How To Start Ankara Boutique Business – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Start Ankara Boutique Business - A Comprehensive Guide

I have written lots of fashion business related articles and that’s because of how lucrative that field is. Today, I have decided to write about how to start an Ankara Boutique Business here in Nigeria. If there’s anything that Nigerians spend their money on, it’s on looking stylish and good and staying with the trends. Before settling to write this article, I ran a quick search online and I was very disappointed. The results weren’t impressive a bit. Well, I’m filling that vacuum now

Ankara, popularly called “Native” by my Igbo brothers is a lucrative business that has come to stay. You don’t need to have tons of connection before you can make crazy figures. If you can effectively promote this business, you’ll be swimming on money. I have seen world celebrities wear this Ankara, proving to the world that our locally made products is international standard. For someone with big vision and finance, you might just be the person who will take this product beyond our shores.

Ankara is commonly called African print and synonymously known as African wax prints Holland wax and Dutch wax. It comes in variant designs. It’s 100% cotton fabric with colourful patterns. When sown, can be wore to any event. It’s a must use for Aso Ebi during wedding ceremony cause of how stylish and good it looks.



If you want to be able to sow your own Ankara, then consider getting a training. Ankara boutique business is profitable only if you know your craft. All it takes to make it in this business is being creative and different. Depending on your determination and passion, it can take at least 6 months to acquire the skill. Look for a very good seamstress or tailor, perhaps a skill acquisition center.. Enroll and acquire the skill. The future might not look bright immediately, but it will when you’re ready to start sowing your own Ankara designs.


What kind of Ankara do you want to specialise on? Which sexes will you want to serve? People prefer to visit Ankara boutiques that’s specifically made to serve a fraction of populace. Jack of all trades might not be able to grow reputation that easily. You can decide to deal on ladies wears. You can also sow them yourself and display in your boutique or perhaps, buy from another. The main gist is being specific.. Narrow your target market and you’ll see demand rise.. Please, focus on one market demography. Perhaps later, you can diversify.


This is not just an Ankara business article, this is a Ankara Boutique Business article which means that a space where you display or sample your wears are needed. Get a location that’s known to harbour lots of pedestrian traffic. Make sure it’s a good business location, approximate to potential customers. This business is location-based which means that your location impacts greatly on the success.


To make it big in Ankara Boutique Business, you’ve to be ready to take your wears online. In this era of instagram and blogs, you can easily set it up and start amassing followers immediately. Social media wasn’t made for chatting alone, it’s there to help boost product sales, including making the marketing and promotion processes easy. After you have set up your Ankara Boutique Business, go ahead and create an instagram account and a blog.. These platforms will not only expose your brand, they also serve as a portfolio. The opportunities that lies in this business is countless. You can become A Star if you play your ball well.

Ankara fabrics business


If you want to be sowing your own designs, then you need all the equipment a tailor needs. Conduct a feasibility study to find out what you need and the amount required. I think this should be the first step before delving into this business.

But if you want to buy already made, what will cost you money will be the business space, Ankara fabrics and other numerous equipments. With N500,000, you’ll be able to start this business.

However, don’t let this ridiculous startup cost deter you.. I believe in starting small and ending big. You can start this business from your home and still make your money. But when doing that, have expansion in mind. Conduct a good feasibility study to know the definite amount you need to startup. I can’t make a good estimate cause prices vary from one state to the other.


Depending on the design, one Ankara dress can cost over N20,000 and more. If it’s in places like Lagos and Abuja, it can cost as much as N50,000. When you know your target market, you’ll be able to determine the right price to sell. If you’re to take this business online, sales will triple. If your boutique is on the right location, you can earn as high as a million per month. This business is lucrative no doubt.

native cloth business


Irrespective of the fact that your boutique is on the right location, you still need to adopt some promotional measures to boost sales and make your brand known.

• SIGNPOST – Firstly, you need a good and attractive signpost in front of your boutique.

• BUSINESS CARD – Having a business card is a must have also.

• ON AIR – Advertising your business on local television or radio stations is also good if you have the means. They aren’t costly though. One minute airtime isn’t up to N2000 in some states here in Nigeria.

• CLASSIFIED AD – What about classified advert? Those change of name small boxes you see on newspaper.. It has been proven to work tremendously.. Running a classified ad isn’t up to N5000.

• SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, forums, instagram etc are good places to promote your ankara boutique business.

Ankara Boutique Business is a goldmine and the few players won’t even advice you to delve in, they don’t want competition. Acquire the skill and you’re one step away from your dream. Ankara business is among these lucrative businesses in Nigeria and because of the rise in fashion, it’s only getting more lucrative. Demand is on the increase, join the players and make money for yourself.

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12 Replies to “How To Start Ankara Boutique Business – A Comprehensive Guide”

  1. Fucci

    Yesterday I asked told myself to check up on the Ankara business but forgot. Today, I come on here and it’s the newest article.

    Thanks Henry. Keep up your wonderful blog.


  2. salau kofoworola

    Thanks for this info, I really wish to go into Ankara business this year, selling of all pattern of Ankara design.. But all I need is where to purchase it in bulk and good qualities. Plz I will need ur number


    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello.. You need to discover a supplier.. This can easily be done as you start kicking off by conducting a market survey..

      I can’t recommend any, it’s something you have to discover by conducting a feasibility study and writing a business plan. By doing that, you get the overview of what you need and how to get it.


  3. Elizabeth oduor

    Hi am Liz, have read your article and i would like to start Ankara business but i don’t have tailoring skills…my idea was to sell Ankara only without tailoring…is that a good idea? will it work with me or i find another business?


      • Elizabeth oduor

        Hi Henry,
        Thanks for your advice, i will always keep in touch….anyway have not yet started the business but Ankara business was my job idea so am asking what would be my starting capital since have done nothing just a thought of the the business….if you don’t mind, help be budget so i can start this year….kindly


        • Henry Ibeleme

          Before you start any business, you first go on a market research cause it will help you know what the business is all about. From that, you know how much is needed, including your competitors.

          So, conduct a market research.

          Thanks and good luck.



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