5 Set Of Friends An Entrepreneur Should Avoid

5 Set Of Friends An Entrepreneur Should Avoid

According to the Christian Holy Book, a true friend is loving all the time. The success of an entrepreneur largely depend on his network, his friends and when it’s filled with the wrong set of people, disaster looms around. In life, we can’t do it all alone. There will be a time when we need a hand to get back on. There will be a time when we need help despite how self-sufficient we claim to be, that is the time friends become a necessity.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how to identify the wrong set of friends; and how to consequently avoid them. If you allow your emotions to lead, you’ll end up in the worst pit ever.



In your journey as an entrepreneur, you need all the hopes and motivation needed to fuel you into forging ahead. But when you build your wall with pessimistic folks, you end up giving up on your dream even before taking your first step.

A pessimistic friend will always list millions of reasons why you shouldn’t take that risk, why you shouldn’t take that contract, and why you shouldn’t take that business opportunity.Click To Tweet

The mind of a pessimistic friend is filled with barriers and nightmares. They are best at playing the worst possible scenario in front of you, to discourage you from taking that firsts step that will change your life. If you have such a friend, it’s time to let go. It’s better to be without friends than to be with a pessimistic human. They can never see something good and worth pursuing.


Drainers are those friends who always come around whenever they need help, usually financial help. They will never in any way contribute to your dream, they will never offer advice nor help you in any way possible. You’re a friend only when they are in need. Once satisfied, they vamoose without blinking an eyelid.

I call them drainers for a reason. They drain you financially, emotionally, physically and otherwise. They are parasite. These kind of friends are the type that will unplug your 12% battery to charge their 92% battery.
They are not out for your good, but for their selfish gains. If you have such a friend as an entrepreneur, let go now or live to regret it.


You’re full of dreams. You want to conquer the world of business and consequently rise to the pinnacle, but your friend is with no dream, no aspiration or vision. Instead of discovering his purpose in life, he’s wasting his life force on girls, parties, drinks, drugs etc. if you have such a friend, now is the right time to cut off every ties and move on.

An entrepreneur is a man full of dreams, dreams that glows only when surrounded with other great dreamers. But when he’s not, that dream deems its light and lastly, goes off.Click To Tweet

Your friends are like fuel that keeps your going, while you fuel them in return. It’s a mutual benefit..
If your friends are without dreams for the future, please let go and find folks who feels the same way you do. Those who wants to change the world. When you work with such a team, making a difference in this victimized world becomes an easy feat.


This set of friends are hard to identity as a destroyer. They are usually gentle, appear harmless, but are actually a wolf in a sheep skin. My mentor told me that these set of people are capable of pushing the button of your downfall, and rejoicing in your failure.

How can you identify them? It’s not really easy. You need to be analytic and a psychologist to find out. When you prosper, they die in silent, but when you fall, they laugh devilishly while sympathizing with you.

Deep down, you know that friend. It’s either you maintain your distance or stay off completely from such a devil. In my opinion, this is the worst of them all. Don’t ever make the mistake of having such serpents as friends, they will end up killing you and coming to your funeral to take home some drinks.


These set of friends are the most annoying and definitely the set of people to stay away from. I once had such a person as a friend and honestly, my world got cluttered. I mean, I got confused with what to actually do with my life.

A confusionist knows nothing about what he wants, or where he’s going. He’s a jack of all trade, doing all and being an expert in none. He will tell you about his plans to start an Okrika Business, only to see him the next day talking about starting Shawarma Business. Next week, there will always be a new idea that he will never pursue.

This set of friends are usually nice, funny and fun to be with, but their confusion in life is so contagious that as a friend, you’re prone to become confused every moment of your life until you cut such a friendship.


I have said it countless times, your network is your net worth. Walk with the wrong set of people and you’ll find yourself in the biggest mess on earth. But walk with the right folks, you’ll never be found struggling to stand up when you fail. No matter how a god and self-sufficient we claim to be, we always need a friend besides us. Make the right friends.

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