A Letter From The Future

letter from the future

Dear Me,

How I wish you can travel through time to behold what you have accomplished here in the future. Your dream came true, you’re a sensation. You’re now among the top entrepreneurs in the world according to Forbes. The lives you’ve touched haven’t cease to thank your very existence. How I wish you can see through the veil of time, to know how beautiful your world has become. How I wish you’re here right now, to see the footprint you left.

I know you’re passing through hard times. I know you’re not sleeping well at night. Sometimes you have an overwhelming depression to deal with. Lots of people are looking down on you.. Some hate you beyond what you can imagine. I know cause I’m you. They can’t stop your dream, only you can. Trust me Henry, the future is beautiful.. I wish I can unveil it to you, to inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Here in the future, you have a beautiful family. You have the most amazing mansion here in California. You have three private jets cause the other two was given out to charity last month June. You’ve helped over 200 million individuals start their business here in Nigeria and the Nigerian Government are heavily indebted cause the economy was improved. Thanks to you, Nigeria is now the giant of Africa for real. You’ve given hope to Millions of people through your books and seminars. Henry, you’re a great man. I wish you can see that.. I honestly wish you can! Don’t give up yet.

I know you feel like you have amazing friends, but please, don’t hesitate if one derail from purpose. I know what I’m saying cause the future almost got ruined. I shouldn’t be telling you this because of its butterfly effect. It’s not good to expose such mystery; so as not to alter the future. I know you’re wise anyway, you can handle it without springing forth any disaster.

As I’m writing this to you, one of the managers of City Bank is calling, to confirm the deposit of $500,000,000. I wish I can send some. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get here and by then, you’ll get tired of them. Do you know that I trashed over $50,000 last week? Money no longer give happiness, it’s the impacts which have been made.

I’m sure you’ll be dying to ask me the kind of business you’re doing here in the future. Well, you’re into real estate and gold mining. Your blog is no longer a blog, it’s now a huge community of entrepreneurs all over the world, with its headquarter here in Oakland, California, with branches in over 150 countries in the world, including India, Nigeria, Ghana etc..

It’s now a huge company that has hundreds of writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, developers, programmers etc.. Not forgetting, you have a business magazine also.

As I’m writing this, I’m getting an idea that you’ll love to know about your love life. Well, lemme say you’re happily married. Yes, you’re happy and in love. You never knew that things will end up this way, but it did. You feared that you’ll end up alone. Spoiler alert! You never did end up alone. So, stop worrying.. You’re in perfect happiness and health.

I want you to know something, don’t stop what you’re doing. Keep doing it. The moment you change, the future will take a different shape. It’s always changing due to the decisions and actions you take. For example, you refused to build yourself in the use of whiteboard animation and that affected your business growth tremendously. If you had acquired that skill, you would have attracted a major business investor and your net worth would have been more enviable. Anyway, don’t give up yet. You’re going to go through hell, but if you can keep fighting, you’ll pull through. You’re great. There’s nothing but success in your future.

Yours Faithfully,
Your Future Self.


Take your time, where do you see yourself years to come? What do you think will be in your future? Is your dream clear? Can you see it? Use the comment box and confess what your future will look like.. Trust me, doing that will make it even more clearer.

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9 Replies to “A Letter From The Future”

  1. Mercy Melly

    Whoa! Such big Dreams eh? 😊.. Such positivity is enough to transform even the most illiterate, hopeless and clueless individual into a person of prominence. Keep the hopes and ambition high, you’ll surely get there because just as it’s said, ‘aim for the moon if you don’t land there, you’ll land on one of the stars’.
    Had my own dreams rekindled! Great piece!! Job well done!!!



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