How To Be Your Own Boss And Be Free

be your own boss When I set out to launch this blog, my core motive was to help as many people as possible into being their own boss. Many are blind. Many are without a life compass. In a country where almost 30 million graduates are unemployed, I had to provide an alternative, an option that’s capable of ending this menace. This article is not for everyone cause not everyone aspires this path. But if you want to experience real financial freedom, then you should consider being your own boss no matter what it takes.

This post for two sets of people. One that’s unemployed and doesn’t know the steps to take Into being in charge, and one that’s employed and yet, feels the weight of slavery. Believe me, I have been in that dark tunnel. I once handled someone my freedom in exchange for peanuts. The problem wasn’t the monthly peanuts anyway, the problem was hustling under rain and sun with nothing significant to show at the end of the year. Year to year, I was the same. No visible change whatsoever and I felt like giving up. Have you ever felt worthless and depressed? I think I found myself in that rut countless times. This unfruitful circle is what Robert Kiyosaki called the RAT RACE.

Many people are still running this endless race, a race that never ends. They keep running in circle, praying to meet an end without knowing they are running to infinity. They wake up every morning, knot their tie and hurry off to work only to come back late at night, exhausted and famished. This monotonous draining circle plays itself every day and at the end of the month, the peanuts gets swallowed up in debts, rents, school fees and feeding. The next month, another endless race unfolds. This has always been my nightmare. I’m very lazy, I can’t imagine my days been spent that way.

Lots of people have entangled themselves in this endless rat race. They are proof that wealth or success is not by working hard but by working smart. It’s not about your degree. In fact, I’ve seen professors who live from hand to mouth, praying to survive the day. It doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or not, what matters is that you understand how things work and leverage it to your advantage. You don’t have to live within the shackles of modern slavery in other to survive. You don’t have to answer to a boss before you can feed. You also don’t have to live in bondage for the freedom of another. You should be able to buy all the things you want. You need to be able to travel to all the places you want. Yes! You need to be able to eat all the food you want. You and I know that the chances of that happening as an employee is very slim.

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In this article, allow me to guide you into a smooth transition on how to become your own boss. I believe in taking one solid step at a time. After the end of this article, you’ll be the only one holding yourself back from freedom. Take my hand, let’s journey into the world of being your own boss.



Whether as someone who’s unemployed or an employee who works for an ungrateful boss. If you want a smooth ride to freedom, then you need to discover that perfect business that fits your persona. I have seen lots of people who started a business only to crumble down months later. Many end up blaming unseen forces,. Some end up blaming themselves. The truth is; not every business is for you. You have to discover a business that defines your true calling. You’ve to discover one that’s at one with you. You can’t be your own boss if the business contradicts what makes you you.

I’m easily bored and honestly, I love adventures a lot. Why I termed being an employee a nightmare was because I can’t imagine sitting all day mopping at the ceiling or running around to get things done. I can’t imagine doing exactly the same thing everyday. Growing up, i never joined my contemporaries in doing manual jobs like carrying sands or serving a builder. You don’t need to tell me, I’m lazy. It’s in my nature. The time I tried to change my laziness, I ended up in depression.

Now, if a lazy man like me can live financially free, why can’t you? Discover the business that speaks to you and you’re just one step ahead from being your own boss. Here in this blog, there are many businesses you should consider checking out.

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When hunting for that perfect business, don’t forget to take a look at your financial strength. You don’t need to start big right away. I always advice starting small and growing into a giant. Even if you have millions in your account already, start small. No matter the kind of business, you can still start small.

One of the mistake we make all the time is to kick off, with so much unrealistic hope only to end up in oblivion. Test the waters before delving. That’s why I always make emphasis on conducting a feasibility study. When you’ve discovered that business you know you can do and love doing, go ahead and learn more about the said business. Not doing proper analysis is like walking through a dangerous street blindfolded.

Ask yourself;

  • How much do I need to start this business?
  • Will I be able to cope financially for 6 months without any gain?
  • Do I have enough money saved?


As someone who’s already employed, I will advice you kick off with that business, but in part-time mode. Don’t say that Mr. Henry said you should be your boss and because of that, tender a resignation letter. It’s not done that way. This can only be done unless it’s a situation where your current job doesn’t give you a minute time to check on your dream business.

Stand with one leg and as time goes, you’ll be confident enough to stand with the other. This is just a way to boost your morale into being your own boss. One of the reasons why people fail is when they delve in full-time and unexpectedly, got inflicted with fear of failure and uncertainty. They end up bringing their fear into reality. When you start part time, you’ll gain confidence over time to venture fully.


At the stage of infant establishment, get ready to worker harder and longer. This is when you’ll discover that you need to be flexible. For the first time in your life, you’ll feel a sense of purpose. Yes! I know how it feel. You will feel like, you’re finally making a change in the world. That feeling is what will drive you into giving all to the business. You’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure that business stand.

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You don’t need to be scared, with EntMirror, you’ll be getting awesome tips on how to grow your business into a mega business. Don’t get discouraged when you found out that you’re not selling like you should. Don’t be sad when your service aren’t getting demands yet. When you feel like giving up, just remember that Coca-Cola sold only 25 bottles the first year. Whatever challenge you face, they are only leading you to success. The road to entrepreneurship isn’t rosy, but it’s fulfilling and fun.


You can’t be a boss yet if you haven’t really employ an extra hand. After months or a year of business, consider hiring someone. No matter what you do, always dream of expansion. Don’t get stuck in mediocrity. Make sure you keep growing.. Don’t ever stop! Don’t be satisfied yet!

One of the fastest ways to grow a business is by working with a team that have the same goals and visions at heart. You can’t be a boss if you can’t work with a team. You are not an entrepreneur if you can’t work collectively as a group into achieving an aim. This is what makes business very interesting.

Whenever I’m having a meeting with my business partners, it’s never a dull moment. It’s an arena where ideas are breed forth raw and undiluted. You might think you know it all, but an extra mind will prove you wrong.


Let me repeat once again, everyone cannot be the boss, but if you’re convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that this path is yours, then welcome onboard to real freedom. Please share using the buttons below. If you have any question, use the comment box and I will respond as soon as possible.

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    Do you have write up on importation and exportation business? I need information on how to export Agro products and how to import some electronics down here in Nigeria. Who to meet and how to go about it. Thanks as I await your reply.

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