How To Start A Cocoa Export Business In Nigeria

Cocoa export business in Nigeria

Cocoa export business is among these agribusinesses that’s very lucrative because of its numerous benefits, both financially and health wise. Many years ago, before the oil boom, Nigeria was a major exporter of cocoa in Africa and no country was a formidable competitor. According to history, doom came the moment oil was discovered and as if enchanted, our focus shifted as agriculture took the back seat.

The earliest cocoa farms in Nigeria were in Boony and Calabar. Although it didn’t flourish in the region, but it did stamp the stay of cocoa farming in Nigeria. From there, it escalated quickly to other parts of the country as the new players make a ridiculous amount of money in return. These were the virgin days. But today, everything is different. No one is interested in agriculture. Almost everyone wants to go to school, bag a degree and work in an air-conditioned office.


That the Taxonomic name for cocoa is Theobroma Cacao?

Cocoa export business is a millionaire venture. Trust me, many are blind to this fact. It is one of the most sought after commodity in the world and the pressure is climbing even higher. What if you delve into cocoa export business and make money? You don’t need to have a cocoa farm before you can export cocoa outside Nigeria, neither do you need a degree. Having a farm is good, but you can bypass that draining aspect by buying From reputable cocoa farmers.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how to start this cocoa export business and be financially free. If you can start this business, you definitely won’t regret it. But before that, let’s take a look at the top cocoa producing states in Nigeria. These are places you’ll have to buy your products for export.


  • Ondo State
  • Cross River
  • Ogun State
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Edo State
  • Ekiti State
  • Delta State
  • Osun State
  • Oyo State



Before you delve into cocoa export business, make sure you’ve done your homework. Find out the best place here in Nigeria where you can buy. Also, find out the best cocoa bean and the requirements needed to be an exporter. Through your research, you get to know how much a bag of cocoa goes for and the total cost needed to start the business.


Before you start this business, you need to be a number of the Cocoa Association Of Nigeria (CAN). This association was established in 1986 and its main objective was to meet the peculiar needs of cocoa farmers in Nigeria. Of course you’ll know about this in the course of your research. Sometimes, they bring up programs where loans are made available to members.


Every country has specific rules guiding the importation of goods. It’s paramount to know these rules and how it affects the cocoa export business. I would advice getting a mentor or a guide, someone who’s already in this business. With that, you won’t be lost on the next step to take. When you join the Cocoa Association Of Nigeria (CAN), there’s a high probability that you’ll come across individuals who will be ready to guide you.


According to Wikipedia, Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of cocoa in the world. Well, that not an easy feat. But I think we can climb higher as the giant of Africa we are. You might be asking yourself, “Why should I do this business? Why should I delve into cocoa export business at this time and age?” Allow me to give you the answer to all your WHYS.

1. LUCRATIVE – Majority of cocoa exporters are hardcore millionaires and I keep wondering, is it still the exportation of cocoa? The bitter truth is that cocoa export business is one of these unexplored business opportunities in Nigeria. Everyone wants to go to school and be an employee and this has drastically reduced the number of people who wants to be the boss. It’s not a saturated industry like many businesses out there. Only few players exist.

2. EMPLOYMENT – According to recent stats, over 30 million graduates are unemployed. If you can start this cocoa export business, you’ll not doubt be gainfully employed and, help employ others. Not only will you be gainfully employed, you’ll be a millionaire before you can say Jack Robinson.

3. TARGET MARKET – There’s always a market for cocoa. It’s not like these businesses where you have to wait for eternity before you can see a buyer. Once you’re hitting the marketplace, you’re selling it off immediately. There are lots of companies in the world that depends on cocoa for the production of whatever good they are producing. So, there’s always a market for it.

4. ECONOMY – By venturing into this business, you’re helping to build our already dying economy and trust me, this is the biggest impact you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur.


Cocoa export business is among these untapped business opportunities in Nigeria. It has made many people millionaires and because of that, would advice every young entrepreneur to look into this virgin business as it is devoid of competition. There’s already a market for it and as thus, selling becomes the easiest aspect. It’s not technical. Once you join the association and make new friends, you’ll discover that being rich is not about going to school, it’s about doing a business that’s hot and unexplored.

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