Lucrative Chin Chin Business In Nigeria [The Millionaire Venture]

Lucrative Chin Chin Business In Nigeria

You want to start a chin chin business here in Nigeria? Then this page is really for you. Just the other day, I met an old time friend of mine, Mr. James. James wasn’t a bright student while we were in school and I was surprised to see him glowing. I mean, he was looking good, more handsome than I have imagined, with a black SUV jeep to match.

What has he been doing? Has he joined the Yahoo Boys? I wasted no time to throw him the million dollar question and he did justice to them with beams all over his face. He is on money and no one was able to deny that fact.

“Henry, I’m into chin chin business here in Nigeria” He spurted out, looking at me with eyes that say, ‘ask me more’. Well, I bugged him with more questions and he was glad to fill me in. it was indeed a story of grass to wealth.

When we finished secondary school, he was unable to further ahead due to financial constraint. He had to take up business after selling the only land his father left for him. While many of us laughed at him, for throwing his future away, he was actually taking the shortest road to the future.

He was able to invest in a chin chin business in a large-scale and after 2 years, James already has a house in Lekki. As if that was not enough, he got himself one of the expensive cars at that moment all from chin chin business.

Is chin chin business that lucrative? Judging from the success story of my friend, I can now beat my chest hard and say YES!

In this article, I’m going to guide you in how you can start chin chin business here in Nigeria and make money for yourself. It’s not technical, neither is it capital-intensive. You can actually start small and grow to a giant.


Chin chin is gotten from baking or frying a mixture of flour and many other ingredients. Chin chin is one of the major snacks that some shops, supermarkets don’t joke with. It can be found in almost all sales outlets because of demands. Chin chin is profitable businesses that has made a lot of people millionaires and trust me; it’s still making spilling in money.


Before you can be successful in a chin chin business, you need to know how to fry delicious chin chin. The taste of your chin chin actually determines if you will succeed or not.

You can learn this skill from any skill acquisition center close to you. You can even learn from YouTube and from popular food blog. Below is a YouTube video, a guide or procedure on how to make chin chin.


To start a chin chin business, you need at least N20,000 – N100,000 to start on a small-scale. Starting large means having about N5,000,000 which will entail having a registered company, with staffs and machines that aid smooth operation.

Why this business is very lucrative is pro to the demand. Every day, millions of cartons are sold daily. It’s a predominate snack in events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversary etc. most individual usually take chin chin and coke as lunch.


In chin chin business, you need some materials and equipment that will ensure operation. Without these, running this business becomes almost impossible. After listing the materials and equipment needed, I would advice going on a market research to find out their prices.


Deep fryer, long sieving spoon, Rolling pin, Cutter, Bowels, Knife


Flour, Milk, Egg, Sugar, salt, nut-meg, flavor, oil and water, margarine


You can rent a shop or make this a home business.  But having a shop opens you up to a lot of possibilities. When looking for a shop, make sure it’s in an open place with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Renting a shop can cost over N300,000 annually in Lagos. If you’re in a good business location, approximate to target market, you will be able to pay such rent comfortably, without sweating for it.


After getting a goof spot for your chin chin business, the next step is kicking off and starting to market your product without wasting time.

You have friends and relative who sales stuffs, perhaps it’s time you become the chin chin supplier. Apart from that, there are many shops out there, a lot of supermarkets also. As part of your marketing, you need to create as many supply network as possible. The more you have, the faster is will be to sell off your chin chin, and the faster you become rich.



The demand of chin chin is so high that demands are always flying off the chart. I mean, demand can’t be satisfied. The available players in this business, especially those in the large-scale are counting hundreds of thousands weekly.


There are a lot of ways you can actually do this business without stressing yourself. You can decide to homes, supply to shops, stores, supermarkets. You can even specialize in supplying to events. What you need to do is have the connection of an event planner.


Chin chin business is not a technical business like I have already said. It’s a business you can actually do within a week of learning just how to produce the snack.


You can start this business with N5,000, N10,000, N50,000, N100,000 ETC. You have no excuse why this business can’t be started.


Just like my friend James, this business have made a lot of people millionaires and still counting. Join the rank by drawing your chin chin business plan and kicking off. Delay may be dangerous.


I read an article on vanguard where one Lady Nwankwo who now make N100,000 weekly from chin chin business, a business she started with N15,000. This business is a lucrative goldmine is done well. Below are some success tips to help you out.

  1. The taste of your chin chin is the backbone of your business
  2. Having chin chin machine maker is costly, but it makes production faster, making you rich overnight.
  3. Hiring staff to help run the business is something you will never regret. It increases output and relieves stress from you.
  4. Your packaging speaks a lot, and determines who orders from you. The more classic and neat the chin chin is, the better.
  5. Branding shouldn’t be overlooked if you dream of making this business become an empire.


Chin chin business is one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that anyone can start and make money. Although many lack the sight, to see how lucrative the chin chin business is. But with a little market research, the opportunities in this business will be made known. Mind blowing figures exist in this goldmine.

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  1. Alice

    My name is Alice, how can I start this chin chin business with office work, I mean will I be able to cope, or I have to quit working in an office.

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