How To Start A Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

dry cleaning business Laundry or Dry Cleaning Business is yet another business you should consider doing as a Nigerian. Crazily enough, people are yet to see the potential benefits that comes with this business. We now live in a fast paced world where people hardly have time to do their laundry. Taking care of the kids, cooking and going to work is enough to occupy the whole time. Because of this, there comes a need. They won’t mind paying as long as this laundry responsibility is taken away. As you know, making money is about offering solution to problems just as I’m making mine by helping you start your own business. If you can provide a solution to this laundry nightmare, be rest assured that your pocket will be piled up with money daily.

Starting a dry cleaning business in Nigeria is very easy and not labour or capital-intensive. For the sake of this article, I’m going to be discussing on how you can start this business on a small-scale and then expand from that. I believe in starting small and ending big. However, if you’ve the money to start large, this article will still give you a clue on how to kick off.


1. WIDE IRON TABLE – This is used to press the cloths after they have been dried. It gives cloths a magic touch, making it look as if it was recently bought.

2. GOOD PRESSING IRON – This is a major tool you can’t do without. With N5000, you can get a good pressing iron here in Nigeria.

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3. GARMENT CONVEYOR – This is used to hang the cloths you’ve washed.

4. BIG WASHING BASIN – It’s recommended you get at least, 5 bowels for soaking of different materials and colours.

5 CLOTHPIN – This is use to pin the cloths on a line.

6. INDUSTRIAL DETERGENT – There are lots of detergents out there. Discover one that’s effective and has a good scent.


  • PIN
  • LINE
  • Cloth Cover etc..


This business is not technical nor does it require any special training. If you can wash your cloths, then you can do this business. All you need to be successful in this business is a good space for your business and then, lots and lots of promotion. Unfortunately, it’s not rocket science.. It can be done.


You can rent a shop or better still, do it in your home. Just make sure it’s accessible cause some customers might prefer bringing their cloths to you. Get a good space and stock it up with all the equipment you need to run this business. Know what makes a good location, it will help you.


By how, it’s assumed that you’ve a space and all the necessary equipments. The truth is, there are lots of homes or individuals in your area who always need the service of a dry cleaner. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, go to them. Also make sure your friends and family knows about your business cause they definitely will be your first customer. Promote in any way you can, that’s what brings in more patronage.

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laundry business in Nigeria


This is why this business is very lucrative. Virtually everyone wears cloths and the percentage of people that works is huge. Getting customers won’t pose any challenge. If the people in your street or community are your regular customers, you’re already rich. Imagine if your customers stretched beyond your current location, you’ll sure need to employ more hands to keep up to the of your service.


With N100,000, you can start this business and make money. Your startup cost will be based on the prices of the equipments already listed above. So, I urge you to go on a market survey. Find out the cost of those equipment. This will help you prepare a good and a. Detailed feasibility report.


Believe me, the washing of cloth is a skill. Did I say skill? It’s a science which means, you’ve to be very careful to avoid causing cloth damages that will not only drag you to lost, but also chase customers away. A wise woman once said, “if you lose a customer, you’ve lost a hundred customers”

I usually advice prospects to buy different washing bowels for different materials.. Not just the material, the colour of the material matters too. For example, you’ll need to keep white materials in a different bowel, same with red and other colours. You don’t ‘t want a situation whereby a cloth is stained because of wrong combo, especially these materials that fades its colour immediately it is soaked.

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Dry cleaning business is a lucrative venture. When done, you’ll be able to live in financial freedom. Start small, and end big. When your business is big enough, you might consider buying big machines that facilitate fast service. If you have any question, use the comment box and I will respond immediately.

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      Hello Mary, I really can’t recommend a place.. I think you need to go on a market survey to find out. There are lots of places where you can get trusted equipments and detergent. Hit the market and find out for yourself. Thanks for being here.

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