The New Blogging Model For Starting A Successful Blog

New blogging model One of the easiest way to make money online now is blogging and unfortunately, the old blogging model is no longer effective. Years ago, you can become a successful blogger by copying and pasting news trends. That was when the likes of Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija etc took over the blogosphere and today, they have become a brand.

But it’s very disheartening to note that most bloggers are still implementing this old blogging model and yet, hoping to make it as a blogger. One thing that’s constant as long as business is concerned is change. You don’t expect the mechanism that work then to work now.. Things have changed and many are yet to see that. It pains me deeply, seeing prospective bloggers start on the wrong foundation. Not only are they wasting time and money, they end up frustrated which is uncalled for.

I’m not saying you can’t make it the old fashion way, you can but you have to be on your toes. You have to be ready to invest immensely to beat the odds of survival. Why go through such torment when you can easily rise with the new blog model? The model isn’t easy, but it can be done. In this age, what’s working is no longer gossips or news. We already have the big fishes. You’re free to compete with them if you have the resources. This article is for those who want to be serious and make a living from blogging. Yes, those who want to be able to pay their bills through blogging.

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I started this blog about four months ago. That however doesn’t mean I’m a newbie. I took my time to study the blogosphere. I took my time to understand what works and what doesn’t. I took my time to grasp the model that works and promises fast result. In my first month, I made mind-boggling figures that most blogger couldn’t boast of in six months. I thought that was the end, the next month, the output doubled and it keeps rising beyond expectation. That’s excluding my Adsense earning.

My blog will be six months old on December. Then, I will make my earning report here. Not to intimidate you but to prove to you that money can be made blogging. Someone asked me recently;

“Henry, do you really make money from your blog?”

The truth is, I won’t be writing everyday if I gain nothing.. Sometimes, money can be a motivation. You’ll be surprised how your writing skill will improve, especially when you earn from it. That’s when you get to understand your purpose in life. When I visit the ATM, withdraw thousands of money, I still find it hard to believe that I’m making so much money doing what I love. Feeding myself, buying the things I need with the money realized from blogging is fulfilling. How I wish you will understand how it feels to spend your own money.

The secret is evident.. I was doing something unique.. I didn’t join the bandwagon of entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, entertainment niche is good and lucrative. If you have no resources to make it stand out, the odds will be heavily against you which will end up frustrating you. I won’t like you to experience such. Blogging is business, not just a hobby.


Success is easy if the road is made known. This new blogging model isn’t rocket science.. It’s just want you already know. Let’s take a look.


The new blogging model entails that you run a niche blog. The deeper you can narrow a niche, the better. I have seen a blogger who makes thousands of dollars monthly just by blogging about recycling business. All it takes is doing a keyword research, to discover the niche that’s lucrative and promising.

2. SEO

Most bloggers don’t like hearing about this. It sounds like a tough arithmetic problem. I was once in that state until my mentor made everything so easy. Devote time to learning more about SEO. It’s more easier if you have a mentor that will work you through. Reading them on Google can even make them more complex.


You need to be able to write if you must go with this new blogging model. It’s either you know how to write or hire someone who can. Not being able to write isn’t a hindrance if you can afford a freelance writer.


Yes, I have to mention this again.. You need contents on your blog. The purpose of your blog is already defected if it has no content… Have as many as possible. Keep writing.. If possible, hire extra hands.. The more content, the better.


Don’t expect to start counting millions in your first month. Be realistic. It takes time and consistency to make money blogging. Don’t rush the process. As you blog, focus on helping selflessly. That is what will make you stand out. Whatever I know about blog, I don’t hesitate to spill it out to my students whenever they ask. The problem is been able to ask.


This Blogging model or formula is very easy and straight forward. It’s not confusing or complicated. Discover a niche, learn about SEO, dish out as many seo optimized contents, as many as possible. Do all this and you have no choice but to be successful as a blogger.

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