How To Start Custard Powder Production In Nigeria

Custard Powder Production

Custard powder production is a hot and high demand business that many people don’t know about yet. It’s a lucrative business that is easy and cheap to start. That is, you don’t actually need huge amount of money before you can start a custard powder production here in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country, with over 180 million populations according to recent stat. What that means is that, there huge market for this type of business and the question is; are you ready to join the few players?

Custard is gotten from corn. It’s in powered form, whitish in color and more delicious than the local pap. Custard usually turns yellow whenever a hot water is poured. Many people have ditched the locally made pap to custard, because it’s yummy, nutritious, health wise and hygienic. The main use of custard is for human consumption.

If you have been considering venturing into the production if staple food, then custard powder production is the aspect you should delve into. In this post, I’m going to guide you on how to start custard powder production business. In the end, you’ll be glad you start this business, even give EntMirror a shout-out.



In custard making business, you don’t need ridiculous amount of money to start. You can start with N20,000 and make your return of investment three times more in a month. What determines how fast you recover your investment is your supply network. The more customer base you have, the more money you make.


Custard power production is a skill you need to acquire before you think of starting the business. It’s not hard anyway. If you pay rapt attention to your tutor, you can grab the skill in a day or two. The skill entails learning how to mix the raw materials, and how to package and seal it. Watch the YouTube video below to learn the process of custard making.


Custard powder production is a business that deals on edible, something that is eaten. This means, for you to operate, you have to make sure you gain the necessary permit for a smooth business operation. You have to find out laws regulating the food industry and try to adhere by them, even get permits. Here in Nigeria, you’ll be required to get a NAFDAC approval. In the process of trying to get approval, make sure you have a neat place because it’s one of the criteria considered when screening you.


For there to be a smooth flow of business, one of the primary things you need is the basic materials and equipment. Without them, there will be no business.


  • Edible Corn Starch flavor
  • Egg yellow color
  • Flavor e.g. banana, milk or vanilla
  • Preservative (Sodium Benzoate)
  • Concentrated Vitamins
  • Milk


  • Mixing Machines
  • Weighing Instruments
  • Drying Machine
  • Sealing Machine


In custard powder production, your main aim is building a brand that will one day become a household name and trust me, that is how empires are built. Robert Kiyosaki once said, without a brand, you’re just selling commodity. But with a brand, the possibility to make a name in the world of business becomes very feasible.

In your quest to build a brand, you need a short and memorable business name, with a neat, simple and creative logo. It won’t take a day to build a brand, but it makes your product stand out from competitors.


One important factor to consider in this custard powder production is the packaging of your product. The more professional it looks; the more neat and unique it looks, the more you stand out from other products in the market. If you’re going to produce in buckets, sachets or cups, make sure the packaging makes it look expensive and not inferior.

Having a well packaged product makes marketing the product more easy and fast. When starting out, the first thing you need do is build a customer base. That is, building supply network. The more channels you have, that more people you have on your contact, the more money you’ll be able to make in this custard powder production business.


There are so many advertising and promotional strategies you need to adopt in other to accelerate business growth, which will surely land you quickly to wealth. Below are some of the routes you should explore.

  • Social media ads
  • Newspaper advert
  • Radio FM
  • Television channel
  • Business cards
  • Flier
  • Poster etc


Your selling point in this business is your uniqueness. Oh yes! The more unique your custard is the more people will be able to prefer it among all others in the marketplace. In the custard industry, there are numerous flavors, find one that’s unique and delicious. Make your research, discover unique flavors and stick to it. Please, do your business a favor by not disclosing your flavor to others. It’s a secret!


Custard powder production business is a lucrative business you should do. Draw a business plan, conduct some research and then kick off. Custard making business has made many people millionaires. It can make you one if you start with enough capital and proper management.

Good Luck!

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