Top 10 Agribusinesses That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2018

Top 10 Agribusinesses That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2018

Agribusinesses in Nigeria is usually referred to as liquid gold by few individuals who have seen its wonders. Those who are in the dark will definitely smirk their face in disgust, it’s nothing but sheer ignorance. You’ll never ever grasp that assertion of agriculture being a gold if you’ve never venture into it. A day ago, news of a 12 years old boy who breed over 26 rabbits from two rabbits made waves online. He began with two rabbits and today, made so much money and not just that, he has gained recognition. Agriculture is the way and if we can let go of our dirty mindset, we’ll discover that millions can be made from agriculture.

I’m yet to see an agricultural produce that can’t make you millions if done in a big way, coupled with a business inclined mind. If you can venture into agriculture like you would to any businesses, you will be amazed by the result. All you need to make that happen is having a detailed business plan and equipment in place. With that, making money won’t be such a hassle anymore. Today, I want to make known Top 10 Agribusinesses that will make you a millionaire this year. You think it’s impossible? Think again. I know a handful of people who have built a mansion solely from agriculture. All it takes is having an open mind and ready to treat it like business. Agribusiness is the new path.

Top 10 Agribusinesses That Will Make You A Millionaire


Snail farming have always been a lucrative venture and mind you, it’s not capital intensive nor would you be required to spend a ton on feed. They feed on leaves which can easily be gotten. Although they will reach a stage whereby you have to supply them with some calcium supplement, mainly for their shell development. Apart from that, it’s a profitable agribusiness that can make you a millionaire this year. For example, one mature African Giant Land Snail can go for N50. Imagine if you can breed over 2000 mature snails. [READ MORE]


When I wrote about how to start a turkey farm on this blog, someone said that the estimated selling price is way bigger than the real price. Well, he was wrong. Turkey remains the costliest in agribusiness as long as poultry is concerned. There’s no much difference between chicken and turkey poultry. In fact, their feed is the same. Just that turkey is more costly than the other. If you can start this business, you’ll definitely spend the rest of the year in financial freedom. [READ MORE]


What many people don’t know is that tomato can be grown from any part of the country provided everything is put in place, like the irrigation system. Depending on how big your farm is, you can actually make millions yearly from tomato farming. During the tomato plague in Nigeria, when a ball of tomato was sold for over N100, do you know how many farmers that became millionaires? You might never know. Tomato farming is one of these agribusinesses that’s highly promising. [READ MORE]


When I wrote about pig farming months ago, I made mention of a church member that bought an SUV jeep as a pig farmer. Well, that wasn’t an exaggeration. It actually happened. Just few days ago, he bought another car to celebrate the Christmas. When some people are working 6-6 daily as office workers – earning peanuts, some are in millions and yet, very free from the hurdles of life. Pig farming is also among the top lucrative agribusinesses in Nigeria. [READ MORE]

Top 10 Agribusinesses That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2018


Apart from the health benefits of watermelon, watermelon farming business can make you sticking rich if done well. One watermelon is over N800 – N1000 currently. It’s not as if the seeds are magical, it’s because there are few suppliers. Demand is high and you’re needed to fill that space. The reward for providing a solution to a high demanded good is no doubt wealth. [READ MORE]


There’s an undergraduate in Michael Okpara University of agriculture, Umudike, who is taking care of himself and school fees as a result of this lucrative agribusiness. He’s a friend of mine and when I asked him, he told me how he can produce about 5 bags of cucumber and make ridiculous amount of money in a short time. If you can delve into this opportunity, you’ll beam the rest of the year with smiles. It has become one of these agribusinesses that I respect so much. [READ MORE]


Quail and its eggs are fricking costly. Yes! Very costly because of its nutritional value. Doctors are recommending it to anyone who comes around, especially pregnant women. It’s also one of these agribusinesses that seem to be very rare. I mean, it’s hard to find. There’s a high demand of quail, but only few players exist. What do you expect when everyone wants to work in an air-conditioned office? Quail farming is a lucrative agribusiness that has come to stay. [READ MORE]


Sugarcane is usually grown in large quantities in the northern part of Nigeria; also known as one of lucrative ventures in agriculture. The guest author that wrote about this agribusiness really did a great job and I will recommend you read it. [READ MORE]


When we hear of poultry farming, what usually come to mind is the rearing of chicken. Well, you’re not far from the truth. The most lucrative part of this agribusiness is if you’re delving into the egg production aspect. In that case, you supply eggs to wholesalers and retailers and in return, become a millionaire. Depending on how large the farm is, you can later diversify into rearing for meat also. [READ MORE]


Grasscutter farming business is among the top agribusinesses that will make you a lot of money this year if done well. All you have to do is learn about the business and make it happen. You can start with one colony and later, transit into large scale. With grasscutter farming, you’ll be making not less than N2million a year, depending on how many colonies you have. [READ MORE]

I’ve done my part by making known Top 10 Agribusinesses that you should consider starting. All you need to make that happen is by conducting a feasibility study and making that dream become a reality. It’s not easy, nothing is. But with determination and hard work, you’ll make it big. As you grow, you will then employ others in which you won’t have to stress yourself anymore. The infant development stage of any business is hell, but with persistence, you’ll come out MADE.

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5 Replies to “Top 10 Agribusinesses That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2018”

  1. Ayo

    But why are you not engaged in the above listed business? Why did you choose blogging as a profession? Why not any of these agricultural businesses.. And how sure are you that these businesses would work, because i don’t think your engaged in any one of them. Thank you..


    • Henry Ibeleme

      I’m a certified entrepreneur in Nigeria meaning, I read entrepreneurship as a course in the university. I am into perfume making, importation of goods and also a business consultant.

      The purpose of this blog is to breed forth entrepreneurs in Nigeria..


  2. Ayo

    My question is ” Are you engaged in any of the above listed businesses “?….. And please how profitable are they because I want to invest in poultry business…And I’m a student of a Nigerian University… Thank you…


    • Henry Ibeleme

      Your previous comment didn’t sound like you were sincerely looking for a business to start rather, to know if I really practice what I preach. That’s why you brought up the blogging profession.

      What about your tone? It was that of arrogance. I advice you work on that.

      My previous comment, I listed some businesses which I have engaged in, and those currently in operation.

      The businesses up there was as a result of research as a business consultant. These are businesses that most of my clients have delve in and it turned out successful.

      Hope I have been able to help.




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