Which Business Can I Start With 1 Million Naira?

which business can I start with 1 million naira

From My Mail Inbus..

Hello Mr. Henry,

Firstly, I want to thank you for the great work you’re doing in EntMirror. Your website have inspired me into thinking like a business man this few days.

Right now, i’m retired and in my late 60s..  I would appreciate if you post this on your website so that I can get as many ideas as possible. Please I need to make enquirers about what kind of business I can do with 1million. I’m into phone business but I want to have another business doing; that can fetch me money as well.. Thanks as I await your quick responce have thought about many business in the past, your help will highly be appreciated.

Which lucrative business do you think he can start with 1 million naira?

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16 Replies to “Which Business Can I Start With 1 Million Naira?”

  1. Amarachi

    I will advice you Start a car wash business… 1 million naira is not too big, but it can serve you very well.

    good luck.

  2. Henry Ibeleme

    Car wash business is no doubt a lucrative venture.. If he’s serious about starting something that’s worthwhile, then car wash is definitely the real deal. There are other business too.. Like printing press.

    Anyway, looking forward for more ideas. .

  3. Etimbuk Udoidung

    Friend,use only 10% of that amount and surprise even yourself.For free detailed info,contact me at once.I am one of the richest minds around,by the grace of God our Creator.A trial will convince you.Surely.

  4. chimezie oleka

    I am glad you desire to diversify. It is said that; a person who has one source of income in Nigeria is a potential beggar.
    There are many businesses you could venture into with such amount.
    However, you must consider the market availability and the sector skill.
    I humbly suggest you consider kerosene retailing.

    Get a densely populated suburb and set up the business there.

    Mount the tank In a secure place and be ready to pay for security services. That will help minimize the risk factor.

    Most households will leverage on your proximity to patronize you.

    Just make sure you fix your price a little above petrol station sales price and then a little below other petty sellers price margin.

    Waw!!! Did i just spill my business idea out hear?

    This is a helpful forum. Keep it up Henry. I like the fact that you are focused on your lane.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Wow.. This is quiet helpful. Making it so detailed and simple speaks of how business minded you are. Kerosene is indeed a lucrative business venture. I think I will consider writing about it soon..

      Thanks Chimezie for your input.

  5. chimezie oleka

    Quite lucrative and with guaranteed market share. Provided one is able to avoid super profit price modelling, the business will always retain its market share.

    NNPC states that Nigerians demands 8million liters of kerosene daily.

  6. Michael

    There are a lot of businesses to start with 1million naira. But for me I would go for a poultry business. Though it can give you a daily return(s) but after sell you would be amazed to find out that you are smiling home with almost half of what you invested as profit. Also, you need to bear in mind that it all depends on you. If you loose too many birds, that would be a huge lose. I suggest you start up with about 500 birds. And remember to get a farm manager or assistant. Running a poultry is not as easy as it looks.

  7. Kadibia

    It all depends on the man’s location, and he should look into what people in his location needs most.

    Example: if he stays in a place that have student’s lodge around he should consider digging a borehole then buy tank(s), venture into water business; he will marvel at his returns.

    He can still check on other stuffs, it depends on the NEED of people around

    God bless you.

      • Kadibia

        I sited an example sir, not necessarily that its gat to be water business.

        All I want the fellow to to is take a week or more study his locality, know what this people always go a far distances to
        get(buy), then he can venture into that business and make his money

          • Kadibia

            Exactly sir, I suggest you screensnap all this comments and email back to him.

            You will never know how grateful he will be.

            I see you being almost top 5 bloggers in the nearest future


            • Henry Ibeleme

              He’s already monitoring this post and he’s grateful for the responses so far.

              Top five bloggers? Hmmmm.. I pray it becomes reality lol, climbing to the top isn’t easy but it’s possible. Thanks for all the encouragement. You’re amazing.

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