Entrepreneur’s Mirror: The Tool Of An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s Mirror: The Tool Of An Entrepreneur


It might seem weird, that this article is coming today instead of a year ago when this blog was launched. But I had my reasons, but that reason was defected the moment someone asked me the inspiration behind the name, EntMirror. In this article, I’m going to discuss the relevance of a MIRROR to an entrepreneur and how this tool is used to achieve success and prominence in the world of business.

Many entrepreneurs in Nigeria and all over the world have failed in business, while many are currently trundling the path of failure. But with this tool of reflection, everything can be turned around to the advantage of the entrepreneur.

One of the distinctive features of a mirror is SELF AWARE. Michael Scott of The Office once said, “I don’t understand how someone could have so little self-awareness.” How aware are you of yourself? If your identity is still in question, if you still find it hard to believe yourself, then the world of business isn’t for you.

What power holds the mirror? Out of all, what makes the mirror special to an entrepreneur?



Just this morning, I was preparing for a meeting and after knotting my tie, I went to the mirror to take a glance. I saw MYSELF. I didn’t see my best friend. I never saw the shadow of my father or mother. I was in actually fact starring back at myself. Right before me is a man who determines where the boat sails. Right before me was the man who holds the key to my success in life.

Whenever you think things aren’t moving, just take a look at the mirror, for her to reveal the solution to that plight.

The purpose of the mirror isn’t to inflict you with self-blame. Far from it!  The mirror actually want to reveal the solution to that hideous problem that have been giving you sleepless nights, which is YOU.


Each time we take a look at the mirror, it’s either to admire our beauty or work on our flaws. The mirror helps an entrepreneur in a similar way. The world of business is a world of battle, a world of constant innovation and creativity. A business owner has to keep fighting for perfection, despite perfection being an illusion.

When an entrepreneur looks at the mirror, the mirror reveals a flaw, which a smart entrepreneur doesn’t waste time to correct because delay can be dangerous.


Have you ever step out for the day’s activity only to feel uneasy, probably because you don’t know how you look, because you forgot to glance at the mirror? You are not alone. The mirror states your status, making known your current stance and giving you and overwhelming confidence. Looking at the mirror fuels that confidence in you, knowing that you’re actually growing and getting more beautiful or handsome. So is it to an entrepreneur. The mirror gives confidence in business. Knowing your position in the chart helps you forge ahead into growth and expansion. But when the overview of your business is unknown, you move in ignorance and in inferiority. It’s like moving through life with no knowledge of your position in the society. You confidence will definitely deteriorate when men who knows their stance step up.


Entrepreneur’s mirror is a formidable tool that every entrepreneur needs to have in his briefcase. It reveals, correct and gives confidence you never knew existed. This mirror, when used well can teleport you to your dreamland in life.


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