3 Ways School Failed The Average Nigerian Student

3 Ways School Failed The Average Nigerian Student

It pains me a lot, to see promising and talented individuals from poor homes, give their all to school only to meet darkness at the end of the tunnel. They were made to believe that school is the route to a great job, to a better medicare service and mouth-watering retirement benefits. But in the end, this system only leads to depression, unemployment and suicide. Yes, suicide!

The numbers of people who have committed suicide because of this discombobulated system are countless. Every year, millions of graduate here in Nigeria are pushed to the labor market, to join the already saturated industry in their quest for a job. After months and years of nothingness, they join internet fraud, bringing more evil to our country

I have been in this system called school. In fact, I’m in this system and each day, I cry my eyes out because I feel handicapped. I feel incapable of effecting a change because this system is much bigger than I. The only way I can help is by unveiling the matrix, that which only the few know of.

There have been many speculations about the school system and if you’re open minded you’ll definitely smell a rotten fish.

My mentor told me recently, ‘school was invented to keep youths off the street’, while I see school as a program created to cage the mind, not free it.

I’m not expecting you to believe me. For someone who has seen the world as it is from a vintage point, I can only be seen as an observer and speculator. A man who has no empirical evidence, other than that which is deep inside of us.

How has school failed the average Nigerian student? In this article, I will tell you HOW.



Grave mistake is when you go to school in this era for the sole purpose of getting a job. In the 80s, there were more companies and industries ready to employ fresh graduates. According to my rich mentor, companies usually come to school, to recruit new graduates before they are taken by other competitors. That was the time going to school guarantees you a job.

Well, change is inevitable and the table has been turned. Now, there are more graduates than available jobs. To get a job in this era entails doing the stupid. Either to carry placard, or to sell pure water on the street dressed in suit.

If at all you end up with a job, you’re heading to great depression. You enter a race that never ends. My favorite entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki called it the RAT RACE.

When you depend on monthly paycheck, you sign up for the worst nightmare in life. Only then will you discover the true meaning of, ‘the more you get, the more you want’.


Every human on earth has a unique purpose. But that purpose is defected the moment we were taught to act in a particular way by the school system. We all are different, with unique mental makeup. But in the classroom, we all are treated the same, programmed the same, and told to act the same. They are busy producing robots, instead of humans who can make a change in this victimized world.

I know how many times I was flogged because I think differently than the teacher. I know how many times I was despised and graded zero simply because I solved a problem using another formula, instead of the one proposed by the teacher.

In the classroom, you’re wrong and the teacher is always right. Their wrong can be proven to be right with no objection. To solve, you have to compromise and act by their rules.


School is a talent killer. Most of us are good painters, musicians, instrumentalist and awesome speakers. But those talents have long been buried in our attempt to fit into the status quo. If you’re not a doctor or a lawyer, you’re a failed product. In our quest to gain acceptance, we overlook our natural gift in pursuit of depression.

No wonder our musicians are banking so high in the industry. They went against the school system and today, they are in heaven. Most of them are drop-out and today, they are proof that school has nothing to do with success in life.

Most renowned entrepreneurs of our time once in their life gave school a break to pursue their dream. Great men like Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, Mark Zuckerberg etc. The owner of Alibaba, Jack Ma once said,

“You don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person [a middle of the road student] has enough free time to learn other skills”

If you still think that school is a savior, think again. It’s a matrix that must be known because only then can you make rational decision on how your life will go. When enlightenment about school is unknown, you become like a man who wanders through the desert with no compass or knowledge of the sun.

3 Ways School Failed The Average Nigerian Student


The purpose of school is far from education, according to Suli Break, “if there be a family tree, education is a distant cousin”

School no longer educates nor does it free us from the bondage of illiteracy. Your world will only change the moment your perception of the school system takes another shape. Only then will you achieve purpose, fulfillment and financial freedom.


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