5 Top Secrets Of Professional Bloggers You Must Know

 5 Top Secrets Of Professional Bloggers You Must Know

There are thousands and millions of bloggers in our cyberspace, struggling intensely to hit the limelight. But only a handful of these bloggers know what it really take to blog or perhaps, create a blog that accords respect and recognition. The heading of this post said top secrets of professional bloggers, but it’s really not a secret. It is just that bloggers often overlook them in their quest to increase Adsense’s or TopBuzz’s earning.

In this post, I’m going to help you blog professionally by revealing tips frequently used by professional bloggers to make their blog stand out. When this is done, your blog will never be in the same rank with amateur blogs.



When writing, try as much as you can to avoid clichés, and use lots of anecdotes and case studies. Most amateur blogger uses these elements like clichés frequently, thinking they are blogging right without knowing that they are heading to oblivion. You must be a professional writer cause only then will you be able to write like a professional blogger. If you keep having problem with your tenses, punctuations, grammatical structures etc, I would advise getting some writing classes or better yet, employ a professional freelance writer.

Writing well to high extent determines how far you’ll go as a blogger. It’s not a born skill, it happens as a result of consistent writing and practice. Write every day and you’ll see tremendous improvement in your writing style.

So, the first top secret of professional bloggers is to write like a pro.


Have you ever come across a beautiful post but unfortunately, unable to read due to how every paragraph are compressed into one, making the post so hard to read? If you want to have a headache, such posts are for you.

Your blog format speaks a lot. Make each point stand out. Use bullets when necessary. Make each point contained in a single paragraph. The shorter your paragraph, the easier and fun it will be to read. Nobody has got time for stress. If your post can’t deliver, they will move over to the next blog with just a click.


Branding is much more than having a logo, it goes beyond that. Branding is one of the tips professional bloggers use to stand out among millions of other bloggers out there. This isn’t a day venture.

You create a brand the moment you were able to uphold to the mission of your blog. If your blog is about health, don’t ever spin away from that niche. If it’s a fitness blog, please keep it that way. As time goes, the name of your blog will become synonymous to your niche. If well played, you become an authority that’s widely respected.


SEO is always sounding technical to some folks in the blogosphere. Yea, I can relate to that feeling. But you can’t succeed without it. See it as something that can’t be escaped. Only then will you make it a priority to learn how it works and how it can be implemented for best result.

There are lots of materials on web; and lots of videos on YouTube. YouTube is best! You can subscribe to a night plan and watch as many videos as you can.

I can’t remember the last time I slept at night. That’s definitely not a joke. Big dreamers don’t sleep at night. Please sacrifice a night and learn SEO. Download extra PDF materials and keep reading.


Your blog design affects the feeling of your readers in a direct way, not even indirectly. You must take special care to the feel of your blog. The colors must not be noisy, nor should you clutter irrelevant widgets on every available space.

Look for a simple theme and stick to. Don’t join others in the wagon of changing themes every week, or trying to clone the theme of another popular blog. Stick to a neat and unique theme and your readers will love you for it.

In fact, being different and unique is the major factor that ensures success.


These top secrets of professional bloggers are really not a secret. Just that we refuse to pay attention in our quest to make money. But when you blog professionally, earning will boost and you’ll marvel at the speed your blog hit the limelight. Blogging is not easy, but it’s a lucrative business that can make you lots of money if done well.

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  1. Israel Unya

    This is quite resourceful. I discovered this article through another blog that didn’t give credit to the source.
    How did I know the blogger didn’t write this article? He didn’t follow your tip #2 and it was a clear case of copy and paste.

    We are always in search of bloggers with great content. Are you open to a guest blogging partnership?

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Israel..it would be nice if you drop a link to the copied post, it will help me fight plagiarism.

      Yes, i accept guest post provided it’s in tune with the purpose of the blog.

      Thanks for being here.

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