streams of Income, different from their monthly paycheck.

If you take an analytic view of our labour market, you’ll surely weep for the future. I’ve seen exceptional graduates weep in depression. No job whatsoever and yet, thousands if not millions of individuals are getting admitted in various universities here in Nigeria. Who will give them a job? This is what happens when we focus on breeding forth employees instead of entrepreneurs. It’s time we focus on creating jobs instead of looking for a job.


As a student, I want you to know that school is not meant to give you a job but to help in your overall development as a person. What you do with what you have gained lies solely on you. It’s very important that you grasp this truth early in life. The earlier, the better. Don’t face the world unprepared. Don’t wake up stranded. Sometimes, we see school as a place where we escape reality, the real world. Irrespective of your course, you can be among the few who are financially free. I have met lots of students and when you want to know their reason, they will tell you that they are not doing it for the money. Then what are you doing it for? Charity? The greatest lie is the one we tell ourself.

Whether you’re studying medicine, law, business administration etc it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can rise beyond what you’ve placed yourself. Don’t limit yourself. You might have the passion for saving lives, entertainment or business, but if you lack financial education, your life will be filled with sadness and depression. In our world, no matter the field you’re into, if you’re not business minded, you will pay dearly for it.


It’s a privilege to be a source of impact, the feeling is very fulfilling. I know cause I’m a teacher too. In this journey as an entrepreneur, I have been opportune to stand and speak to both great and small. As long as you’ve a mystery to reveal, audience are hardly lacked. Please, teach the concept of money even when it’s unrelated to the discuss at hand. . Impact into your students financial education and you’ll reap the rewards later in life. As a teacher, never you stop reading. Gather as much knowledge as you can and make an impact. That is the greatest gift you can ever give to anyone.


The home is the first school. The home is the first place a child get to know when he or she is born. When making financial decision, make sure your kids are around. Make them part of the team. You’re not corrupting them with money, you’re sensitizing them into seeing how money works. Tell the difference between credit and debit. Make them understand that money doesn’t just fall from the sky. Play mind sensitizing games with them like monopoly, real estate tycoon etc. Financial education is needed to survive this current fast paced world. If you lack it, your life will be in oblivion. Every parents wants their children to prosper in life. The essence of school was to get them educated, to equip them with tools needed to survive a world ruled by money. You can guide them to the right path, even if their teachers fail to.


The essence of school was to make you a better person, someone who brings a change to the world. We can’t do that we if end up being slaves to money. Money should be the slave, it should work for us, not the other way round. When we discover how the world of money work, we won’t struggle to make money. It’s a game, play it right and get it right. There’s no cheating. There’s no luck or accident. You make them happen! Share this if you think it was enlightening. See you again.

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