How Nursing Mothers Can Start The Business Of Homemade Creams


The broad numbers of people, who have encountered the challenge on what cream to use in beautifying their skin, even toning it, treating their eczema infected skin, and rashes on their baby’s body are countless. Take a good look around; you will see people with skin problems all around you. This means that the market for skin products can still be very much tapped into.

Let me motivate you a bit….

I remember one time I was in a bus and a woman was telling the tale of  another young woman in her mid-20’s who tried so many recommended body creams on her soft baby’s body yet the baby rashes wouldn’t disappear.

Gradually frustration sets in and in her bid to cure her child’s body, she bought some original Shea butter and mixed with it with honey. The result was amazing. In fact it was so good that she was left with no option but to start her very own cream and beauty products production company. Today she is a big player in the production and supplying of African Shea butter cream in Nigeria and abroad.

Truth is:

Many creams we use in our current age are made from a lot of natural ingredients such as Shea butter, honey, and coconut oil. If that is so, why do they not seem to work? This is because the natural states of these products have been tampered with by factors such as excessive heat, abuse of chemical used as additives or for preservation.

Many people are beginning the come to the realization that these industrial products are doing more harm than good and have begun setting up more natural ones that will beautify your skin, make it look younger and fresher all day.

This is the inspiration behind today’s post. I am going to reveal to you how to mix these natural ingredients to achieve beautification purpose. With mixtures such as these, you don’t have to run helter skelter trying to discover the “Perfect cream” that will keep you and your baby’s skin glowing 24/7.

We shall examine diverse ways by which you can make a living out of this business. Given human natural desire to procreate, the business is more than worth it. The number of  bodily challenges such as eczema, pimples, stretch marks dandruff, rashes, burns, acne etc continues to broaden on a daily basis. Will you come to the rescue? And still make huge cash from it?.

Are you ready?…… Let’s go!



Facts about homemade creams can  be intriguing. The combination of three natural ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil and honey have being doing great wonders to the human body. I call it “BODY MAGIC” because it does it job so well. Unlike factory products, these natural ingredients do not need preservative like the ones commonly sold in the market. They already have natural preservative ability in their composition.

It gets more interesting:

  • It does not expire as most creams do, so you need not worry about its expiry date.
  • The solution is also not harmful to your body because there over concentration can never happen. Regardless of the quantity used, it works accordingly.


The production of homemade creams or like i will rather call it, beauty cream can be done in two ways:

  • Melting method
  • Stirring method

METHOD 1 (melting method)

For this method to produce the best of results, you are going to need the following materials:

  • Best/good quality Shea butter – 2 slab
  • 4-8 spoons of Oil (recommended coconut oil)
  • 2-4 spoons of Honey
  • Fragrance or perfume as desired


  • You must first pour a little water in a big pot and put it on a lilted gas or stove for the settled water to boil. Then use clean dried container or a smaller pot which cannot be destroyed by the hotness of the liquid.
  • Put the unrefined (virgin) African Shea butter into it. Gently place it inside the bigger pot of water on the fire. Now you must stir the Shea butter slowly as the hot water melts it.
  • As soon as you discover that the Shea butter has completely melted, pour the honey/coconut oil mixture and then stir they all look like one “BIG HAPPY FAMILY” (Lolz). Turn off the fire.
  • Now you can add the fragrance (if you’ve got any, if not, you ignore) and stir, to give it a sweet smelling scent. It can be any type of scent (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, ginger etc.) you desire. I like lemonade because it has natural smell.
  • Package it for sale or personal use.

CAUTION! Please read

The shea-butter (African or not) can lose its potency if too much heat is applied.  Make sure you regulate the amount of heat used. Do not keep the shea-butter on fire for too long.


In homemade creams business, It is always best to make use of unique packaging materials that are brand-able but if you cannot afford such, you can start with cheap plates or cups that are sold in the market.


  • Place the every bit of Shea butter in a clean bowl
  • Add the oil (coconut oil or any other desired oil) and start whisking (in the same manner an egg is whisked) with a stirring rod.
  • Keep doing this until you notice the mixture becoming very attractive and smooth.
  • Add the remaining ingredients and continue to stir until the result of  a well-blended and smooth paste is achieved.
  • Package for sale or personal use.

I have tried the two methods and I can attest to the fact that the second method is the best because it is done in a cold pressed manner. As a result of the lack of heat or pressure in the preparation, the solution retains all of the essential elements.

The only downside of this method is the stress. It takes some good amount of energy out of you to make a paste.


Never allow the solution to solidify before moving them to the target containers. If it solidifies before you put them into the container; it becomes ugly but while still in liquid form, you quickly turn them into the containers without much stress.


  • It protects and nourishes your skin and your baby’s tender skin.
  • Shea butter protects baby’s buttocks from the after effects. Such after effects range from rashes to the redness of the skin.
  • When applied on the human hair, it helps moisturizes the scalp, thus reducing and eliminating of dandruff.
  • SB acts prevents skin dehydration, rendering protection against external forces such as cold, heat or sudden weather change. This single act of it prevents skin aging.
  • It functions as a powerful antioxidant that smooths and restructures the body from wrinkles, scars and other skin imperfections.
  • Shea butter treats and prevents stretch marks with excellent result.
  • It is very beneficial to mothers who are not lactating. You can use a little of Shea butter with warm water and massage the tip of your breast it will loosen up and breast milk will start flowing.


It is usually not recommended that people who are light in complexion use Shea butter because it will only darken your skin. But if you are fair and really love it and want to use it; you can mix it with turmeric since it is a lightening agent.

Additionally, any kind of good oil can be used. Oils like palm oil, kernel oil, olive oil etc. can also be used.


Do you know that:

  • Coconut oil contains antifungal, antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties? All of these properties make it a good agent for beautification.
  • Honey is a natural skin lightener; and can reduce the appearance of scars. Undiluted honey can also repair skin effectively as it regenerates body parts.
  • It is an essential ingredient in the production of natural face wash and for removing darkened parts of the human face.
  • From the above you can see that the three ingredients contained in the mixtures perform a similar function. But mixing them together solidifies their performances.


  • The harsh environmental conditions of the world will push people to buy from you. Everyone wants to look good
  • The funds needed for the production of this beauty product is little and easily affordable when compared to other production businesses. But this can prove to cost more when you are starting out big.
  • The amount you sell is usually relatively cheap for anybody to buy.
  • It is self-advertising, an adage says ‘seeing is believing’, by the time consumer buy and make use of your products and it works wonders, there is no reason you won’t keep selling.
  • When properly done, you can gain more than 100% profit in this business. Once you have packaged it. The amount is as you fix it (you call the shots) and a little quantity usually produces so much in small containers.


You can start off by selling to friends and family. Their word of mouth (testimony) will drive the needed customers to you. Take the products to nursing homes, markets, hospitals etc. advertise and sell to them.

Market them also to small shops, whole sellers, malls, super markets etc. Give out samples to potential customers to test and you would record more patronage.

It is very important that you use only original Shea butter, coconut oil and honey. If fail to do this, your business is as good as dead.

Increase marketing strategy during harmattan season because it is a solution best suited for harmattan period.

Start off with smaller amounts before packaging bigger contents.

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