Why You Will Never Be Successful In Life

be successful in life Have you ever sat down and wonder what the future will look like? Have you ever ask yourself questions of whether you’ll end up happy or sad? I think I do that all the time. I will stay in the verandah, asking the stars if the future will play to my favor or become a nightmare. Will I be successful in life? Will I be healthy? Will I be happy? Most especially, will I be rich? Ooohhhh yes! Who doesn’t want to be rich? Who doesn’t want to end up successful and great? At the core of man, wealth and happiness is craved.

The future is not certain, that’s what makes our questions impossible to answer. However, our actions will always detect our future. The things we do today, we affect our future on an energy and visual level. The action you take will always equal your result. Sometimes we go contrary to established laws and we end up paying heavily for it. The most remarkable is the law of reaping and sowing. Whatever you want in life, you must put it in. If you want to reap apples, you’ve got to plant apples and not oranges. You can’t plant an orange and expect an apple in return. This is where many of us get it all wrong.

We want something so badly, but we’re not ready to put in what it takes to make that dream a reality. We want to be rich, but we’re not ready to sacrifice and give in everything it requires. My motto in life have always been, success doesn’t happen by accident. Which means, whatever you want in life, you must stand up and grab it. If you want your business to boom the way you imagine, you’ve to wake up and start working. When you plant apples, nature made it in a way that apples you’ll get in return.

Now, what are the signs that you’ll never amount to anything? What proof do I have that you’ll never be successful in life? I’m sure you’re more than curios to know. I’m even more excited to point it out. Coming to the knowledge of what hinders our success gives us an edge. Yes! It will help us do something differently and will inadvertently make us successful in life. Don’t just enjoy this write up as if it’s a piece of art, think deep and discover what you can do to give yourself an advantage in life.

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You always belittle yourself. You always feel that you don’t have any worth. You see yourself as being incapable of doing anything. Yes! You hate who you are and that has cut deep in your self-esteem. You’ll never be successful in life if you think less of yourself. You’ll never be successful if who you see is a failure each time you look at the mirror. You feel that you’re not important.. You feel that life is unfair and that you’re at a disadvantage. You lack believe in yourself and you capabilities. To you, you can never rise beyond your father or mother. To you, the future is blurry. With self-doubt, you already have yourself a ticket to failure.


If I make an announcement on this blog and say,

“Hey, I will be giving out $200,000 to tomorrow’s first commenter”

I’m certain you won’t sleep tonight. You will make sure you charge your device fully. You’ll also make sure your time is correct as you keep watch till midnight.

Why didn’t you procrastinate it? It’s simple. It was so important that you couldn’t afford to miss it. In fact, you’ll beat the hell out of yourself if you dare allow that opportunity to slip. You’d be surprise how sleep will run away just because of the reward ahead. You might even start planning what you’ll be doing with the money.

So, when you procrastinate your dream, you’re literally saying that it’s not important to you. If your dream isn’t important, then you’re a failure.


How many books have you read this month? I’m not talking about facebook post or tweets. I’m also not talking about your academic books, nor am I referring to your company’s report. Successful people read that which builds them intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Through reading, you get expose to many perception about life. This is the stage where enlightenment comes.

William Buffet, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and a lot of other cutting edge entrepreneurs read like there’s no tomorrow. They read as if their life depends on it. If you see their bookshelves, you’ll be wowed.

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Lots of readers keep asking me, “Henry, you seem to know too much, what’s the secret?” I use to laugh though cause I’m yet to use about 5% of my brain capacity. Ninety percent of whatever I know today is through reading. If I hadn’t dedicate myself to reading, I don’t think I will be able to manage this blog. So, if you’re the type that detest reading. Sorry, you’ll never be successful in life. Quote me anywhere.


If you are always looking for how to escape from failure, then you’re doing yourself lots of harm. My mentor always say, “The road to success is failure.” Believe me, it didn’t make sense the first time I hard it. It’s ironical. But as I journey in life, I began to attest to the fact that yes, I need to fail to succeed.

Don’t be scared to take over that business opportunity. Don’t be scared of losing money. A wise man once said, “I have seen a lot of rich men who have lost money, but I’m yet to see a poor man who has”

Venture into life as if you’re in a video game. Walk through life as if you can easily push the back button and press restart. I recently downloaded a game and initially, it was so strange. I began to play and like expected, was failing more than I bargained for. But I didn’t beat myself up. I keep restarting the game until I got it. Yes.. Through series of failure, I was able to master the key to success. Please, try and fail as many times as possible. The more you fail, the more you learn.


You think you’re hard-working because you’re working the same hours with others? My dear, you’re very lazy. Believe it or not, life is competition. What do you do when you’re not the only one that wants what you want? What do you do when you’re not the only one that wants the gold medal? It’s simple. You outwork them.

If they are spending 5 hours daily on their dream, you have to spend 8 hours on yours. You’ve to push harder. You have to run the extra mile. If you’re not working harder than the other, you’re lazy.

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What if you’re not putting any effort at all? What if what you do everyday is watch Game of Thrones? What if what you do everyday is engage in tribal wars and abuse online? Then you’re on the right path to failure. If you’re not ready to get up and put in the best of your best, you’ll never be successful.


If you’re the type that always worry about what people will say, you will never amount to anything. No matter how good you are, no matter how selfless, you will never please everyone and that’s very fine. The most flawless man in history have haters and they succeeded in killing him. So what about you? Why waste time and energy imagining what runs in the mind of critics? Until you’re able to look pass them, until you’re able to break the status quo, you might never stand out.

We don’t always have to dwell in same norms, sometimes we have to break them to print our footprint in the sand of time. When you challenge conventionalities, you become a golden egg. You become the center of attraction.

Live your life in freedom without worrying about what people will say. Do the good. Work on your dream. Become that person you envy a lot.


If you were able to read this whole epistle, congratulations. You have a chance to being that person of your dreams. As we journey into success, wealth and self fulfillment, don’t forget to laugh and make friends. Life isn’t complicated or complex. It’s just like a video game. Fail, fail again and you’ll understand that life is easy to soar through. Please, share using the buttons. Help someone become better. Help them to be successful in life.

4 Replies to “Why You Will Never Be Successful In Life”

  1. Jude

    “So, if you’re the type that detest reading. Sorry, you’ll never be successful in life”
    This is an outrageous claim.NEVER? You think all those people you mentioned became successful just because they read often? Let’s not even go far, what of all those successful business men and women in Nigeria who can’t even tell the top side of a book from the bottom? No doubt reading is good, but you can just fine without it.
    Good article all round though

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Jude, when we talk about self made entrepreneurs, we talk about people who began the journey of life like a lone wolf. There are many people today who doesn’t even know what a book is and yet, they are rich.. If you investigate well, you’ll discover that they are not self made. Many might have gotten the wealth on a platter of gold or perhaps, through means you might never know.

      The difference between the rich and the poor is information, if you don’t read, how then will you be exposed to such information?

      In the end, it all boils down to your definition of success.

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