5 Ways You Can Boost Sales And Make More Money

How to boost sales

The dream of every entrepreneur is to boost sales; to get as many orders as possible which no doubt leads to more profit. But not every entrepreneur end up with such aspiration. Not that it can’t be done, but because the practices that triggers result haven’t been pushed yet. My first business wasn’t rosy a bit and because I was inexperienced, I made lots of overwhelming mistakes that ended up hurting the business growth and brand.

Having a million dollar business idea isn’t enough to make you rich or successful in business, what makes you rich and distinct is when an idea get married to a sales man. Take a look at prominent entrepreneurs of our time like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gate etc, they needed a sales man to make that dream a reality. If they had delve into the business world with just their so-called million dollar idea, they would have ended up frustrated and in oblivion. In worst cases, they would have died with their dream.

Apart from having a terrific sales team in your business or firm, what other factors triggers fast sales? What methods should be employed to boost sales in business? I think that’s the purpose of this article and I’m going to be as detailed as possible to make comprehension easy.

These five (5) tips will help you improve your business sales immediately. When these tips are implemented, I guarantee you, you’ll see a difference. Sometime, all we need to boost sales is by working on customers support, or by giving freebies. Little things such as these can make a difference.



This is usually the first step every business person must sort out first, before anything else. Through your business plan, you discover your target market, the people who will demand the goods you’re selling and how to get it to them. The five WH questions in economics comes with “Who should I produce to?” If you can’t answer this question, then you’ve got a homework to do.

Knowing your target market makes a lot of difference, it helps you to create targeted adverts, create products that appeal to them and the best way to satisfy them. The more you narrow your target market, the better.


Lots of people on facebook, instagram, LinkedIn etc have huge followers base and yet, I find them struggling to subscribe to their favorite bundle data. What could be wrong? I don’t have huge followers on social media, but the little I have are optimally utilized that I don’t have to beg for my upkeep. What’s the use of having thousands of likes and comments with no money to show for it? I’d rather smash my phone than waste my precious time doing absolutely nothing.

As a business person, don’t underestimate the power of social media. If you have the finance, take advantage of sponsored posts in other to expose the business to a wider audience. Social media isn’t for chatting alone, it’s for business. If you do this well, you’ll definitely boost sales in your business.


In the world of business, war exist. It’s not a war of guns, fist and kicks, it’s a war of intelligence and smartness. Who are your competitors? Where are they located and what are they doing? You might have an amazing business, with good facilities and personnel and yet, your business sales will be a thing of mockery. This happens when your competitors are doing something better than you. To increase your business sales, you need to scout your competitors. Get all the required information and use them as an edge to beat them. You’re experiencing low sales doesn’t mean that the product isn’t in demand, it’s because someone else is responding to the demand better than you.

When you analyze your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, you can explore that flaw to your advantage. That’s how you boost sales and beat your competitors.


Your current customers, how loyal are they? How big is your customer base? Let’s take for instance, you have about 50 loyal customers. All it takes to boost sales is by asking the 50 customers for referrals.. If the response was positive, you’ll not doubt have boast sales by 100%.

Don’t be too shy to ask for referrals.. I do it lot, on this blog. Each time i urge you to share a post using the social buttons, I’m only asking for a referral from you. When you succeed in sharing any of my post, someone will definitely visit this blog through your link. Referrals are good and is usually the fastest way to boast sales.


If you’re working with a team who lack the vision and objectives of the business, chances are that the business will always perform below par. That’s why it is paramount that you employ the right personnel, not because they have an amazing certificate, but because they have all the necessary skills needed to run the business.

If you discover a worker who isn’t living up to expectations, find out what’s wrong. If nothing can be done to help him, please hire someone else. Business is war and you need warriors as a team. If those in charge of the customer service are rude, it will leave a bad tint and will directly affect the business. Overhaul your team and make sure that they are playing their role effectively. When they collectively do their work, such corporation will definitely boost sales.


There are many ways to the river, there are also many ways to boost sales and increase profit in your business. It’s all about analyzing the market to discover what you’re doing wrong or what should be done. When you set the puzzles in place, a clear picture will be evident. Do it right and you’ll get it right. It’s not magic, you make happen by following the rules of business.

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